Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 11

Ceremonies of Light and Dark

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 11, 1996 on

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  • Character heavy

    And for that, I love it. We learn more about Marcus and see how he is a classic case of a "cheerful" yet world-weary disposition hiding great pain underneath; Lenier's "not romantic, but more noble" love for Delenn (a love that I have come to understand myself, so this means a lot to me); Sheridan's heart-warming confession of his more traditional love (which I feel has developed very naturally, although it's odd in that it does feel a little like it started with Sinclair); Ivanova facing that she loved who she thought Talia was (and thank you, nice natural no-fuss universal love being shown here, as it should be); the Doc admitting to his problem. Whilst rather a love theme seemed to be going on (not a bad thing), most/all characters seemed to get some nice development here.

    I love character focused stories, and it continues on so well with the overall story too. I can't just keep throwing 10s around, so I'll call it a 9.5.
  • Ceremonies of Light and Dark

    Ceremonies of Light and Dark was a really superb episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of complex character situations and secrets revealed! I thought this episode had a good mix of story lines moving the season forward. I thought Londo was a genious in his move to control Refa. I thought it was probable some night watch would still be left aboard Babylon 5, and this episode wraps up their story pretty well. I was amazed at the characters revelations at the end, participating in their own part of the ceremony Delenn had started. I look forward to watching more episodes of Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • Rebirth and secrets..

    I loved the episode. I loved how they managed to put so much of the chars into it. It was not only Marcus and Lennier who bough managed to surface things they both have hidden but also the others in the re-birth ceremony. Franklin admitting that he has a problem.. little lookback to Talia.. I mean, the whole show just has such a stunning background, world.. I am not sure.. every piece comes together.. all the logic etc.

    I most say, the best part for me in this episode was Marcus and Lennier, on their own way. I loved how far was Marcus ready to go to find something about Delenn whereabouts. The scene at the bar.. fighting, the humor there.. Stunning.

    And ofcourse, in Lennier's case.. his confession. I was not expecting that and the way he explained it. Amazing writing.
  • Poor Ivanova

    Another great episode. Delenn gets captured by the NightWatch and the whole Ceremony of Rebirth thing. Marcus had some cool stuff, got to see a side of Lennier that was new, and the romance between Sheridan and Delenn is ramping up. And the secrets they all tell Delenn at the end, Ivanova's just wrecked me: "I think I loved Talia". :*(** *mimble*. Because it's one thing to watch a show and see hints and signs and subtext, and have only that to go on, and it's quite another to see hints and signs and subtext, have it cut short tragically with no hope of resolution, and then later get confirmation that you weren't just imagining it, that it was canon. Gah! Damn you JMS!
  • delenn holds a rebirth cermony.

    this is a great episode just because of the different things that are happening on babylon 5. garibaldi and susan and sherdian and steven are farewelling deceased officers after there fight with earth. also the captain and susan join garibaldi in the security station so the can access the new computer which has its own personality. which is driving garibaldi nuts so he shoots it while in the lift. meanwhile delenn wants to hold a rebirth cermony in which she gets hurt. when a member of nightwatch who are still on the station puts a knift into her back. while in med lab the 4 officers them delenn there secerts. in which she response by giving them a new unform. no a bad episode.