Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 15, 1996 on

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  • And that's how Trill was made!

    Ahh poor Lieutenant Wotsisname. Who's not been in the "er, did I just get asked out or not?" situation :P And then he dumps himself in it, too. Stop saying what you think people want to hear and be yourself, man! Heh, it's like looking at a younger self.

    Interesting stuff with the genesis of what is basically the Trill from DS9. It always did deserve a good backstory.

    And I just love Marcus. Great addition to the show, and always adding a much needed spot of humour (sorry to keep comparing to Trek, but Trek always did comic relief in the form of Ferengi or Mrs Troi. B5 wins on that one hands down)
  • Exogenesis

    Exogenesis was a good episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode learning more about the characters. There was an interesting story which reminds me of The Tok'Ra from Stargate SG1. Dr. Franklin and Marcus worked well together and it was neat to see them in action. I enjoy how Marcus and Ivanova interact. Ivanova had an important task of her own to find out where Corwin's loyalties are. I thought there was some good character development, action, intrigue, as well as humor. This episode plays a very small yet important part in the bigger picture. The protection of Knowledge and it flight from the Darkness.
  • Creatures of knowledge

    This has been one of my least favorite episodes of that season. I mean, it feels weird that main storyline is so much off everything important and all the good things I think of that episode, is from the minor storylines. I liked the way Susan tried to find out where Corwin stands and the weird situations (specially the flowers) Corwing got himself. So, that was good.

    Even thought I liked Marcus and Franklin working together, giving both of those characters more focus, the storyline was not very catching and the end was.. maybe not predictable but I was not eager to see where it goes.

    So, I really think it was maybe just a little breathing moment before everything else starts.. a big things are coming..
  • what creature is lerking down below

    the scene opens up with captain sherdian, susan, michael, the steven sitting at a table having a drink to toss the promotion of corwell. after that sherdian wants susan to talk to corwell and see if they can trust him enough to bring him into there group. meanwhile down below marcus and dr franklin investigate the mystery, they uncover a force far stanger than they imagined. meanwhile the all powerfull shadow fleet is massing on the edge of centauri space, is it poised to strike or is it waiting for some other more terrible purpose. what the end carefull as susan gets a bunch of flowers and does'nt know who gave them to her. she then thinks it was from marcus and as marcus sits and eats his meal she gives them to him. quite amusing.
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