Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 27, 1997 on

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  • Lots of Delenn. Meh.

    Meh. Not bad, although I'm not a big fan of the Minbari side of things. Although I may have cheated a bit, having seen the movie "In the Beginning" before I started watching the series, so I already knew Delenn gave the order to start the war. It was new that that she was a descendant of Valen, which in retrospect kinda makes her flirtation with Sinclair in season 1 really creepy. And I was wondering if they were going to figure out that Sinclair = Valen. That's gotta be a bit of a mindjob. It was kinda funny to G'Kar getting his new eye, although I could have done without him plucking it out to look at himself. I like that while they've got remarkable space age prosthetics, they're still subject to quirks and faults, like scan lines and needing to be recharged and getting interference from high energy sources. On a random note, it was odd to see Delenn in an earth-style dress and showing that much skin. Kinda hot, but I'm not really used to thinking Delenn as 'hot' and it hurt my brain. And speaking of costume changes, I'm glad Kenickie is finally out of that weird security outfit. I always thought that fabric with a patch of leather attached to it looked weird, and his was so bulky and baggy it didn't look official or military-like. And while I like Marcus, and find him quite amusing, I do think it's a marvelous use of his character to basically stick him with a person and annoy the heck out of them. He did it so well with Ivanova and G'Kar, and I'm looking forward to seeing him torment Franklin.
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