Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 13, 1997 on

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  • lyta's revegne on bester.

    the shadow war is over,the threat of galactic damnation is are the vorlons and their cynical manipulation of the younger races.the alliance now faces an even greater task, fight the earth goverment and reclaim its territory plantet, all the way to earth.this time humans will die on both sides.the arrival on babylon 5 of mr bester, a key earth hatch man.does not bode well. but mr bester wants to cut a deal. in exchange for information of an earth ambush that will be blamed on babylon 5, he wants to go to z'ha'dum and access the forbidden technology of the shadows.but as kosh onces said, "if you go to z'ha'dum you will die".