Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 27, 1997 on

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  • A seek peek into the past of Delenn and to see the major events that took place in her past that would later shape her life in the future and the truth about Minbari genes.

    A seek peek into the past of Delenn and to see the major events that took place in her past that would later shape her life in the future and the truth about Minbari genes. Things that she thought that would never have to relive again and once again she is forced to relive again, and this time in front of her aid Lennier. Who at the time before this episode had no clue of how much she was involved with the war against the humans. All he knew was the fact that she was on the lead ship that involved in the final assault on Earth and the one that selected Sinclair to be the human that would be look at.
    But Lennier learns just like the watcher of the show that it was Delenn herself that with a few select words started the war that almost killed the human race, because of simple misunderstanding on both the Minbari and human sides that resulted in the depth of her mentor. A grave mistake that she had lived with almost for a life time. A mistake that she had try to atoned for, to make right with everything that she done past that point and even after that she shows regret at what she did.
    While all of this socking, to learn that a beloved character who loves and respect humans almost killed the entire race with a rash decision at the worst possible time that a person should make a major choice that she was forced to make, at a young age as well. If either of these two factors were not involved in her decision making the result might have been different. But the real kicker in this episode is the fact that Delenn in a child of Valen, who in a much earlier episode we learned was Sinclair who turned himself into a Minbari and called himself Valen to lead the Minbari and the other races against the Shadows in the last great war against them almost a thousand years ago. Destroying the much held belief that the Minbari was a pure race without a tainted gene pool with genetic material that came from another alien race, that in fact that a good majority of current population of the Minbari have a least a trace of human genetic material in their blood. Thus it dose not matter if Delenn marry Sheridan and have children, because they wouldn’t be pure Minbari no matter what.
    Even with this truth that Delenn discovered via the use of The Dreaming who is bound and determined to get this information out to the public. She is stopped because it might cause confusing among the population so it decided that Delenn will be offered up as a sign of life to humans, sometime that was done in the old days before the Gray Council, where they war against each other. Where the caste that was victor would offer one of their own to the caste that had the most losses in the war. A choice that make both Delenn and the rest of her family happy so she heads back to Babylon 5 with the knowledge that her marriage between her and Sheridan is on good footing with her people.
  • there was a purpose in my selection your heritage,you are a child of valens.

    what is the secret about delenn that not even delenn knows?.when she is summoned back to minbar to justify her relationship with sherdian, she is placed into a dream state in which disturbing revelations are made about her,and the entire minbari was she that cast the deciding vote to wage war on earth, a war in which millions from both sides died. refer to the second babylon 5 movie, thirdspace.meanwhile captain sherdian takes the fight back to earth when he dispactes franklin and marcus to mars to link up with the martian resistance.the beginning of the end is in sight for the corrupt and fascist earth goverment.
  • Delenn's heritage

    So.. It was a matter of time when minbaris become worried about Delenn's doings and she has to answer for them.. facing a possibility of not returning but as always, there is a brilliant answer somewhere what solves all her problems. And this time, the solution was quite surprising.

    The whole concept of dreaming and having those flashbacks to war and opening up more of the background of Delenn. That was really nice. Having Lennier by herside.. on that dreaming.. like she used to do long ago.. that was great too.. and the whole new things we learned about mibaris.. their culture and way.. so.. great one.
  • Lots of Delenn. Meh.

    Meh. Not bad, although I'm not a big fan of the Minbari side of things. Although I may have cheated a bit, having seen the movie "In the Beginning" before I started watching the series, so I already knew Delenn gave the order to start the war. It was new that that she was a descendant of Valen, which in retrospect kinda makes her flirtation with Sinclair in season 1 really creepy. And I was wondering if they were going to figure out that Sinclair = Valen. That's gotta be a bit of a mindjob. It was kinda funny to G'Kar getting his new eye, although I could have done without him plucking it out to look at himself. I like that while they've got remarkable space age prosthetics, they're still subject to quirks and faults, like scan lines and needing to be recharged and getting interference from high energy sources. On a random note, it was odd to see Delenn in an earth-style dress and showing that much skin. Kinda hot, but I'm not really used to thinking Delenn as 'hot' and it hurt my brain. And speaking of costume changes, I'm glad Kenickie is finally out of that weird security outfit. I always thought that fabric with a patch of leather attached to it looked weird, and his was so bulky and baggy it didn't look official or military-like. And while I like Marcus, and find him quite amusing, I do think it's a marvelous use of his character to basically stick him with a person and annoy the heck out of them. He did it so well with Ivanova and G'Kar, and I'm looking forward to seeing him torment Franklin.
  • No mercy!

    A poignant look into Delenn's history and the one truth about herself she feared the most. But the fact that she's tormented by this (quite understandable, especially with some human in her) emotional outburst, just goes to show that she is of course a good person who can easily be sympathised with.

    I'm curious whether Sheridan knows the full extent of her involvement in starting the war - I'm sure he'd understand, I just don't think secrets like that would be a good thing to go into marriage with. Perhaps that's dealt with later (or perhaps it has been - I took a break and forgot a few things).

    It's a little odd to think how there were kind of hints of romance between her and Sinclair in season 1 - it was open to interpretation as a platonic love I guess (like how Lennier excellent explained his a handful of episodes back) but it's just a bit of a mind bender to think that if it'd have gone further she could've ended up with the child of her great great great great grandfather or something :p

    Interesting also to get more insights into the Minbari. It doesn't paint the desire to be "pure blood" as nasty and bigoted and in some cases outright evil as the Harry Potter stories do, but the message is still there in a subtle form.

    This episode's comic relief comes from G'Kar's really camp exclamation of "it's not my proper colour!!" - oh you lovable Narn, you.
  • Atonement

    Atonement was a really great episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was lots of drama, intrigue and revelation. I thought it was cool that Dr. Franklin was able to give G'Kar a second eye. I also thought it was interesting how Delenn had to defend herself and her relationship with Sheridan to her people. I thought it was great how Lenir has remained faithful to this day. Meanwhile Marcus and Dr. Franklin are on a mission and it was funny to see them working together again. I really look forward to watching more episodes of Babylon 5!!!!!!!