Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 11

All Alone in the Night

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 16, 1995 on

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  • "What could possibly go wrong?"

    TV Tropes has this to say:

    "When said sarcastically, it's telegraphing a disaster. When said more seriously, it's an open invitation for the world to go to hell in a handbasket"

    Well, Sheridan's still alive and on the station, so it's not quite hell in a handbasket yet, but considering the situation with Earth.... it could be well on its way!

    I'm really noticing, with the exception of the departure of O'Hare forcing his part of the story into the open, B5 is really a story of mysteries. I like some mysteriousness but must admit I'm kind of losing patience with the depth of mysteriousness in this show sometimes and how just more and more mysteries keep getting piled on without answering any. Who's the "oh so mysterious alien species" this time? Are they relevant? Who's the "us" that Sheridan is always with (apart from a copy of DS9's phophets) and what's Kosh got to do with them? And someone PLEASE give Kosh / the Vorlons a story. I'm guessing that since we're clearly entering a war with the "shadows" or the "darkness" and whenever Kosh takes his suit off we see a lot of light, that they're the opposite sides of some kind of yin and yang type of alien. Hopefully that means we'll see something soon, as the mystery is getting old.

    I suppose the mysteriousness is balanced out with a little bit of predictability. I'd put money on my theory with the Vorlons and the Shadows.

    Interesting to see Delenn being removed from the greybeards. A bit of a parallel with Worf on DS9, but hey, how many stories can these shows possibly come up with?

    I know we've seen him before but I never noticed his name. General William Hague? Nuuuuu it's British Tories in Space!

    Well, it was worth seeing the captain going through a hard time, and of course, the potential beginnings of using the B5 crew to set Earth government straight. Interesting, interesting...
  • All Alone in the Night

    All Alone in the Night was a really great episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode a lot because there was character and plot development and mysterious words from Ambassador Kosh of the Vorlon's. I found it interesting that Sheridan was undercover this whole time seeing if Babylon 5's crew were loyal to Earth. I think this episode definitely adds to some previous story lines and sets up future episodes. I really liked the ending of this episode where Sheridan and the crew really came together and took a vow to stick together. I look forward to watching more episodes of Babylon 5!!!!
  • "What can possibly go wrong?"

    Mm. I do not know. I like the part of the storyline with Delenn and Lennier. We have not had so much about him around and he has always been on the shadow and this is somehow the first important moment after his arrival when he does something notable. No worries, I do like him and that's why I am even more happier. Those words he spoke and the courage he has.. beautiful storyline, anyway.

    But somehow the main storyline is Sheridan and that Narn, but it was not too catching, I most say. It was quite sure after some time what is going on and the whole question was - how will they get out. And they did.
  • sheridan helps save a dying narn.

    in this episode of babylon 5 takes us a little bit away from babylon 5, while a routine scout mission ends in tragedy when captain sherdian is attacked and abducted by a mysterious group of aliens. once aboard the ship, sherdian is brutally tortured and subjected to a series of experiments during which time he manages to befriend a dying narn captive, ta'lon. whilst the unlikely duo embark on a desperate bid for freedom, ambassador delenn is summoned before the grey council, to explain her starting physical transformation. this is a enjoyable episode of babylon 5, watch for the return of ta'lon in future episodes.
  • The part of the plotline for this episode, Sheridan being captured on an alien ship, pales in comparison to three other parts of the episode.

    The part of the plotline for this episode, Sheridan being captured on an alien ship, pales in comparison to three other parts of the episode.

    First, Delenn is removed from the Gray council. She is allowed to continue her stay on Babylon 5, but is told than for all intensive purposes, she’s not considered a Minbari anymore. The warrior caste also holds control of the Grey Council now.

    Second, Sheridan has a strange vision that features the main crew of B5 as well as Kosh. I have no idea what it meant, but it was strange.

    Third, General Hague tells Sheridan why he was chosen to run B5. Sheridan, and later his command staff, agree to work together to take back the government from President Clark and those that are behind the scenes running the show.
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