Babylon 5

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jul 06, 1994 on

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  • A very charming episode.


    This was a very enjoyable episode. The grail storyline is interesting, Jinxo's story about the Babylon stations was intriguing, the redemption of Jinxo was very sweet and the reactions of the different ambassadors was delightful.

    I particularly enjoyed Delenn's reaction – her childlike excitement about Aldous' arrival then Sinclair and Garibaldi just snicker. At first it seemed like just a strange Mimbari reaction until she explained why the Mimbari are so respectful of Aldous' quest. I found her explanation very charming – that's it's not about the quest or whether it's a realistic goal but it's the motivation behind the quest that matters. I always like Delenn but this was really sweet.

    There must be a considerable difference between the religious and warrior castes because knowing Delenn and trying to associate her with the war is nearly impossible – yet we know from Sinclair's memories that she was actually on board the cruiser the day he was captured. I am sure this is all leading up to the explanations about the Mimbari abruptly ending the war and I look forward to learning more about that. To date, we've only really seen the Mimbari from Delenn's perspective and the pieces have never really fit – how do such a spiritual people go to war with Earth and nearly wipe it out? Hopefully the end of the season will bring those answers.

    This was a great episode – charming, sweet and funny. Enjoyed it immensely.