Babylon 5

Season 1 Episode 4

Born to the Purple

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 09, 1994 on

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  • Hard luck G'Kar

    An amusing turn of events in that G'Kar got to save Londo's career. The two really play off each other well, and I have a feeling this pairing will be one of the most interesting and entertaining in the series. I'm thinking along the lines of DS9's Odo and Quark.

    Londo and Adira, well, I don't know why but not quite to my taste. But I can appreciate the concept of falling victim to lust while the target of his affections wreaks havoc. And Londo in general begins to grow on me - some of the things he comes out with are hilarious. "Moon faced assassin of joy" indeed!

    Still trundling along at 7.5 for me here.
  • Born to the Purple

    Born to the Purple was a really great episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we learned more about the characters, there was action, and intriguing drama. This episode gave viewers more information about Londo and parts of who he truly is. I think this episode is another tribute to the overall success and appeal of Babylon 5. This series is set in outer space and has situations that we the viewers all deal with. I look forward to the next episode. There are a lot of directions this series can go and I can't wait to watch more!!!!!!!
  • G'Kar saving Londo's career and the reputation of Centauri prime.. What a day...

    This is the episode that is somehow little less impressive than previous two. This had some really great irony there - the Londo and G'Kar.. the way one saved other... but G'Kar did get something in return too.

    The ofocurse the talks between Narn and Centauri and leaving those attachés to talk for ambassadors - oh, it was fun.. And taking game for Vir so it could only end up on the other side.

    I liked the story of Adira and now thinking on future - who could imagine that this woman will later play such a vital role in the destiny of Centauri Republic and lead to it's fall.. in some ways.. I love the irony in this episode.
  • More character development for Londo

    After being absent for the Soul Hunter episode, Londo and G'Kar return to centre stage once again for this episode which majors on the Centauri.

    We find Londo in a relationship with an exotic dancer, something that would normally be something of a disagrace. It allows us to see the he is a person of great depth and complexity, yearning for the glory days 'the Great Centauri republic', whilst trying to find personal happiness. It turns out that Adira, his mistress, is a slave belonging to a bloke called Trakis, who is trying to get his hands on enough dirt to bring down the ambassador and seize the initiative in some unspecified battle against the Centauri.

    At the same time, Londo is negotiating with G'Kar - in the end, Londo has little choice to but to give in to a compromise in order to get Sinclair to help him with his personal issues with Adira and Trakis. We see the sparring and striving to get the upper hand as G'Kar and Mollari clash. At this stage, the two protagonists seem evenly matched, but we'll soon see Londo gain ascendancy.

    There is a secondary plot involving Ivanova using restricted comms channels to contact her dying father back on earth, and Garibaldi's feverish attempts to play Sherlock Holmes. The main purpose of this appears to be show the more human side of Ivanova, which hadn't really surfaced at this point.

    Another solid episode in the early part of the story, telling us more about the main characters.
  • what do you want you moon faced assasin of joy.

    this episode of babylon 5 born to the purple mainly focuses around londo. commandar sinclair helps to proctect londo's political career when an exotic dancer named adria seduces the ambassador and steals secrets files which threaten to bring about the down fall of the centauri royal family. the ambassador falls for the dancer we will see adria in future episodes of babylon 5. which may bring the down fall of londo. meanwhile the chief garibaldi finds out that someone has been using the gold channel for personal messages. and we also find out that commandar ivanova recives some heart breaking news from home.
  • Another good episode giving us a brief look at what is to come for Londo.

    An episode, which focuses on Londo and his ability to be manipulated. He falls for a Centauri dancer and soon finds this was a mistake when she stills some important files, which could bring down the Centauri Empire. There is also a sub-plot focusing on Garibaldi trying to find out who is hacking into a top-secret communications channel.

    Londo is one of the more interesting characters on the show and it is always nice to see an episode that focuses on him and as usual Peter Jurasik gives us a great performance. The Garibaldi sub-plot is also good and gives us more information about Ivanova. Londo’s ability to be manipulated will play a massive part in later series and we get a glimpse of it here, Adira will also play a part later on.

    Another good episode which tells us more about Londo and gives a brief glimpse of what is to come for him.