Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 18, 1995 on

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  • The path is set

    Interesting to see Londo sticking very firmly to what he believes is his destiny, however dark it may be.

    Other than that, an interesting little Trek episode. Tachyon particles and energy based aliens? Hello Trek, it's good to see you again. :)
  • Knives

    Knives was a really great episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode as Sheridan had to deal with Alien ghost creatures and Londo had to deal with difficult circumstances regarding an old friend from Centauri Prime. I thought this episode had some good character development for both these characters, especially Londo where he consciously acknowledges his wrong choices yet stays on the path to its end. I also thought it was interesting what Sheridan learned about the Alien creature that was inhabiting his mind. I thought this episode had a good ending and I look forward to watching more Babylon 5!!!!!
  • Londo and his ghosts..

    I do not think this episode was something major - there always cannot be something important going on and after episode like last, that kind of little calmness is quite good. The storyline itself does not catch me too much in the beginning. I most say Urza is portrayed and played quite notably, so I can say great acting but it just does not work alone. The story catch up in the end, when we start to realize that Urza is going to sacrifice himself to his family and one interview Straczynski even said that the whole serie is about self sacrifice.. so.. we are not much far of it.. and after Londo has killed his friend, back on his place and thinking back of choices he has made and where that has taken him... first time he doubts.. but also, in this episode, he first time tells that there is great destiny for him what he has to fulfill.

    And what goes to Sheridan storyline - totally filler.
  • are there ghosts on babylon 5

    this is a good episode of babylon 5 knives. the sword scene is quite good and i enjoyed the scene where captain sherdian and michael garibaldi are playing a game of base ball on the station. when londo old friend from centauri prime appears on the station asking for his help. their friend ship is tested when word reaches back to the homeworld. how far will londo go to help his old friend. londo dicovers that blood ties run far deeper than he dared to imagine. meanwhile captain sherdian takes a look at the babylon 5 triangle down below where there are strange things going on there.
  • What I found to be the most interesting part of this episode is that Londo appears to know the path he walks is wrong, yet continues due to his belief in fate and destiny.

    What I found to be the most interesting part of this episode is that Londo appears to know the path he walks is wrong, yet continues due to his belief in fate and destiny.

    At the end of the episode, Londo appears to be genuinely upset that Urza Jaddo's reputation was tarnished due to actions of Londo and his allies. At other points, he is afraid of his agreement with the Shadows. He seems to fear the path ahead.

    However, he refuses to quit walking it. He keeps going, out of a professed belief that he is following his destiny.

    This is an interesting complication to me. That you know what your doing is wrong, yet you continue to do it because you feel you must. This concept is rather alien to me.
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