Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 20

And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 17, 1996 on

Episode Recap

At docking bay, Garibaldi arranges for telepaths to be sent to the races that have signed on in the war against the Shadows. Sheridan is coordinating the defense with the remainder races from the former Non – Aligned worlds. Brother Theo and the monks have been helping the situation in their own way, while Franklin is still on walkabout, not seen in a week. G'Kar is discussing with Ivanova the issue of the Narns providing security as bodyguards for the telepaths sent out in the war. Londo is in his quarters with Vir, to whom he announces his decision to deal with the "problem" of G'Kar. While Vir believes there are more important things to worry about now, Londo is of a different opinion. He must devise a scheme to lure G'Kar away from the station where he has sanctuary, and Vir is going to help him.
Brother Theo and Ivanova are at the docking bay, meeting the Baptist Reverend Will Dexter and three of his associates, a Jewish Rabbi, a Buddhist monk and a Muslim priest. Rev. Dexter apparently has an old vendetta with Brother Theo, and they exchange some ironic remarks before Ivanova cuts them off. Sheridan is in the War Room, looking thoroughly distressed. At Ivanova's request, Delenn pays him a visit to try to make him feel better. He is striving to figure out the plan behind the Shadows' tactics, which consist of striking with random attacks, and then following a very logical strategy to carry on the attack. The contradiction doesn't make sense to Sheridan, unless the attacks aren't random, and there is some kind of logical pattern behind them. Delenn points out that he needs to eat and rest, and invites him to an already arranged dinner with the four religious representatives, in spite of his obvious reluctance. Since she has already said yes, if Sheridan refuses her honor is at stake. He ends up accepting.
Vir and Londo discuss the imminent arrival of Lord Refa, along with Minister Virini. Londo is about to meet them. Vir will not attend the meeting, but he will make his appearance after running a small errand for Londo: to go to G'Kar's quarters and tell him his former attacheé, Na'Toth, has been arrested and is being held prisoner in the building where the old ruling Council of Narn, the Ka'Ri, used to have their base. As G'Kar is the last living member of the Ka'Ri, he is the only one who knows the building's schematics well. Londo believes he will attempt to go to Narn and save Na'Toth. That will make his arrest easy, and Londo's House will win the favor of the Royal Court. Vir must give him the information, as he wouldn't trust it if it came from Londo himself. Vir is totally opposed to doing such a thing, and is only convinced to go through with it after Londo threatens to publicly disgrace, torture and then kill all his family back home.
Lord Refa shows Minister Virini to his quarters. The conversation reaches the topic of Londo. Refa tries to discredit his reputation, by claiming he has spent so much time among aliens that he has lost touch with the realities back home. Virini points out that the competition between House Mollari and House Refa has caused the Emperor's displeasure. He feels it is harming the Royal Court, and wishes to see it ended. Refa has called Virini to Babylon 5 especially for that reason, to show him in person how Londo is untrustworthy and incapable. Virini's word carries much weight with the Emperor. However, as the Emperor has no special preference over one or the other, the two will have to prove their worth to him, to incline his favor towards them. Virini will observe them and make his decision. As Refa leaves Virini's quarters, Londo enters.
Vir goes to G'Kar's quarters and delivers the information Londo has devised, with obvious hesitation. Minister Virini tells Londo that the competition between his House and House Refa has become intolerable in the Royal Court, and it must stop immediately. In that moment Vir arrives, assuring Londo he has done as he was asked. Londo declares to the Minister that the competition will end "in deeds, not words", and that the value of House Mollari will be proven by actions. Londo will rid the Royal Court of the problem of G'Kar, which has been pestering the Emperor for quite a while now. Outside the Minister's quarters, Vir protests at Londo for doing something so immoral only to promote his own name and that of his House in the Royal Court. "You are young, Vir. You don't understand, but you will", Londo replies. The guards overhear them arguing over the details of their plan. One of them leaves his post in a hurry.
