Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 19

Grey 17 Is Missing

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 10, 1996 on

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  • Oh thank goodness

    I'd not have been happy if they killed off Marcus.. that character is awesome!

    Liked the Gandalf reference, too. Eek - I wonder if he's part of the Grey council..

    Otherwise, a bit of an odd and creepy Halloween-like episode. I didn't hate it, but I'd agree it was one of the weaker ones.
  • predator-looking zarg

    yes, i will admit that it is a weak episode compared to the others, but the scenes between garibaldi and zarg definetely reminded me of kirk vs gorn. i mean the part where he built a weapon out of pipe and bullets. anyone?
  • Grey 17 Is Missing

    Grey 17 Is Missing was a pretty good episode of Babylon 5, though slow and dry at times. I enjoyed watching the episode because Garibaldi was on a mission to unravel a mystery in grey sector while Sheridan and the Rangers prepared to accept Delenn as Ranger 1. I thought this episode had an interesting story and it was cool to see Neroon challenge Delenn, and fight with Marcus. There was a little plot development in this regard. I thought the ending scene with Garibaldi and Sheridan was humorous. I look forward to watching the next episode of Babylon 5!!!!
  • One of the weakest episodes..

    I read from some interview with JMS that he said he wrote that episode two weeks and all the episodes, he writes long, are the ones that are not very good. I most agree. The whole storyline with Garibaldi was weird and quite pointless. I mean, I did not see no reason for it. It did not developed story, it did not give nothing to the char.. just one mess.

    I enjoyed, much more, the whole thing with Marcus, Lennier and Neroon. The way Lennier tried to not break a promise by breaking a promise was stunning. Amazing work on words. And the whole Neroon vs Marcus was good too. So.. there is never bad without good.. but it was still quite weak episode.
  • While parts of it could have been easily overlooked, other parts were worth watching, more than once.

    I don't agree that this was one of the worse B5 episodes. Although the storyline regarding Garibaldi and Grey 17 was kind of on the cheesy side; However, I liked the bit with Marcus and Neroon, especially the part at the end in medlab. The Denn'Sha was another look at ancient Minbari ritual, and Neroon's realization that the Rangers would not follow him as they would Delenn was not only accurate, but a pivotal possible change in perspectives. Also as an addition, as usual, I love Marcus' dialog. Much of what he says is both witty and amusing, as well as showing that he is far more complex than one might think.
  • Another great episode in my opinion.

    I've never understood why this episode is considered the worst of the lot. OK so the Zarg is possibly the most unrealistic monster ever to appear on the show, but ignore that and the episode is pretty good in my opinion.

    It has two main plotlines - the slightly comedic plotline of Garibaldi searching for the missing maintenance man, and the more serious and plot-important plotline of Delenn being made Entil'Zha. The Garibaldi plotline is entertaining but somewhat immaterial to the run of the series, but Delenn's plotline is important to the series for two major reasons: 1) it's integral to Delenn's personal journey and 2) it is an important point in Marcus' character growth.

    The guest stars are good in Robert Englund and John Vickery and the episode has comedy, drama and some action. The best of the bunch? Probably not, but I certainly don't agree it's the worst either.
  • grey 17 is missing.

    this is another great episode this is my favourite scene in this episode. "denn share, you the death.and death there was.the death was see a human invoke the name of valen be willing to die for one of my own kind when i was intent upon killing one of my own.the rightness of my cause dissapered.strange,that a human in his last moments should be more of a minbari than i.perhaps it is true what delenn said.that we are not of the same blood, but we are of the same heart"."the next time ...the next want a revelation..could you possibly find a way ,that isn't..quite so.. uncomfortable. neroon and marcus.
  • This is not the worst episode of the series in my humble opinion.

    The Grey 17 main story wasn’t all that but the sub plot of Delen’s appointment to Entilzha made this episode worth watching. From Marcus’ first appearance in “Matters of Honour” I liked him. His character seemed to be revealed to us with almost everything he said. In this episode he portrays the sheer determination and strength of the Rangers as he fought with Naroon. From the time he uttered the words “We walk in the dark places no others may enter. We stand on a bridge and no one may pass. We live for the one, we die for the one”, I got the feeling I wouldn’t be seeing him again.

    The charm of Marcus for me is his ability to find humour where people normally wouldn’t find humour. So I wasn’t surprised when he uttered those words to Naroon from his sick bed. Yes. Marcus saved this episode for me.