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(ended 1999)

With 2013 being the 20th anniversary of the broadcast of B5's pilot, "The Gathering", it's worth noting that it's also been at least 15 years since we've seen--and especially, heard--the original version of the pilot.

There are so many things to like about B5, and Christopher Franke's soundtracks certainly top the list. But, it's easy to forget that it was Stewart Copeland that composed the original soundtrack for "The Gathering". Of course, Copeland is best known for being the drummer of The Police, but he has also scribed numerous scores for television and film (including one of my personal favorites, 1984's Rumblefish). After Copeland was unable to commit to working on Season One, Franke was brought in to take over the continuing series. Then, in 1998, Franke rescored "The Gathering" in order to provide musical continuity from the pilot to the series--and Copeland's original soundtrack was doomed to perhaps never be heard again.

Oddly enough, early releases of "The Gathering" on DVD list Copeland as the composer on the back of the box--but it's Franke's version that's on the disk. I've picked up a few of these old DVDs, and have yet to find one with the original score. Bits and pieces can be found here and there on the internet, but it's not the same as seeing and hearing it on a proper DVD release.

Much like the Babylon 4 station, the original score seems to be lost in time--but I'm still hoping it'll suddenly pop-out somewhere and provide the answers to at least a few questions.

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