Delenn, Rev. Dexter, Brother Theo, the Rabbi, Sheridan and Ivanova are all having dinner together. Sheridan thanks his guests for risking a trip to Babylon 5, especially after their ties have been severed from Earth Gov, and they have declared their independence. Their real mission on the station is to transport to Babylon Command some very valuable data crystals, containing useful information from Earth. Each of them is responsible for a specific area on the map, and they have undertaken this task to oppose Clark's regime. The opposition back home is still very strong, regardless of the impression Clark tries to create by controlling the media and all official communication sources. Rev. Dexter points out there are changes being made on Earth, and it remains to be seen who is behind them.
G'Kar asks Garibaldi for a personal favor: his secret transportation back to his homeworld. Garibaldi strongly insists it is a mistake, since he is wanted by the Centauri and as soon as he sets foot on Narn he will be arrested and executed. G'Kar is immovable in his decision. "It is a personal matter", he tells Garibaldi. The Chief promises to do his best. In another part of the station, Vir enters the elevator. As he walks out four of Refa's men, with the help of a Centauri guard, incapacitate him. He is taken to a dark room, where Refa is waiting for him. He wants to know what Londo is planning, otherwise Vir's life will be in danger. Sheridan, Dexter and Brother Theo are strolling along a corridor, making conversation. Dexter wants to hold a ceremony in Theo's chapel, a suggestion which Theo manages to accept in the end. Back in the dark room, Refa tries to tempt Vir into allying with him, by offering him recognition, money, fame and a good position in the Royal Court. Vir can't bring himself to betray Londo however, and as time is of the essence, a telepath is assigned the task of extracting the information from Vir's mind. As he scans Vir, he picks up all the details in Londo's plan. Refa now knows everything, and leaves in order to prepare his own counter-plan. Vir will be kept prisoner until everything is finished.
Dexter finds Sheridan working late in his office, drowned in paperwork and filled with worry over what lies ahead. He points out to him that in the Minbari war he consulted a lot of officers, and the difference between those who were positive and those run down by their responsibilities, was that the first ones were able to unload some of their burden, so they could endure their share of duties. The other ones were isolated by their foul mood, and their inferiors were afraid to come to them with new problems. Sheridan assumes Dexter means that the burden should be unloaded by praying to God, and the Reverend tells him it might be someone more approachable, like a companion. He remarks how obvious Delenn's love for Sheridan is to everyone. Sheridan is angered by the suggestion, as Delenn already has enough problems of her own without Sheridan burdening her with his. Dexter apologizes, but refers to his relationship with his own wife:
Rev. Dexter: You know, before I got married Emily used to come by sometimes and help me clean out my apartment. Well, I asked her: "how come you're so eager to help clean up my place when your place is just as bad"? She said: "because cleaning up your place helps me to forget what a mess I've made of mine. And when I sweep my floor, all I've done is sweep my floor but, when I help you clean up your place, I am helping you".
Sheridan seems affected by the Reverend's words.
G'Kar has arrived on Narn, and is observing the sad state it is in after the Centauri's mass bombings. The atmosphere and climate has changed, and the planet's infrastructure is destroyed. G'Dan receives G'Kar's instructions, to gather a group of Narns and wait for G'Kar, to enter the underground tunnels together. In another part of Narn, Refa converses with one of his trusted courtiers. An imperial room has been prepared for Cartagia's imminent visit on Narn, exactly identical to the one back home. "To make him feel more at home", the courtier says. Refa arranges for a corps of guards to escort him into the underground tunnels, so that he can overtake Londo's forces, capture G'Kar and take credit for planning the whole arrest. That way his House will rise above Londo's in the Emperor's favor.
Sheridan seems to have taken Dexter's advice, and has invited Delenn to the War Room to help him in figuring out a pattern behind the seemingly random Shadow attacks. At first their effort is a dead end, but after a while they observe an area around the center of the Sector where the Shadows usually attack, that has remained completely unharmed. A large number of refugee ships is concentrated in that area, driven by the fact that it hasn't been attacked yet. The illusion of safety emanating from the Shadows' strategy has led most of the races under attack to herd their refugees towards that area. In the meantime the Shadows continue to attack around the center. Sheridan suspects that the Shadows' strategy is "as much about terror as it is about territory", and that they mean to strike one last blow in the center of the Sector, once all the refugees have been herded there. The effect such an attack might have on their opponents' morale, as well as their willingness to continue participating in the war, would be devastating. Sheridan casually tells Delenn he would do the same if he were in their place. Delenn is infuriated, taking Sheridan by the hand and driving him away from the War Room.
