Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 6

Into the Fire

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 06, 1997 on

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  • Wow. Just... wow.

    Damn! Talk about a great episode. Big shiny space battle, the war ending, lots of philosophy and some great character moments. I liked that they stuck Ivanova, the sarcastic and practical, with Lorien, the cryptic and mysterious. I loved when Londo finally finds out that it was Morden who killed his dancer hottie and just completely breaks down in grief and smashes the room rockstar style. He gets angry, he yells, but I don't remember ever seeing him break down and lose control like that before. I love his confrontation with Morden: BOOM goes the island with the Shadow ships on it! And Vir finally gets to give Morden his little wave *glee!* And Londo telling Vir to kill him for the good of the planet, and them hugging at the end. This whole episode was just a bounty of awesome Londo stuff. And the whole confrontation with Sheridan and Delenn having to choose between the Shadows and the Vorlons was some great philosophy, order vs. chaos, the responsibility of making your own choices, or refusing to choose between the two sides, the whole thing was fantastic. And it was so cute when the two representatives of the races asked Lorien like little kids if he was coming with them so they wouldn't be alone.
  • What and episode..

    So.. this is the end of third age of mankind.. and what an end it was. It was one of the most powerful episodes having two very brilliant storyline.

    The first and really major one was near Corina 6 as finally Shadows and Vorlons meet and what kind of "welcome party" it is.. the whole way.. they making decision not to choose at all.. the way others stand with them.. It was just hugely powerful.

    And the storyline back in Centauri Prime was also very good. Londo finally getting read of shadows and Morden (we all waited long for that) and then realizing that he has been influenced by Shadows too.. and that moment.. that was just brilliant.

    I just loved that episode.
  • ~The End~

    Okay not really, but I could've easily taken this as a grand finale. In fact I honestly had to check this site to make sure I hadn't played the last episode by mistake!

    Really good, really heartwarming, and a very clean closure of a chapter. I could happily end it there, but well... there's more to see.
  • Into the Fire

    Into the Fire was a superb, entertaining, and vital episode. I enjoyed watching this episode because we got to see Londo as Prime Minister of Centauri Prime and he gave Mr. Morden what he deserved. Londo gave Vir what he wanted, and has saved Centauri Prime from the Vorlon World Killer. I thought the first one Ivanova and Lorien found was pretty cool as were the others. I really liked the way this story came together as Sheridan baited the Shadows into the same sector he knew the Vorlons would be in. This all came together and it is revealed what every thing is all about and that the remaining Old Ones are no longer needed here. This is one of the best episodes and wraps up the Shadow and Vorlon story lines!!!!!!!
  • the fight to the end.the shadows and the vorlons.

    the shadows have taken the bait and are hurtling towards coriannis 6... and a massive vorlon fleet backed by a planted killer!.the alliance fleet lies in ambush between the ancient enemies,and a colossal engagement of three mighty fleets erupts in an orgy of fiery destruction. as the battle reaches its deadly frenzied peak, the final mystery of the vorlons and the shadows becomes clear,and the way lies open to a better future for the galaxy. there's only one problem, did you really expect the vorlons and the shadows to go quietly?. now get the hell out of my galaxy.? sherdians says to the volons and the shadows.