Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 12

Conflicts of Interest

Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 08, 1997 on

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  • Conflicts alright

    I'm really confused by the Garibaldi stuff. Perhaps by design. One minute he's a nice guy just helping out people in need, the next he's all cloak and dagger traitorous stuff with these drawling chaps who seem to have stepped right out of some old Western. Confuuuusing! His sudden feud with Sheridan is just weird. There has got to be some mind control stuff going on here...

    Haha, trust there to be multiple Zathras. Well it's good to see more of that guy! Got to feel sorry for him, he's one of these examples of "the more someone helps other people, the more they lack help for themselves".

    Great speech about the truth at the end from Ivanova.
  • Conflicts of Interest

    Conflicts of Interest was a superb episode and aptly named as their were many Conflicts of Interest in this episode which made it an enjoyable viewing experience. This episode delved deeper into Garibaldi as he helps a client and gives them a generous surprise, comes to terms with his new life choices, and goes on a mission for his new friends with shocking results. I thought it was also interesting how Sheridan tried to bring the Centauri and Narn together despite their Conflicts of Interest in order to preserve peace and prevent the Drahk or any race from attacking civilian vessels. I thought Ivanova's scene with Dr. Franklin was great and it was fun to see her on Epsilon 3 with a familar friend, or is he? Ivanova finally broadcasts the first Voice of The Resistence Message. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Garibaldi playing on his own

    So.. there have been quite many Garibaldi episodes and he has a storyline going and that episode quite showed us where it is going - it is going to drift him even more away from Babylon5. I most say this episode.. the Garibaldi storyline was nothing superb or that kind. it was good.. it had action, danger, some unexpected turns and it was ok.. but I feel lately the show hasn't been as good as it used to be.

    I did love the Ivanova side storyline and the thing with Zathrases. That was confusing but.. the truth is back in business and it was about time.
  • Claudia Christian is hilarious.

    It was good to see a moment or two of non-douchebaggery from Garibaldi, but I'm not liking where his story is going. Attacked by telepaths, some special vial of something or other going to a very rich man on Mars. And I'm willing to bet that message he deleted from his ex was probably important. But yeah, more Zathras! And I love that Ivanova has random moments of Jewishness. Throwing up her hands in frustration at the idea of 9 Zathras' and saying "Oy!" just cracked me up. And she had a hilarious scene with Franklin. I really like Claudia Christian. A lot of the stuff she says is funny because of the way she says it, and the way she moves or looks when she says it. I mean she barely had any lines in her scene with Zathras, but the expressions on her face were great.
  • the truth is back in business.

    not a bad episode we start to see the changes in mr garibaldi and his betrayal of his friends. cheif michael garibaldi was once one of the key players in the fight against the shadows. now he is of the alliaces bitterest opponents, and conspires to help mr william edgers, an industrialist based on mars who is intent on wiping out all the telpaths. eles where on mars marcus and steven franklin have succeeded in convincing the resistance to join babylon 5. meanwhile susan ivanova harnessess the awesome power of the great machine on epsilon 3 to broadcast the alliance message to the far reaches of known space.