Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 8

Day of the Dead

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Mar 11, 1998 on
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The Brakiri buy a part of Babylon 5 for a religious ceremony where the dead are supposed to return. Comedians Rebo and Zooty arrive to do a show on the station.

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  • Hilarious and Heartbreaking

    Aha, the infamous Rebo and Zooty finally appear. Funny stuff. And it was kinda funny and kinda weird to see Delenn in the throes of hysterical laughter. I have no idea what Zooty's sentence at the end means. "Because it tells me to"? WTF? Anyhoo, it was intersting to see which ghosts showed up for which people. It was nice that Londo got to see Adira again, intersting that Lennier got Morden to tell him hard truths (I was hoping for Marcus), and Lochley obviously has a much more intersting past than one would expect. I had forgotten who Garibaldi's ghost was until a few scenes in. Her reaction to being interrupted by a captain was funny though. And Sheridan gets a message from beyond the veil from Kosh. Neat.moreless
  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead was a really superb episode of Babylon 5 and really surprised me. I enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of interesting scenes, character development, and it had a touch of magic and mystery. It was interesting how the Brakiri purchased a part of Babylon 5 for their Day of the Dead, and it seemed to be out of the normal phase of Time and Space. I enjoyed seeing who came back in ghost form for the characters. Lennier's was quite a shock! This is definitely an episode worth watching and I look forward to the next episode of Babylon 5 as things are getting interesting!!!!!!!moreless
  • the day of the dead

    day of the dead was a geart episode. i wish they had made more episodes like these ones.there where only a hand full of episodes like theses ones.its was great to see all the people brought back from the dead who had something to do with the past episodes. i liked the way how g'kar didn't want to stay in his quaters so he sleeped on the bridge.there is a scene in the episode that i would of like to see more of.the scene is where captain lochley tells president sheridan that she has a message for him, it was from the would of been great to see kosh one last time.moreless
Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette


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Guest Star

Bridget Flanery

Bridget Flanery


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Jonathan Chapman

Jonathan Chapman

Brakiri Ambassador

Recurring Role

Joshua Cox

Joshua Cox

Lt. Corwin

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Ed Wasser

Ed Wasser


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Marie Marshall (Dodger), Fabiana Udenio (Adira Tyree) and Ed Wasser (Morden) were all credited in the closing credits as "Special Appearance by".

    • Captain Lochley had supposedly read all the reports by then-Captain Sheridan during his command of Babylon 5. She should have recognized the name "Kosh" as being Ambassador Kosh of the Vorlon Empire - a pivotal character during the station's most turbulent times.

    • Crew Visible: In one scene, where Mr. Morden disappered when Lennier looked back, you can clearly see someone with a sport shirt walking into the set. On the DVD, this appears to have been minimally edited. The toe of a shoe appears for a tiny fraction of a second, but that is all.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Customs Guard: Anything to declare?
      Rebo: I have nothing to declare, my dear man, except my genius!
      Zooty: And I have nothing to declare but Rebo's genius, either. Zooty-zoot, zoot, zoot!

    • Lochley: I think we need a little mystery once in a while. Oh, and, uh, speaking of mysteries, I have a message for you. It's from someone named Kosh.
      Sheridan: What's the message?
      Lochley: "When the long night comes, return to the end of the beginning."
      Sheridan: Uh, thank you, Captain.

    • Rebo: But no one takes comedians seriously.
      Delenn: Isn't that a contradiction?

    • Rebo: You know, making people laugh is ... is okay. I mean, I ... I enjoy getting a laugh, but, uh, I don't know. We wanna do something more important.
      Sheridan: But you two have a real gift. I mean, when things were bad under president Clark, you two said things on your show that no one else would dare to say.

    • Morden: I'm prophetic, not infallible.
      Lennier: I think you are neither, but at least you have shown me there is truly life beyond death.
      Morden: Not necessarily, but you'll find that out soon enough.

    • Lennier: Why did you help me? I know what kind of a man you were.
      Morden: Give a dog a bad name, and you can hang him with it. You shouldn't listen to everything Sheridan tells you. Actually, I'm surprised he's not here tonight, since he died at Z'ha'dum. Is there any coffee here or not?

    • Corwin: There seems to be a slight problem, sir. It's kind of hard to explain. We seem to be missing a piece of the station. We can't reach it. We can't communicate with it.
      Sheridan: That piece is almost a square mile across. You can't just lose something that big.
      Corwin: I agree, but it's still missing.

    • Zoe: You don't party? Jeez, Lizzie, what'd you grow up to be? We had such fun, didn't we? Didn't we have such fun?
      Lochley: No. We were cold, sick, and we were hungry all the time. We did things to survive. I've done my best to forget.

    • Dodger: I thought you'd be pleased to see me.
      Garibaldi: But I .. I thought you were dead.
      Dodger: Ah. You know, the reports of my death, they weren't even exaggerated a little bit. Yeah, I'm .. I'm dead. But, you know, I missed you, and how often do dead people get second chances?

    • Londo: So .. When you were emperor, it meant something. Subduer of the Xon and the Shoggren. .. Now .. Ptttp! Anyone can be emperor. I can be emperor. Vir can be emperor. If Vir can be emperor, a small earth cat can be emperor. .. Come on. Talk to me. It's the day of the dead.

    • Sheridan: You know, I was really hoping to talk to Zooty, you know, without the machine.
      Rebo: Yeah. He never breaks character, not even around me. In 10 years, I've only heard him say one word without the machine.
      Sheridan: Oh. Oh. What's the word?
      Rebo: Why.
      Sheridan: Oh, just curious.
      Rebo: No, no. that was the word: 'Why'. In 10 years I haven't figured it out myself."

    • Rebo: You see, Minbari humor is based not on physical danger or embarrassment or rejection, like human humor, but rather on the failure to obtain, uh... emotional or spiritual enlightenment.

    • Garibaldi: All I know is that they hate comets. Even mentioning a comet to a Brakiri is some kind of, like, awful taboo. Death. It's the symbol of death.

    • Dodger: It's some guys fantasy: A love hungry red-head who will disappear in the morning never to be seen again!
      Garibaldi: I'm sorry Dodger, what were you saying?
      Dodger: It's a good thing I'm only here another hour or so, cupcake. 2 weeks of this, I'd kill you.

    • Lennier: I came for wisdom.
      Morden: You don't come to the dead for wisdom, Lennier. My head was cut from my body. Even now, it rots on a pole outside the Imperial Palace. Birds have taken the hairs for their nests. Maggots ate my flesh. And you want wisdom?
      Lennier: Yes, I do.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Harlan Ellison, noted science fiction author and an adviser on the show, does the voice of Zooty, Teller's "non-speaking" character. He was last seen as the Psych-Telepath Tech during the "recall" sequence of Bester's programming of Garibaldi.

    • This is the first episode written by someone other than Straczynski since season two's "Knives," an unprecedented streak of fifty six straight episodes.