Babylon 5

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jul 06, 1994 on

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  • No boom?

    What a weird, but wonderful, episode. As the commenter before me says, charming.

    Coming from Star Trek (I guess I'm going to end up saying that a lot), I love the idea of being highly respectful of other cultures and beliefs - something that TNG in particular pushed a lot - and enjoying their merits instead of picking at their weaknesses. Delenn is quite right - it's about the quest, the way of life - they know as well as anyone else that they probably won't find the Grail, but that's not the point. They've already found what people are *really* looking for.

    Which is why it did grate on me early on when Sinclair and Garibaldi were snickering and smirking. I don't know if I was instinctively holding them to Trekkian standards or something but: really, guys? Someone has found a purpose in life that means something to him and that keeps him positive and kind-hearted and you can't keep a straight face about it in front of the guy? In the 23rd century? Goodness, do grow up!

    Thankfully they did. They got to learn the merits of this guy and what he believes in and seemed much more open minded and educated by the end. In a sense that was very satisfying.

    Yeah all in all I really enjoyed this, it made me all warm and fuzzy and that's what good TV is all about, for me anyway.

    I could take or leave the gangster part of the story, but it helped flesh it out a bit.

    That and I got to see the context of the famous "no boom?" clip that is a bit of an internet meme :) Very funny.
  • A very charming episode.


    This was a very enjoyable episode. The grail storyline is interesting, Jinxo's story about the Babylon stations was intriguing, the redemption of Jinxo was very sweet and the reactions of the different ambassadors was delightful.

    I particularly enjoyed Delenn's reaction – her childlike excitement about Aldous' arrival then Sinclair and Garibaldi just snicker. At first it seemed like just a strange Mimbari reaction until she explained why the Mimbari are so respectful of Aldous' quest. I found her explanation very charming – that's it's not about the quest or whether it's a realistic goal but it's the motivation behind the quest that matters. I always like Delenn but this was really sweet.

    There must be a considerable difference between the religious and warrior castes because knowing Delenn and trying to associate her with the war is nearly impossible – yet we know from Sinclair's memories that she was actually on board the cruiser the day he was captured. I am sure this is all leading up to the explanations about the Mimbari abruptly ending the war and I look forward to learning more about that. To date, we've only really seen the Mimbari from Delenn's perspective and the pieces have never really fit – how do such a spiritual people go to war with Earth and nearly wipe it out? Hopefully the end of the season will bring those answers.

    This was a great episode – charming, sweet and funny. Enjoyed it immensely.

  • Grail

    Grail was a great episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode as it had interesting characters, suspensful action, and intriguing drama. I thought this was an interesting take on the Grail. I also thought it was creative to have the feeder disguised as a Vorlon to portray authority and power. This episode gave more insight into some of the characters and even had some humor. I thought it was funny how easily jinx-o went from being a theif to a True Seeker named Thomas. Over all the story was good, and we did get a glimpse of the actual Vorlon. I look forward to watching more Babylon 5!!!!!
  • a holy seeker comes aboard the station and londo hides in his room while there is a creature from he's home world running around the station.

    in babylon 5 the grail a spiritual crusader who has combined the galaxy 's most farflung corners in his search for the holy grail comes to babyon 5 to continue his search. meanwhile when he offers to rehabiliate a low life who was to be sentence in the ombuds wellington court who has massive gambling debts he doesn't count on the crime boss deunce who runs things down below or his uncoventional method of debts collection. to scare of any witness he gets hes hands on a hideous tentacled monster from centurai home world which can suck out your mind.
  • Seekers

    We all are looking for something and in this episode, man named Thomas founds it. I loved the Babylon curse idea - and in the end, when Thomas was leaving - no boom. And the way Susan responded for that. It was the pearl of this episode.

    I cannot say the whole story was very good. It was acceptable. But I adored the idea - the way minbaris saw Gajic a totally different way than others and that they did not think he was little mad and the gift Delenn give form Thomas to but on Gajic's grave.. it was a beautiful moment. A decent episode.
  • Something a little bit different

    This one focuses a bit more on a story involving people other than the main characters which means we don't get a lot story development - except for Delenn constantly dropping hints to Sinclair suggesting that she knows more about him than she is letting on

    A holy man arrives on the Station looking for the Holy Grail, which amuses Sinclair and Garibaldi - they are more concerned with trying to stop a series of 'mind wipe' attacks going on in Down Below. Needless to say, the two stories become intertwined as Aldus, the Holy Man, teams up with a luckless trickster called 'Jinxo' to search for the grail and they foul foul of the criminal gang.

    When I first watched this episode I went along with the idea that the 'feeder' in the encounter suit actually was Kosh! It's not hard to do so when the criminals refer to the suited beast as Kosh and speak about 'feeding you to the Vorlon' - of course this all turns out to be a false lead, but a clever one nonetheless.

    Some reviews I've read slate this episode as the worst of Season One, but I don't really agree. Granted, it is hardly relevant in the overall arc story, but this is an entertaining and interesting story, something just a bit different to the usual
  • A man comes to the station searching for the Holy Grail while Garibaldi tries to take out a gangster who terrorising Downbelow.

    A man arrives on Babylon 5 to talk to the alien ambassadors; he claims his mission is to find the Holy Grail. He befriends a man named Jinxo who has worked on all the Babylon stations and believes he cannot leave or the station will be destroyed like the others. Jinxo is on the run from a downbelow gangster called Deuce who is using an alien creature to wipe the minds of those who go against him, this is causing problems for Garibaldi as it means there is no-one willing to testify against Deuce.

    This is another filler episode but once again not a bad one. I always find William Sanderson watch able in his roles in ‘Bladerunner’ and ‘Deadwood’ and once again this is no exception as he plays a gangster using an ingenious method to keep control of people who owe him and to stop them testifying against him. This episode doesn’t really focus on the main characters but looks more at Jinxo and Aldous on his quest for the Grail, which makes a nice change.