Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 19

Between the Darkness and the Light

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 09, 1997 on



  • Trivia

    • When Franklin is questioning Garibaldi, he steps forward and removes the black hood from his head. He asks him why he betrayed Sheridan. Garibaldi starts to explain that it was because of Bester. During his explanation, the scene goes from Garibaldi's face back to the scene where Franklin walks up to remove the hood, then back to Garibaldi's face with the hood being gone.

  • Quotes

    • Ivanova: It's the last time I'll ever trust you.
      Marcus: Also the first.

    • Marcus: Rangers never bluff.

    • G'Kar: We wanted to send a message, that the Council speaks as one for the right reasons, not out of any personal agenda. Sheridan is not alone, and you are not alone. The League stands with you. We all stand with you.

    • Londo: During the Shadow War Sheridan risked his life and the lives of every human on this station to help save our worlds. Would the Gaim have done that for the Pak'ma'ra? Would the Drazi have done that for .. for the Narn? No. That sacrifice must be rewarded.
      G'Kar: Since the war we have begun working together as never before. In the past we had nothing in common, but now, the humans have become the glue that holds us together.

    • Ivanova: Look, we have to make them understand that if they target innocent people, they can't run, they can't hide. I mean, President Clark is issuing the orders, but they are pulling the trigger.

    • Lyta: The truth speaks for itself. I'm just a messenger.

    • Franklin: You've got any proof? Anything to back up this story of yours? Anything?
      Garibaldi: Yeah. I've got a receipt from the Psi Corps certifying that my brain was dry cleaned, pressed and starched.

    • Garibaldi: It was Bester. It was him all along. He altered me when I was missing, he messed with my mind. He made me turn against everybody I knew because he was trying to find out who was behind a conspiracy against the Psi Corps.
      Number 1: Yeah, and the dog ate your homework.

    • Franklin: Besides, we don't want co-operation. We want conversion. We want repentance.

    • Sheridan: If you are going to wait for the universe to start making sense, you'll have a long wait ahead of you.

    • (Garibaldi, Lyta & Franklin on Mars, sharing water ration)
      Garibaldi: Who gulped? Somebody gulped! Look, we have a long way to go, we're supposed to sip and not gulp.
      Franklin: I didn't gulp!
      Garibaldi: No?
      Lyta: I sipped.
      Garibaldi: You I believe.
      Franklin: Why do you believe her and not me?
      Garibaldi: Because when you lie it's all over your face. She's a much better liar than you are.
      Lyta: Thank you! .... Wait a minute...
      Garibaldi: The next time that you're gonna carry the canteen, I'm gonna gulp.
      Franklin: You are so pettish!
      Lyta: What do you mean I'm a good liar?
      Garibaldi: Survival of the fittest.
      Rebel: Let's go! (Garibaldi and Franklin leave)
      Lyta: I don't like what I'm hearing here. I'm not a great liar! I'm a terrible liar! I don't know who's been saying those things. I want you to know, when we get back--I am gonna sue somebody! I don't know who and I don't know how, but, god, I'm gonna sue somebody!
      Garibaldi: (from afar) Would you come on already?
      Lyta: Grrr!

    • Security Guard: I don't watch TV. It's a cultural wasteland filled with inappropriate metaphors and an unrealistic portrayal of life created by the liberal media elite!

    • Lyta: Michael, if I do a deep scan, it could damage you.
      Garibaldi: If you don't, they are going to kill me. Now a headache I can get over. I am not sure I am going to get over being dead anytime soon.

    • Ivanova: This is the White Star Fleet. Negative on surrender! We will not stand down!
      Earth Officer: Who is this? Identify yourself!
      Ivanova: Who am I? I am Susan Ivanova, Commander, daughter of Andre and Sophi Ivanov. I am the right hand of vengeance! And the boot that is going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, sweetheart. I am death incarnate. And the last living thing that you are... ever... going to see! God sent me!

    • Franklin: (after hearing Garibaldi's story/taking weapons) This damn well better be worth it, because if this story of yours turn out to be bogus, I'm gonna kill you twice! Now you got that!

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