Babylon 5

Episode 1

In The Beginning

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jan 04, 1998 on
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In The Beginning

In 2278, on a devastated Centauri homeworld, Emperor Mollari indulges a young noble's request for a story, and tells him about the Human-Minbari war - from its tragic start, to its sudden end.

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  • Fills in a lot of blanks!

    I enjoyed this movie thoroughly, especially because I had been watching the show faithfully, and I had some questions about the beginning of the story. This episode provided the answers.
  • Could have been a full blown feature film

    This TV movie is brilliant tells the story we've heard about since the beginning of the series the action along with the special effects are brilliant and are the best out of the whole series the drama and characters are brilliant this could have and should have been a feature film released in cinemas it's that GOOD.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The character of Coplann, played by Robin Sachs, is named Hedronn in the Babylon 5 series.

    • When Sheridan, Franklin and G'Kar are captured by the Minbari, Sheridan is punched by a guard and his rank pin is crooked. In the next shot, his pin is suddenly straight.

    • During the "ambush" scene, a Star Fury and a Dreadnaught suddenly disappear as the jump point opens on a heavy cruiser.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (about the Humans)
      Delenn: They fight bravely. They cannot harm our ships, but they continue to try.
      Coplann: Whether they fight or not, they know they will die anyway. So really, is this bravery or simple desperation?

    • General Fontaine: We've heard that certain elements of their government want a meeting to discuss finding a way out of this war that doesn't involve the annihilation of Earth.
      G'Kar: Most progressive of them.

    • Delenn: Are you there?
      Kosh: We have always been here.

    • Luc: Are you really the Emperor?
      Londo: I sometimes ask myself the same question. Yes, I'm the Emperor. Here, you see? This is the seal of the Centauri Republic. Only the Emperor can wear it. So either I am the Emperor, or I am in a great deal of trouble. Or both. Come here. you. (Londo hangs the seal around the neck of Luc) For the next five minutes you are the Emperor. You may give one order, any order you desire. Make it a good one. What do you want?
      Luc: Tell me a story.
      Londo: You did far better with that question then I did.

    • General Lefcourt: We took care of the Dilgar, we can take care of the Minbari.
      Londo: Ah, arrogance and stupidity all in the same package. How efficient of you.

    • President: This is ... this is the President. I've just been informed that our mid-ranged military bases at Beta Durani and Proxima 3 have fallen to the Mimbari advance. We've lost contact with Io, and must conclude that they too have fallen to an advanced force. Our military intelligence believes that the Minbari intend to bypass Mars and hit Earth directly and the attack may come at any time. We have continued to broadcast our surrender and a plea for mercy, but they have not responded. We therefore can only conclude that we stand at the twilight of the Human race. In order to buy more time for our evacuation transports to leave Earth, we ask for the support of every ship capable of fighting to take part in a last defense of our Homeworld. We will not lie to you. We do not believe that survival is a possibility. We believe that anyone who joins this battle will never come home. But for every ten minutes we can delay the military advance, several hundred more civilians may have a chance to escape to neutral territory. Though Earth may fall, the Human race must have a chance to continue elsewhere. No greater sacrifice has ever been asked of a people, but I ask you now to step forward one last time, one last battle to hold the line against the night! May God ... go with you all.

    • Londo: The humans, I think, knew that they were doomed, but where another race would have given into despair, they fought back with even greater strength. They made the Minbari fight for every inch of space. In my life, I have never seen anything like it. They would weep, they would pray, they would say good-bye to their loved ones ... and then throw themselves, without fear or hesitation, into the very face of death itself, never surrendering. When they ran out of ships, they used guns. When they ran out of guns, they used knives and sticks and bare hands. They were magnificent. I only hope that when it is my time, I can die with half as much dignity as I saw in their eyes at the end.

  • NOTES (3)