Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 16

Exercise of Vital Powers

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jun 05, 1997 on

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  • Deeper he goes

    I remain intrigued on just where this is all going. This show continues to be one of those that creates new mysteries faster than it solves them and I'm wondering what the heck Sheridan is up to with the telepaths that is so bad (some way to wipe out telepathy maybe?), why Garibaldi is acting like this and whether he has any reasonable points (is supporting what looks like an evil megacorp really so much better than military action?), just so many questions. I have a feeling it'll be very cleverly resolved though as we approach the original "ending".

    Could've done without the stuff with Garibaldi and his ex. If I wanted a soap opera, I'd go and watch Eastenders. -2 for that.
  • Blech. More telepath nonsense.

    Practically a whole episode on Garibaldi. Blech. And the telepaths. Both Psi Corps, and the ones the Shadows altered. I wonder what Sheridan's plans are for them. And Edgars little disease. The way he said it couldn't infect him makes me think it's a telepath-only disease. He did have some intersting things to say about power and how those in power don't take it, but are given it by those who are too stupid or scared to realize what they're doing. The Nazis, Bush, the Prime Minister in V for Vendetta, it all follows that same logic. *sigh* But if Edgars really is planning on moving on the telepaths, and Garibaldi is being controlled by Psi Corps (if Bester's personal log means what I think it means) this should get interesting. But screw Garibaldi for betraying Sheridan. This episode was kind of aggravating. A whole lot of pieces moving around without anything clearly accomplished. All set up, no result. Grr. But the space battle was cool, although I'm wondering if there's any overarching series significance to a majority of the EarthForce ships having Greek names. Agamemnon, Pollux, Damocles, Delphi, Heracles (I hate that spelling/pronunciation, btw), Furies, Alexander, Vesta, Zeus, Apollo, etc. And the title is a reference to the Greeks as well. Just a curiosity.
  • Exercise of Vital Powers

    Exercise of Vital Powers was a really great episode of Babylon 5 and this episode in particular reminded me of Star Wars in a way, Edgars and his organization being the Trade Federation building the Death Star, while Sheridan is the Rebel force, and Clark the Emperor. If your a fan you can see it and figure it out. I thought this episode had some great stories and scenes. It was interesting to see what Lyta could do to Shadow modified telepaths. It was enjoyable watching Garibaldi interact with Edgars. I can't believe Garibaldi is headed this direction and I can't wait to watch the next episode!!!!!
  • garibaldi slow betray of sherdian

    in this episode of babylon 5 we see garibaldi starting his self imposed exiles on mars by meeting with william edgars, billionarie owner of a powerful medical corporation. michael garibaldi wants to stop corrupt earth forces president clark without military action, and so reluctanly agrees to betray his good friend sherdian to edgars. meanwhile, franklin tries in vain to delicately separate a group of unconscious human telepaths from complex, implanted shadows technology. when sherdian finally tells frankin about an astonising secrect plan of his franklin reveals this to lyta that they must go to mars immediately with a special cargo.