Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 4

Falling Towards Apotheosis

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 28, 1996 on

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  • The eye remains out...

    I thought it was interesting with the eye, as this suggests to me that the future Sheridan gave part of his life to avoid, is still very much underway.

    Touching engagement scene. B5 does love pretty well.

    Interesting move with assassinating Kosh II. I know this isn't Trek, but it seemed a fairly cold blooded course of action!
  • Falling Towards Apotheosis

    Falling Towards Apotheosis was a superb episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Garibaldi comes back to work and Captain Sheridan returns with his new friend, Lorien whom is The First. I thought this episode was interesting as we saw Londo on Centauri Prime looking for ways to survive and get rid of Emperor Cartagio. I thought the Vorlon Fleet was Awesome! I look forward to seeing these ships in action. I thought it was a risky move to get rid of the new Vorlon Ambassador, however it is accomplished with the help of what is left of Kosh in Sheridan's mind and Lorien. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!
  • the final end to the vorlons

    as the vorlon continue their scorched earht campaign throught the galaxy,refugees flood into babylon 5 from every the threat of violent death spreads to the centauri homeworld, empereor cartagis reveals his insane conviction that the obliteration of centauri prime will be the inaugural pyre to commemorate his ascension to godhood.the savage aggression of the vorlons os also mirrored in their new ambassador to babylon5.kosh,a ruthless pitiless sheridan and garibaldi plan to rid the station of kosh,they risk unleashing the awersome millennia old power of the vorlon.they may not survive but then sheridam might not have long anyway.what a great scene when the good kosh fights the evil one of the station.
  • See ya "Kosh"!

    Interesting double play on the title. You can take it to either refer to Emperor Loony Tunes or Sheridan, but while one takes it literally and longs for it, the other is getting it metaphorically, and whether he wants it or not. Kinda neat. And I'm wondering if the similarities between the names Cartagia and Caligula were a coincidence, or if JMS was planning on making the Emperor like this all along. Wouldn't surprise me if he did. Garibaldi seems wrong and I'm beginning to worry about what they did to him before they sealed him in SaranWrap and ejected his lifepod. I'm kinda shocked they killed NewKosh (no pun intended), and although it sucks that Sheridan only has 20 years to live, it's sweet that he and Delenn are engaged. She's seeming a lot more human now. I don't know if that's because the writers aren't paying attention, or if she changed that much after thinking Sheridan was dead and is now back. And we finally see how G'Kar wound up with the eyepatch he was wearing in the flashforward to the future on Centauri Prime.
  • Matters of Vorlons

    So... Another really powerful episode and it is only getting more and more powerful. They are getting closer and closer to the moment they cannot turn back.. I loved Garibaldi's thought: what cares most: winning or losing.

    Anyway.. most of the storyline went around Kosh.. the old and new one and taking the one who they had there down. The idea itself.. was quite brave but they had Lorien on their side. Anyway.. the whole planning.. the way tension between Garibaldi and Sheridan is still building..

    And ofcourse.. quite interesting developments on Centauri side.. off to Narn now.. big moment for them too.
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