Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 15, 1996 on
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Marcus starts snooping around Downbelow when some of his contacts start behaving unusually and a lurker is found dead with a strange creature bonded to his spine. Ivanova investigates Corwin's loyalties when he receives a promotion.

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  • And that's how Trill was made!

    Ahh poor Lieutenant Wotsisname. Who's not been in the "er, did I just get asked out or not?" situation :P And then he dumps himself in it, too. Stop saying what you think people want to hear and be yourself, man! Heh, it's like looking at a younger self.

    Interesting stuff with the genesis of what is basically the Trill from DS9. It always did deserve a good backstory.

    And I just love Marcus. Great addition to the show, and always adding a much needed spot of humour (sorry to keep comparing to Trek, but Trek always did comic relief in the form of Ferengi or Mrs Troi. B5 wins on that one hands down)moreless
  • Exogenesis

    Exogenesis was a good episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode learning more about the characters. There was an interesting story which reminds me of The Tok'Ra from Stargate SG1. Dr. Franklin and Marcus worked well together and it was neat to see them in action. I enjoy how Marcus and Ivanova interact. Ivanova had an important task of her own to find out where Corwin's loyalties are. I thought there was some good character development, action, intrigue, as well as humor. This episode plays a very small yet important part in the bigger picture. The protection of Knowledge and it flight from the Darkness.moreless
  • Creatures of knowledge

    This has been one of my least favorite episodes of that season. I mean, it feels weird that main storyline is so much off everything important and all the good things I think of that episode, is from the minor storylines. I liked the way Susan tried to find out where Corwin stands and the weird situations (specially the flowers) Corwing got himself. So, that was good.

    Even thought I liked Marcus and Franklin working together, giving both of those characters more focus, the storyline was not very catching and the end was.. maybe not predictable but I was not eager to see where it goes.

    So, I really think it was maybe just a little breathing moment before everything else starts.. a big things are coming..moreless
  • what creature is lerking down below

    the scene opens up with captain sherdian, susan, michael, the steven sitting at a table having a drink to toss the promotion of corwell. after that sherdian wants susan to talk to corwell and see if they can trust him enough to bring him into there group. meanwhile down below marcus and dr franklin investigate the mystery, they uncover a force far stanger than they imagined. meanwhile the all powerfull shadow fleet is massing on the edge of centauri space, is it poised to strike or is it waiting for some other more terrible purpose. what the end carefull as susan gets a bunch of flowers and does'nt know who gave them to her. she then thinks it was from marcus and as marcus sits and eats his meal she gives them to him. quite amusing.moreless
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James Warwick

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Carrie Dobro appears as Dr. Harrison in the conference room scene with Dr. Franklin. She also appears as a Brakiri in the episode "Racing Mars" and as Dureena Nafeel in Babylon 5 spin-off Crusade.

    • When Marcus talks to one of his contacts, his contact mentions a Package from Mars..

      The Package is likely Dr. Kirkish who would be the messenger in "Messages from Earth"

    • Continuity: When Marcus and Franklin are talking about Ivonava, Marcus takes his hands down from his knees when he says, "it would be fascinating to find out". Switch to the reverse angle and his hands are on his knees again.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Marcus (trying to use Franklin's ComLink): Security? Hello? Is anyone there?
      ComLink System Operator: Warning. Biogenetic ID comparison indicates you are not authorized for operation of this link. Please turn it in to Security.
      Marcus: I'm trying to contact Security, you stupid machine!
      ComLink System Operator: Warning. Biogenetic ID comparison...

    • Ivanova: Sometimes you gotta bend the rules a little bit, in order to get what you want. Does that idea bother you?
      Corwin: No. not really. I don't think the ends always justify the means but, if no one's hurt and if it's good for Earth, I've got no complaints.
      Ivanova: That means a lot to you, doesn't it? Serving Earth.
      Corwin: Well, sure. It's why we're all here. To follow orders and do what's right for Earth.
      Ivanova: But what do you do if there's a contradiction? If doing what's right for Earth and following your orders aren't the same thing?
      Corwin: I don't think that's a decision I can make on my own. You can't just decide which orders to obey and which to ignore. We have to respect the chain of command, or everything falls apart.
      Ivanova: So if you saw someone trying to get other officers to speak out or even act against Earth Dome, you'd report them?
      Corwin: Absolutely.

    • Marcus: Duncan! You're looking well.
      Duncan: I am well. No pain, no cough, first time in years. They can do for you what they have done for me.
      Marcus: I'd feel better about the recommendation if I knew which "me" I was talking with.
      Duncan: Does it matter?
      Marcus: I think so, yes.
      Franklin: Who are you? Who are they?
      Duncan: I am – was Duncan. The other part of me is Vindrizi. The part of me that was Duncan remembers that you were kind to me, Marcus. I don't want to hurt you. The part of me that is Vindrizi says that we will hurt you, if necessary.

