Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 09, 1995 on

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  • Emotional, but as mentioned, predictable

    This episode provided some great additional background and development of some of the characters.

    It did something special that B5 hasn't done often for me yet but I think may do more soon (and that Trek did a lot) and that's that it brought out tears. The discussion between Dr Franklin and his father was just so emotional and heartwarming. High points for the heartstring tugging, I'm a sucker for that.

    The death of Dodger was depressingly predictable *sigh*

    A shame, she's a fascinating character and I'd have loved to see more of her kicking butt.

    I don't share the levels of disappointment that others have, but I guess as my first time watching I just assumed it was as important a part of the story as any other. Rather, I liked it, but it was a little bit too predictable in places (as unfortunately seems to be a weakness with B5, IMO, so far)

    GROPOS was a really good episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode as Dr. Franklin was met face to face with his Father, General Franklin. This episode had some great character building for Dr. Franklin and Garibaldi. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had a good story, good mix of characters and different sub stories. This episode definitely gives a deeper look into Dr. Franklin's character. This episode was a little on the side of the main story line of the season but it was still entertaining. I look forward to watching more episode of Babylon 5!!!!!
  • Helps to provide background color for the show's universe

    I can understand why it's not the most popular episode - good but not great, and it cannot be described as part of the main story arc. Instead it focuses exclusively on the humans. This is an opportunity to provide some context to the ambitions of the Earth government and its military. And, at the same time, put in a little more shading on some of the characters (particularly Dr Franklin). In a way this episode is a good illustration of the strength of the show. So much thought has been put into the universe - the politics, the diplomacy, the motivations and the relationships. Earth are getting involved in a war that doesn't much concern them - and are willing to suffer heavy casualties - in order to improve their standing in the eyes of the League.

    I particularly like the scene where General Franklin is being interviewed by ISN. He tells how the operation was a success. And then starts to say "but at a very heavy [cost]" but he is taken away from the camera before he can finish the sentence. So in a subtle way, we see how Earth's government is becoming ever more jingoistic and martial. They want the kudos of the military victory without mentioning the politically inconvenient fact of the lives that were lost. So yet again this is foreshadows the future.

    Regarding the characterisation, the relationship between Dr Franklin and his father has been one of miscommunication, frustration and disappointment, even though at the root they do still love either either - and to me this is brought across very well. The General's hurt at being called a murderer by his son is very believable. And the history of Dr Franklin's continual frustration at his father can be read and extrapolated from the scene where he is dismissed in front of Capt Sheridan.

    The Garibaldi/Dodger relationship was also quite interesting as it told us quite a lot about Garbaldi and the insecurity he hides behind all those jokey moments. And of course there will be a nice memory of this episode in season five.

    So yeah, ok, this episode isn't as important as the ones involving the Shadows, and it doesn't have any great speeches, but it's still a nice detour that helps to add some overall background color to the story.
  • Some vice versa feelings.

    I cannot remember how many times I have seen the show, how many times I have rewatched it but somehow always this episode has felt quite pointless to me. Out of pace, filler... until this time. I do not know what were the reasons but this time it moved me. Maybe it was Franklin and his relationship with his father, the way he tried to explain to Ivanova why they are acting like they are. Maybe now I understand it what was not possible for me before. Maybe it was that girl Garibaldi was dealing with or those two very different guys who ended up in the same room with Keffer. I am not sure. But suddenly this episode showed me in emotional level something I was not expecting. Maybe this episode may look simple and just a filler above and maybe it is not even meant to be reached by everyone. Maybe it is not possible for some.. or in some moments but in other times.. it has it's beautiful story, deep emotional touch and something to think about.
  • the arrival of 25,000 earth foce troops

    i just finish watching this episode and i must say i like it very much. in this episode of babylon 5 gropos. babylon 5 is over run by 25,000 earth force infantry soilders known as gropos short for ground pounders. whilst planning the troops next mission the legendary war hero general richard franklin clashes with his estranged son dr steven franklin. can they resolve their differents before war breaks out on the over crowded space station. mean while security cheif michael garibaldi may just have fallen in love the trouble is he has fallen for a gorgeous soilder who must ship out in 48 hours.
  • A predictable episode. Meh.

    The thing about B5 is its unevenness in regard to quality of shows. I could tell from the set-up, that a) Franklin and his dad were not going to get along, but at the end one of them would say, "I love you."
    b) EVERY blessed grunt we got to know during the course of the ep was going to buy it.
    and hey! I was 2 for 2!
    It does not surprise me that there are no quotes, no allusions, and no trivia submitted for this ep. I think it's one for the people who hadn't been watching since the beginning, thus, easily understandible. There are episodes of B5 that are really, really good. Lots of plot interweaving, sharp writing, funny "badinage", as Miss Winters would say. This is not one of them. I'd rather watch this than an episode, of, say TJ Hooker, but still.
  • I wasn't overly impressed by this episode. Earthforce is launching at attack on a rebel base in space, and is using Babylon 5 as a temporary barracks.

    I wasn't overly impressed by this episode. Earthforce is launching at attack on a rebel base in space, and is using Babylon 5 as a temporary barracks.

    Earthforce wants to get strategic strongholds near Narn and Centauri space. This way when the day comes where they must pick sides on who they will support in the war, they have bases near enemy space.

    I think this episode was written was to show that war is brutal and terrifying. Garibaldi develops a love interest with one of the GROPOS. The Starfury pilot had to bunk with two GROPOS and came to like them. None of them survived the attack on the rebel base. This show was a look into how bad things are going to get. Whether it is the war with the Shadows or the Narn Centauri war, things are going to become very dark and deadly.