Babylon 5

Season 1 Episode 9

And the Sky Full of Stars

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Mar 16, 1994 on
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Episode Summary

Sinclair is kidnapped and interrogated by two men determined to prove he betrayed earth during the Battle of the Line.

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Christopher Neame

Christopher Neame

Knight Two

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Judson Scott

Judson Scott

Knight One

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Jim Youngs

Jim Youngs


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Mark Hendrickson

Mark Hendrickson

Grey Council #1

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MaCaulay Bruton

MaCaulay Bruton


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Marianne Robertson

Marianne Robertson

Tech #1

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The title of this episode is a reference to a line from "The Gathering" where Sinclair describes the Battle of the Line: "The sky was full of stars... and every star was an exploding ship. One of ours".

    • The headlines from the newspaper Garibaldi is reading are:
      - Homeguard Leader Convicted: Jacob Lester Found Guilty In Attack on Minbari Embassy
      - Narns settle Raghesh 3 Controversy
      - Special Section: Pros & Cons of Inter-Species Mating
      - Psi-Corps in Election Tangle: Did Psi-Corps Violate its Charter by Endorsing Vice-President?
      - EA President Promises Balanced Budget by 2260
      - San Diego Still Considered Too Radioactive For Occupancy
      - Copyright Trial Continues in Bookzap Flap

    • Factual Mistake: One of the Universe Today headlines reads, "Minbari Pirate Accorded Honors." Besides not making much sense, it should read "Minbari Poet Accorded Honors" - it's a reference to Shaal Mayan, Delenn's friend, from "The War Prayer."

    • Factual Mistake: In the Universe Today headline Garibaldi is reading, PsiCorps is spelled out "Psi-Corps." On the show elsewhere and in official documentation, it is "PsiCorps."

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Knight Two: Then why did they surrender?!
      Sinclair: I don't know, maybe the universe blinked, maybe God changed his mind - all I know is that we got a second chance.

    • Knight Two: Nobody wants to die, especially not out there in the cold of space, so you surrendered. They took you aboard their ship, fixed you some milk and cookies and asked you to work for them, be their eyes, their ears, their voice. You agreed. You and god knows how many other people. And then they let you go.

    • Knight Two: The war was over! The Minbari had surrendered on the eve of their victory. They gave up, just like that. And you expect us to believe that you slept through the whole thing? Your ship was off the screens for 24 hours! You didn't just black out. Your ship disappeared.

    • Knight Two: (while looking back to Sinclair's career) Smart money said you'd make admiral one day. So what happened, Commander? Where did you fall off the merry-go-round?

    • Knight Two: Your name is Jeffrey David Sinclair, rank commander, age 39, born on Mars colony May 3rd 2218, 9:15 AM Earth standard time. Enlisted in Earth Force Defense 2237, promoted to fighter pilot 2240, promoted again to squad leader less than a year later. A career officer like your father and his father and his father.

    • Sinclair: (explaining what happened with him in the Battle of the Line) My ship was damaged. I blacked out.
      Knight Two: So you testified. Just one problem: I don't believe you .. and I'm not the only one.

    • Knight Two: (to Sinclair on virtual reality) Curious. We have the memories of your entire life to play around with, but your thoughts are rooted here in this station. It means a lot to you, doesn't it?

    • Knight Two: (About where he and Sinclair are) Maybe you're asleep. Maybe you're insane. Maybe you're dead. Maybe you're in Hell! Not that it matters much, Commander Sinclair, because wherever you are, wherever you go, you're mine.

    • Franklin: What about you, Ambassador? What did you do during the war?
      Delenn: A topic for another time. Good day, doctor.

    • Computer: Aft stabilizers hit. Weapon systems at zero. Defensive grid at zero. Power plant near critical mass.
      Sinclair: Not like this! Not like this! If I'm going out, I'm taking you bastards with me! (pause) Target Main cruiser. Set for full velocity ram! Afterburners on my mark! Mark!

    • Ivanova: Mr. Garibaldi, there are days I'm very glad I don't have to think the way you do.

    • Knight Two: It's a shadow play - without form or substance.

    • Sinclair: Everyone lies, Michael. The innocent lie because they don't want to be blamed for something they didn't do and the guilty lie because they don't have any other choice.

    • Sinclair: When I looked at those ships, I didn't just see my death. I saw the death of the whole damn human race.

    • Delenn: It's me, Commander.
      Sinclair: I know... I know you. I know who you are.
      Delenn: I'm your friend, Commander, Ambassador Delenn, your friend.
      Sinclair: No! I know you. I know you.
      (Knight One prepares to shoot, Sinclair shoots him first)
      Delenn: Welcome home.
      (Sinclair falls to the floor)

    • Knight Two: Look at Earth, Alien civilization, Alien migration, Aliens buying up real estate by the square mile. What they couldn't take by force, they corrupted! Inch by inch!

  • NOTES (1)

    • First Walter Koenig and then Patrick McGoohan were approached to play the role of Knight Two. Koenig had a minor heart attack and had to drop out, but was later recast as Bester for the episode "Mind War" (that episode was filmed after this one but moved back in the airing sequence). McGoohan was keenly interested but had to decline due a schedule conflict.


    • Bill Mitchell
      The name of Sinclair's fellow pilot is a deliberate allusion to Brigadier General Billy Mitchell, who was a major proponent of American air power, and courtmartialed for insubordination.