Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 18

Intersections in Real Time

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jun 19, 1997 on

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  • Wow, this is bleak

    Chain of Command, eat your heart out. 4 lights or morning/lunchtime, take your pick!

    Not sure I have anything else to say, but edge of seat material throughout
  • An imprisoned Sheridan once more faces an inquisition, but this time, from his enemies, as an interrogator rails against him to sign a 'confession' declaring his complicity in alien dealings against Earth.

    Perhaps one of the more chilling episodes in this series, it also focuses on pure simplicity. For the vast majority of the episode, Sheridan is strapped to a chair, being questioned by an interrogator after his arrest by Clark's police force. Except for a brief moment near the end, the interrogator remains calm, and coldly dispassionate as he slowly tears at the walls of Sheridan's sanity, pushing the belief of the subjectivity of one's point of view.

    It is the conflict between the two, a battered but determined warrior versus a calm and collected manipulator, that makes this episode stand out. Sheridan struggles to stick to his guns, even when the interrogator consistantly wheedles, cajoles, and even orders Sheridan to turn against his convictions.
  • Intersections in Real Time

    Intersections in Real Time was a perfect episode of Babylon 5 and had a lot of character driven scenes and character development. I thought this was a very entertaining and unique episode of Babylon 5. This episode is almost similar to the episode when Delenn was tortured and questioned by the man famously known as Jack the Ripper on behalf of Kosh to see if she was worthy. This episode was definitely different and fun to watch, it followed established storylines, and had some surprises. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode of Babylon 5! This episode is definitely a true fan favorite!!!!!!!
  • lyta scaning garibaldi

    what a great episode this one is. in this episode we see that sherdian remains a prisoner of earth officals in a harsh jail on mars. a coolly ruthless interrogator uses psychological torture and starvation and sleep deprivation to try to coerce sherdian into publicly pleading guilty to treason, terrorism, sabotage and murder, and a host of other false charges. earths citzens fed by consent propaganda must be made to belive that only by alien manipulatin could one of earths own people fight against it, and that sheridan regerts his action. mean while furious because of garibaldis apparent betrayal of sherdian, the mars reistance forces including frankin and lyta and their contact number one capture garibaldi. inless he has a good story he will die a traitor.