Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 20


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 16, 1997 on

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  • My other favourite character! :(

    When I said I wanted a miracle in the previous review I didn't mean sacrificing what is probably about equal in my "top 2 characters" list! It also tore at my heart quite severely watching him drop out towards the end, as he reminds me of a friend in terms of appearance, personality and that dry sense of humour. I won't lie, I may have a teeny bit of a crush on Marcus (yes, been there with the friend as well. Yes I know this one is fictional :p) so I'll be gutted if he's gone. Er, can I haz two mirales, pretty pinkie please with a muffin on top? ;~;

    And boom, no more Clarke. What a huge, Final Fantasy Supervillain-tier nutter. I honestly thought we'd be seeing the end of Sheridan as well. Heck of a show eh? So it seems this story's pretty much over now, and based on what people have told me, what was originally meant to be the ending (much like season 3 of Blake's 7), so this is it. 2 episodes of wrap-up left! Bring it on.
  • Endgame

    Endgame was a perfect, engaging and very entertaining episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Sheridan's plan moves along smoothly, Marcus plans to save Ivanova, and the space battle scenes were awesome. I also really liked how Sheridan went for the disable over destroy, and had the League Ships hold back as defense, only to engage in self defense. Lyta was awesome, and Sheridan's plan was brilliant! I thought President Clark's actions were a bit crazy and extreme, but I guess he would be. Sheridan succeeds in his mission, but another test will come along as he will most likely have to stand before a tribunal. I thought what Marcus did for Ivanova was Deep and full of Love. I look forward to the next episode of Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • Marcus

    Poor Marcus, impetuous Marcus, gallant Marcus. But what a clever boy. I had totally forgotten about that alien device thing. Talk about jumping in the way back machine and digging out old plotlines. And JMS for faking left and going right. Although the spoiler I got from the commentary track makes me think that this is going to turn out not exactly as it's intimating. Another big space battle. Not what I thought they were going to do with the telepaths, but effective nonetheless. Intersting plan President Clark had before he ventilated his brain, glad the other ships twigged on to what he was doing and came to their senses. Now all we have to worry about is Psi Corps and the remnants of the old government, those loyal to Clark.
  • marcus saving susans life.

    end game. the alliance fleet faces its last obstacle before earth, the hard cord of the earth fleet still loyal to the rotton orbiting mars, silent, black and deadly.even with the white star vessele the firefight would be a tragic waste of life, so sheridan takes a gamble as reckless,daring and brillant as the gambit that earned him the title star killer. sensing the end may be near,the corrupt president clarke plays his last card.operation scorched this the end.?meanwhile marcus is back on babylon 5 and makes the final scarfice and save susan.while franklin races back to the station to stop him but its to late.the final words from marcus to susan is " I LOVE YOU ".a very sad ending.