Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 6

Into the Fire

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 06, 1997 on



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    • Delenn: I will tell her [Ivanova] to "haul ass" but I don't think that is a dignified position for someone who's in command of one of the White Star fleet.

    • Ivanova: (gives commands in Minbari). Ah hell!
      [The WhiteStar begins firing]
      Ivanova: What's happening?
      Lorien: "Ah hell" means continuous fire in Minbari.

    • [To the Vorlons and Shadows]
      Sheridan: It's over because we decide it's over! Now, get the hell out of our galaxy! Both of you!

    • Sheridan: We are all alone now, just the younger races. We can't blame anyone else from now on. It's a new age, Delenn, a third age.
      Delenn: Why third?
      Sheridan: We begun in chaos, too primitive to make our own decisions. Then we were manipulated from outside by forces that thought they knew what was best for us. And now .. now we are finally standing on our own. Lorien was right, it's a great responsibility. This is ours now.
      Delenn: Strange. The galaxy seems somehow smaller now that the First Ones are gone forever.
      Sheridan: It feels like the magic's gone now.
      Delenn: No, not gone. Now we make our own magic. Now we create our own legends. Now we build the future. Now we stop...
      Sheridan: ...being afraid of shadows.

    • Marcus: Did we just win?
      Ivanova: Don't jinx it.

    • Vorlon: Then we will not be alone?
      Lorien: No, never alone.

    • Shadow: Will you come with us?
      Lorien: I have been here since the beginning. I will not leave you now. I will go with you beyond the rim. And we will see again all those who went ahead of us, all those who we have missed for so long.

    • Delenn: After all, if you destroyed the Vorlons, they'll never know you won. They'll never see that you were right and they were wrong. It's about ideology.
      Shadow Marcus: Of course. What isn't? Order versus chaos. Choose one.

    • Sheridan: You don't want to kill the messenger, you just want to kill the message.

    • Sheridan: Oh, but I do understand. But that's what's got you worried, isn't it? A Vorlon said understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, their side .. and the truth. The truth is we don't need you anymore.

    • Shadow [as Lyta]: And you they have left... for us.

    • Vorlon [as Lyta]: There is nothing to tell. You thought we could not touch you. You were wrong.

    • Morden: You just made a mistake, Londo. Even if my associates lose this war they have allies. They'll make sure Centauri Prime pays the price for what you've done here today.

    • Morden: There are three billion people here. The Vorlons would never attack a civilian population that big. The ships stay.
      Londo: You are afraid, aren't you? They're afraid. And speaking of your associates, we must make sure that we can talk privately. Do not move.

    • Lorien: Your patience is also a weapon, when used properly. We will arrive when we arrive and we will have the weapons we have. You can not win this war through force, you must .. understand your way out of this. Sheridan knows. What remains to be seen is whether he knows that he knows.

    • Durano: You misunderstand me, Prime Minister. I was merely being specific. In my experience, if you can not say what you mean, you can never mean what you say. The details are everything.

    • Lorien: To live on as we have is to leave behind joy, and love, and companionship, because we know it to be transitory, of the moment. We know it will turn to ash. Only those, whose lives are brief can imagine that love... is eternal... You should embrace that remarkable illusion. It may be the greatest gift your race has ever received.

    • Lorien: I was told you were ready to leave.
      Ivanova: Almost. You are awfully impatient for someone who's supposed to be immortal.
      Lorien: Not immortal as you mean it. My race can die... through illness or injury.
      Ivanova: Where are the rest of them?
      Lorien: They fell ill and died, were injured and died. The rest went away. I am the last... and I was the first.
      Ivanova: I have to admit I'm a little bit skeptical about that.
      Lorien: Skepticism is the language of the mind. What does your... heart tell you?
      Ivanova: My heart and I don't speak anymore.
      Lorien: Yes, I have noticed that.

    • Sheridan: Win or lose, we'll go down fighting. Pour it on, Mr. Lennier. Take us into the fire.

    • Lennier: Vorlon observation post destroyed.

    • Lorien: He's making a crucible, which he hopes will force out the truth. Quite brave, possibly futile, but .. very human.

    • Lorien: There is time for one more. This is the last. It's important to have them all. Keep sending the signal.

    • Morden: You're insane.
      Mollari: On any other day Mr. Morden, you would be wrong. Today - Today is a VERY different day.

    • Sheridan: Morning gentlemen. This is your wake up call. [Activates a couple nuclear devices destroys some Vorlon and Shadow vessels]
      Lyta: Captain.
      Sheridan: Hmmm?
      Lyta: They're pissed.

    • Morden: So what are you going to do Mollari? Huh? Blow up the island?
      Mollari: Actually now that you mention it. [Reveals a remote detonator]
      Morden: No! [Mollari uses the detonator]

  • Notes

    • Delenn again shows her holes regarding earth language when she notes that "to haul ass" is a very undignified way to lead a battle fleet.

    • The four departments that Mollari calls together (War, Intelligence, Transportation and Security) should appropriately be referred to as WITS.

    • Lorien says that there were six First Ones. Only five of them can be seen at the battle. With regard to the sixth, Lorien could be referring to himself.

    • The scene where Lorien tells Ivanova about his people was originally written for the episode "The Long Night". This is why it takes place on the station rather than on the ship. The line "I was told you were ready to leave" originally referred to Ivanova's departure on the mission to find more First Ones. To cover for this inconsistency, an a line of voiceover dialogue was added to the first scene in the episode where Ivanova tells Lorien that they need to get back to Babylon 5 and rejoin the fleet.

    • The island of Selini resembles the island of Sicily as it is seen from space.

    • The space background in the opening scenes where the White Star awaits the First Ones is taken from a photograph by the Hubble Space telescope. The photograph is of a portion of the Eagle Nebula, also known as M16. It is 7,000 light years from Earth in the constellation Serpens, Right ascension 18h 18.8m, Declination −13° 47′. The nebula itself is 20 light years across. The portion shown is a small area of the nebula rich in gas and dust, thought to be a stellar nursery. People claim to see images of faces, animals and other familiar shapes in the contours of the cloud, a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

    • Vir's hair appears a little longer in this episode. This reflects his increased status.

    • In the first broadcast of this episode in the United States, the third-season theme was played over the closing credits.

    • Vir gets what he requested from Mr. Morden in the episode "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum".

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