    • Ivanova (after seeing Corwin holding the bouquet of roses he just bought for her): Where the hell did those come from?
      Corwin: I – I... found them.
      Ivanova: Where?
      Corwin: There! You know, just lying there...
      Ivanova: Synthetic roses! (she smells them) Good ones! Whoever bought these must've paid a lot for them.
      Corwin: Yes! I imagine...
      Ivanova: Spending that kind of money on high-priced synthetics, must be a real dope!
      Corwin: Yes! I think so... Showy, excessive, not at all cost-effective.
      Ivanova: And terribly romantic. Don't tell anybody but I've always had a weakness for roses. This is a very sweet gesture. I definitely want to find who's responsible. Hey, thank you, David! If you hadn't come along, somebody might've just walked off with them.

    • Franklin: Well, one good thing: At least Garibaldi knows we're down here. If we don't turn up soon he'll know where to come looking.
      (Marcus looks away, saying nothing)
      Franklin: Mr Garibaldi does know where we are, doesn't he?
      Marcus: Not as such, no.
      Franklin: So... no one knows that anything's wrong.
      Marcus: That would be essentially correct, yes.

    • Franklin: (To Marcus) You are so far from being her type, that you're practically in different galaxies.

    • Garibaldi: Don't you ever shut up?
      Marcus: Not until I get what I want. Why, do you think silent meditation would work better?
      Garibaldi: Ivanova's right. You are a pain in the ass.

    • Marcus: The gracious Duncan, asleep by the gate. Me thinks I hear a voice cry, 'Sleep no more! Marcus does murder sleep'.
      Duncan: You're a madman, you know?

    • Franklin: (to Ivanova about Marcus) But under pressure, he's okay. And I think he would appreciate a second chance with you.
      Ivanova: (about the flowers Corwin gave her) He must have sent them!
      (scene cut. Ivanova throws flowers onto the bar at which Marcus is sitting at)
      Ivanova: Keep them!
      Marcus: I will, thank you. (she walks off) Well. I guess there's hope for us after all.

    • Vindrizi: It says we were created half a million years ago. Bred to be living records of all those we have seen and touched. For all that time we have travelled through the galaxy in our host bodies. We have seen double sunset on worlds so far away you have no name for them. We remember music that was played before your kind learned to speak. Within us is the living memory, deeds and stories, civilizations and passions, wars and struggle, great beauty. But in time even we die, unless we find shelter within other living beings. So, we seek out those who have nothing to look forward to, those whose lives are at an end, those who know they will be never more than they are now, those who will never know beauty, or peace, or purpose and we give them that. Through us they are born to a new life.

    • Marcus: You see that tube on the corner of the table there? That's a medical scanner, the Copeland J5000, very advanced. I was bringing it to him. You need to get it to him immediately. I know, I know, why should you believe me, it could be a weapon or something. Check it out yourself. Just look into the open end, yeah, then shake, shake it twice firmly to activate the scanner.

    • Marcus: One from three leaves one.

    • Marcus: I sense in her a key, as yet unturned.
      Franklin: And what exactly does that mean?
      Marcus: I don't know. But I should think it would be fascinating to find out.

    • Franklin: There are three of them with guns against two of us with nothing. They'll gun us down before we get half across the room.
      Marcus: All we need is one of them to leave the room. Then there will be only one man with the gun.
      Franklin: Excuse me, where I come from, one man from three leaves two.
      Marcus: Where I come from is a far more interesting place.

    • Flower Salesman: Hi! Something I can help you with?
      Corwin: I don't know, I was thinking ... flowers.
      Flower Salesman: Thinking flowers is good, giving flowers is better. What's the occasion?
      Corwin: I'm not sure, but I think I have a date.
      Flower Salesman: She asked you out?
      Corwin: She asked me in. Her place.
      Flower Salesman: Moves fast. Is she aggressive?
      Corwin: You could say that.
      Flower Salesman: Ha ha. Lucky guy.
      Corwin: It's not like that. Well, it's not like that yet. .. I think.
      Flower Salesman: You don't get out much, do you, son?
      Corwin: Well, I – No, not really...

    • Ivanova: Listen, now that you have been promoted, I was thinking. We spend a lot of time up here together, but we never really get a chance to talk. So I was thinking maybe we could get together and talk about what you see yourself doing down the road, just .. you know, get to know each other a bit better.
      Corwin: Well. Ah. Sure. We could, .. I don't know, meet in the mess hall for breakfast?
      Ivanova: No, you can't have a private conversation up there. The dishes cluttering, people talking.. So, why don't you come by my quarters later in the day and we can have a cup of coffee. Real coffee. Just don't ask me where I got it.

    • Ranger: Shadow vessels. They were sighted in sector 800 two days ago. Seems they're gathering, creating a border on the edge of the Centauri space.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Marcus: ...Sleep no more!
      Marcus does murder sleep...
      Here Marcus quotes Shakespeare's Macbeth (Act II, scene 2). The full quotes is as follows: "Methought I heard a voice cry "Sleep no more! / Macbeth does murder sleep" -- the innocent sleep, / Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care, / The death of each day's life, sore labor's bath, / Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course, / Chief nourisher in life's feast.

    • Duncan: I don't like being poked by doctors.
      This line was also spoken by the main character Alex in A Clockwork Orange (1971).