Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 6

Dust to Dust

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 08, 1996 on

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  • Deep...

    I'm liking Kosh more and more as he reveals himself a bit - he seems very wise and kind, and for someone who talks in riddles he sure does talk a lot of sense.

    Powerful stuff between the three (well, technically two) ambassadors here.
  • Dust to Dust

    Dust to Dust was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of character development, intrigue, drama, and a little action. It was interesting that Bester submitted to having his telepathic powers repressed. I also thought the whole concept of "Dust" was interesting. I enjoyed watching the scenes with G'Kar as he communicated with Jaquaon aka Kosh. I found this aspect of the show ver compelling and interesting. I look forward to finding out more about every aspect of what is happening. I can't wait to watch the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Dust...

    This is weird episode. I do not know but I never liked it. Some thought it is one of the most intriguing one in third season but I always happened to think of it as one of the bottom episodes of the season. It's not bad, don't get me wrong (and we have much worse episodes.. Like "Grey 17..") and it has it's own beauty.. some stunning storylines.. but some quite bad. I am little tired of Bester and I never liked when he was around.. so, maybe it came there.. and the whole dust thing.. it was.. I do not know.. not catching for me.

    On the other hand, it had the stunning storyline between G'Kar and Londo (and Kosh). And the impact it has on the whole story.. it is stunning. So.. you never get good without bad...
  • g'kar and londo and kosh.

    dust to dust is a another great episode which features another two of my favourite casts, bester and garibaldi theses two are great together.they ended up having to work together to stop a shipment of dust from being sold on babylon 5. doctor franklin gives bester a injuction of sleepers so he cant scan the crew.there is also g'kar who has taken a dose of dust so he gos to londo quaters and scans his mind to find out his he gos deeper into londos mind it becomes more intence.we then see kosh standing behind g'kar and g'kar breaking into tears.has kosh stop him from doing something or is he trying to show him the big picture.
  • One of the gems of the third B5 season. In an episode that focuses primarily on the mysterious and illegal drug, "Dust", and links to telepathy, this episode also teams Bester with Garibaldi, and provides 2 of my favorite exchanges between the two.

    Bester, the PsiCop everyone loves to hate is back in his first 3rd season appearance in this episode; Walter Koenig as Bester does some of the most nuanced performances of his career, becoming one of those tiny little men who cast a big shadow over everyone. Ostensibly, he's come onto the station to locate one of the largest distributors of the illegal, and highly addictive drug, "Dust". Bester's involved because this drug allows users to activate their own latent telepathic genes, and permits them access to reading the minds of others, temporarily. And when a natural telepath is read by a Duster, s/he may never recover. Naturally, PsiCorp is concerned about shutting down such an avenue of potential destruction of its resources. But, this is Bester, always a double-edged sword, always showing one hand and hiding the other. What's his real agenda?

    However, because of the ongoing, furtive activities of Team Sheridan that certainly could be interpreted as "anti-Earth", the command officers are concerned that Bester will be able to read their minds, and thus discover what they've been up to. They devise a plan that protects them from Bester, while still allowing him to perform his investigation on the station. Bester is then teamed with Garibaldi to search out the Dust dealer.

    They should have just asked G'Kar. 'Cause he's obviously got better intel. He's found the dealer and scored some of the drug as well for his personal use. Feeling at a great disadvantage due to the complete lack of Narn telepaths, G'Kar wants to explore the possibility of reactivating any latent genes in the Narn; he uses himself as the guinea pig. It turns out to be a harsh and deadly, but ultimately transformative, trip. G'Kar learns much more than he ever wanted to about his enemy, Londo Mollari, and maybe a little something about his own God. He also beats the living snot out of Londo! I really *needed* that to happen for a long, long, time. Unfortunately, he messes up Vir pretty badly as well. Eh, Collateral Damage. G'Kar does learn that there are consequences to his actions (for the Narn, there seems to be *nothing but* consequences...) and pays the price for his walk on the wild side.

    We get to see the ever-elusive Kosh in this episode, as well. He appears *just* when you expect him to. Or, maybe that's just me.

    I really liked this episode: it's not one of those that shout at you or even keep you on the edge of your seat; but like part of a great symphony, this is one of the little allegretto passages that adds density to the whole, making it that much more dynamic and pleasing. Well done.

    As for team GariBester, these are the two exchanges that they share while tracking down the bad guys:

    (Numero uno) Garibaldi: I thought the sleepers keep you from scanning anyone.
    Bester: That's right.
    Garibaldi: So, how did you know he was lying?
    Bester: Well, the odds were good that he was lying about something. Liars are always afraid that somebody is going to see through them. So, I just provided him with a vehicle for his paranoia. Your captain's opinions notwithstanding, the badge and a uniform do have certain.. advantages.
    Garibaldi: Like intimidation?
    Bester: Absolutely. Just like.. *your* badge and... *your* uniform.

    (Numero dos)
    Bester: If I had my talent working, I could've warned you when he was coming.
    Garibaldi: And if I had a baseball bat, we could hang you from the ceiling and play piñata. I still think I should've gone straight to G'Kar.
    Bester: We have no evidence that he made the sale yet. Why annoy the Narn without cause if we are wrong? Shut off the problem at the source and the rest attends to itself. …A piñata, huh? So, you think of me as something bright and cheerful, full of toys and candy for young children. Thank you! That makes me feel.. much better about our relationship.