On Narn, G'Dan arrives with the group of men G'Kar has asked. They start walking towards their destination. Londo surprises the guard outside Vir's cell by punching him in the face and knocking him unconscious. He asks Vir if he is alright. Back on Narn, G'Kar and his group walk in the underground tunnels of the Ka'Ri building. Lord Refa and his own group of men follow. They come face to face with G'Kar's men a few minutes later. Refa boasts about G'Kar's arrest.
On Babylon 5, Rev. Dexter is holding his ceremony in the presence of Rabbi Meyers, Delenn, Sheridan, Brother Theo and many other Christians and non-Christians, as well as aliens. The focus of his sermon is not to yield to the pressure of hating what is different, because the hatred will consume our soul:
Rev. Dexter: Every day, here and at home, we are warned about the enemy. But who is the enemy? Is it the alien? Well, we are all alien to one another. Is it the one who believes differently than we do? No, oh no, my friends. The enemy is fear. The enemy is ignorance. The enemy is the one who tells you that you must hate that which is different. Because, in the end, that hate will turn on you. And that same hate will destroy you.
At the same time, on Narn, Refa's guards abandon him at the mercy of the Narns, withdrawing their participation in his plan. G'Kar produces a data crystal containing a holographic message from Londo. He personally addresses Refa, stating the numerous reasons for his wish to destroy him and his House. Refa has killed the only person that he loved, Adira, has caused him great difficulties in the Royal Court, and has weakened Centauri Prime's defense system by engaging in constant warfare, thus serving the purposes of Mr Morden and his associates. Also, he has been personally responsible for the beginning of the bombings on Narn, the creation of death camps and genetic cleansing programs, as well as the death of about 6 million Narns. Refa will be left to G'Kar and his men, to deal with as they see fit. Two thousand Narns will be released in exchange for G'Kar's cooperation. G'Kar gives his men a data crystal to plant on Refa's body, and leaves him to them.
While Refa is running for his life, Dexter's sermon ends and the church gathering begins to sing "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place". Refa's desperate attempts to escape the group of angry Narns coincide with the duration of the song. He is finally caught and beaten to death.
After Refa's body is found, Londo presents Minister Virini with the data crystal G'Kar had planted on his body. The crystal contains information that could prove useful to the Narn resistance. According to Londo's theory, Refa was a spy for the Narns, wishing to gain more power and money by playing "both sides against the middle". As Virini expresses his doubts about the veracity of Londo's claims, Londo points out that Refa wished to destabilize the Emperor's hold on Narn, by acts of terror and opposition. That way an unpleasant climate would be created back home, which would undermine Cartagia and allow Refa's own people to move to key positions. The crystal contains evidence that Refa was even planning Virini's assassination, as he had done with Prime Minister Malacai. Virini is still doubtful but says nothing, thanking Londo for his assistance and dismissing him.
Outside Virini's quarters, Vir and Londo have an intense argument. Londo had obviously planned everything from the beginning with the help of G'Kar. His ultimate purpose was to lure Refa to Narn and get him killed, while at the same time presenting him as a traitor to dishonor his House. That way all competition against House Mollari would be eliminated, and Mollari would have his revenge on Refa. In order for the plan to be believable Vir had to be lied to, which he strongly resents. He feels he doesn't know Londo at all anymore, and leaves angry, without accepting his apology.
Delenn takes Sheridan for a trip aboard the White Star, to show him a little surprise. The war against the Shadows will now take a new turn, as the Alliance will be able to rally its forces together and stand against the Shadows in equal measure. As the ship jumps out of hyperspace, Sheridan is awestruck, faced with a huge White Star fleet directly opposite his line of sight. The fleet was the reason why the war against the Shadows had been covered with secrecy so far. It will be piloted by Rangers, under the shared command of Sheridan and Delenn. "We finally have, as you say, a fighting chance", Delenn tells Sheridan, and he is left speechless. They kiss passionately in the command deck, with the White Star fleet in the background.
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