Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 19

Divided Loyalties

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 12, 1995 on
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Lyta Alexander returns to Babylon 5 with a message from the telepath resistance - one of the command staff is a mole for PSI Corps.

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  • Babylon 5 has a mole for Psi-Corp. The original B5 telepath returns with that news, and a method for discovering who the culprit is. But, can she believed?

    Babylon 5 has a mole for Psi-Corp. The original B5 telepath returns with that news, and a method for discovering who the culprit is. But, can she believed?

    Some stunning revelations occur during this episode. We learn that Ivonava is a latent telepath, something that she has been keeping secret for many years.

    We learn that Talia is the unwitting mole. I cannot say that I am sad to see her go, because I am not. I never liked her character much. She seemed stiff and annoying. She began to soften up towards the middle of season two, but it was too little too late. I wonder who the replacement will be. I'd like to see Lyta Alexander stay, but I beleive she has something grander to do than be a mere commercial telepath.

    We also get our first look at Kosh without his protective suit. Well, I guess that is a lie. But he does reveal himself to Lyta.

    The relationship between Sheridan and Delenn is progressing. While not at a romantic level yet, the writers do seem to be hinting that a romantic involvement is in the future.

    Any of you notice the Rangers in each episode recently? While they have not had anything major to do, you can see them in the background of various episodes.moreless
  • Divided Loyalties

    Divided Loyalties was a perfect and classic episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode and seeing Sheridan and Delenn have more precious moments together. I thought this episode had a really cool story bringing Lyta Alexander back to Babylon 5. This episode was fun to watch as Ivanova became paranoid at the prospect of Lyta in her mind. I thought there was a tender moment between Ivanova and Talia, perhaps an unexplored character development? Too bad we won't find out for sure! I thought the ending of this episode was very intriguing and I look forward to watching more episodes of Babylon 5!!!!!!!moreless
  • Never know who you can trust

    This episode somehow comes from pure air without any warning. Ok, we know Susan and Talia became friends, or at least overcame their differences but now we just suddenly learn how good friends they have become. That just looks little odd but I understand they needed this for the episode, and so there it is. I used to like this episode a lot when I first watch the serie. Talia and Susan used to be my favorite chars but I think I just needed to grow some years to get over that childish and girlish admiration for them to realize that Talia never worked too well as char. Ok, she was very interesting char and the gift Jason gave him - it gave much promise for her and I thought she could have done a lot but as I said - I thought she never worked out as well as hoped. She was little there and she had very little connections with major storylines or if she was a major storyline - no one else had connections to her, most of the time. But somehow I am still sad she is gone like with Sinclair - there were some many possibles storylines what never had changes.moreless
  • who can you trust.

    divided loyalities is a great start to tells us things about susans, a secrect shes been keeping, and now it becomes clear that shes been hiding something.and about taila. the surpire return of the first former resident telepath of babylon 5 lyta alexandra, where has she been for two years.this is not to be a happy reunion.she brings grim news-one of the stations key officers is a sleeper a spy planted by the dreaded psi-corps.such a person could unwittingly gather secrects for years,without knowing they were betraying their friends and can shedian believe a story from someone who vanished two years ago?.if the story is true,how can he afford not to?.trust no one.moreless
  • A spy is on B-5 and some changes occur

    There some mysterious goings on on the station. Lidia Alexander is back with informtion. Psi Corp has a sleeper on board and she wants to help find that mole. We find out about Susans past, her mother specifically. Talia Winters and Susan's relationship undergos some changes. Te

    he sleeper is reveled.
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Douglas Bennett

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    • Sheridan: Okay, that's enough! Now look at us! This is exactly what Psi Corps wants. They want us paranoid, afraid of each other. Divide and conquer. It's the oldest rule in the book. You know that!
      Garibaldi: I guess this wouldn't be the best time for me to suggest we all join hands and sing Kumbaya?

    • Talia: (after watching Ivanova slam the cabinet doors shut and then kick them out of frustration) That's one cabinet that will never threaten us again.

    • Ivanova: (to Lyta) I suggest you move those eyes somewhere else while you still have them.

    • Sheridan: Comments anyone?
      Ivanova: Does the phrase "no way in hell" ring a bell?

    • Sheridan: Why is it every time you finally get things calmed down and everything's going great life decides to kick you in the butt?
      Delenn: But what?
      Sheridan: What?
      Delenn: You said that life decides to kick you, but...
      Sheridan: No! It's umm.... it's, it's a part of the body. It's, ahhh... oh, you have the damndest gaps in your vocabulary!
      Delenn: In preparing to come here, I was not taught the more colorful aspects of your language. It was considered inappropriate for one of the religious caste.
      Sheridan: Yeah, well, you're missing out on a lot.
      Delenn: So I gather... Butt. Butt... I butt, you butt, he or she butts..
      Sheridan: No. It's a...
      Delenn: Butt butt, butt butt.
      Sheridan: You sound like a motorboat.
      Delenn: Motorbutt? I do not think I like the sound of that.
      Sheridan: Well, I don't blame you. I'm against the whole idea.
      Delenn: Then we're in agreement.
      Sheridan: Absofragginlutley.

    • Talia: It's hard to believe it's taken us so long to get to this point. Two years!
      Ivanova: Well... you didn't exactly make it easy!
      Talia: Me? How about you?
      Ivanova: I'll have you know I've been nothing but compassionate and understanding. I mean, all you had to do was admit that you were wrong and I was right and everything would've been fine!

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