Babylon 5

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jul 20, 1994 on

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  • Telepaths and warriors

    An interesting episode that gives us a taste of an uncontrolled telepath. What interests me here is that you can directly see the temptation of using telepaths to probe everyone's minds and solve problems, since that is how the problems in this episode were resolved. It really serves to highlight why there are controls in place to help prevent the overuse of telepaths and invasions of privacy, as well as why some in the Psi Corps are a bit more keen to utilise their powers.

    Nice also to finally see something of the warrior caste of Minbari. It's fascinating how heads got rather heated on both 'sides' here whilst eventually it ended with a very peaceful and friendly exchange. It's perhaps a little too much of an about-turn in attitude from the elite guy, I felt, but positive messages about diplomacy are always nice either way.

    Did someone say the war started when someone called Dukat was killed? Am I watching the right series here? :P Come on guys, make your own warrior names and coffee mugs and stop copying off DS9, bah!

    I detect some foreshadowing with the mention of "chrysalis", considering that's the title of the season finale. Interesting....
  • Legacies

    Legacies was a really great episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had character and plot development, a good story, and mysterious revelations. I enjoy seeing more of the alien races and their ships. This show has pretty decent special effects, actors that make viewers connect with the characters, and interesting stories. I thought it was interesting to learn what the girl saw in each of the ambassador's minds. It was fun to watch Sinclair try to hold back the wrath of the Warrior Caste Minbari. The end of this episode was intriguing and I look forward to watching more Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • It used to be one of my favorite episodes...

    Oh, I am not even sure why, but it used to be one of my favorite episodes turning the time I first saw this serie. Maybe it was the development of minbaris (as I just started to like them on the first minute I saw them) or Alisa storyline and telepaths (who us do not want to know what other's think).. I am not sure.

    But this episode always hold some special place in my heart even if after couple of times rewatching it, I can say - it is not too good episode. It has not very strongly connected to the major storylines even if it goes on that direction. It is more that kind of stand alone.. but very exciting one - minbari war leader body gone.. Sinclair and his personal connection with minabries... and ofcourse Neroon and his saying: "You talk like a minbari"
  • More development for the Minbari and the telepaths

    Another solid episode as Season One builds towards its close - this is the last of the stand-alone stories, from this point onwards we get story arc episodes.

    This time we get character development for the Minbari and find out more about the telepaths. A Minbari war cruiser brings a legendary war commanders body to the station for a mourning ritual - and it quickly disappears, provoking a full station security alert.

    In the other story, a young orphan girl from Down Below suddenly becomes aware of her latent telepathic ability. Talia wants to send her to the Psi Corps on Earth - needless to say, Ivanova disagrees. In the end, a third option of going to Minbar opens up - which allows the girl to notice that Delenn is hiding something about the missing body. In fact, it turns out that Delenn has swiped the corpse and had it cremated - this opens up the friction that exists between the Warrior and Religious castes in the Minbari, which will become a big factor in future seasons. We also get the usual hints about the role that Sinclair will come to play with the Minbari being dropped all over the place - its a wonder the guy hasn't figured it out yet, with all the little hints from Deleen and Neroon...
  • you talk like an minbari commandar

    in this episode of the award wining babylon 5 we see another hoffific intersellar war looms after the corpse of the great minbari war hero is stolen from babylon 5 and the station is turn up side down looking for him. we find out that he was not stolen but that delenn had something to do with it. meanwhile on the other side of the station an orphen with awersome telepathic powers may hold the key to preventing the conflict. meanwhile the waif has some grim options , becomeing a psi corps guinea pig or take the same powerfull drugs which killed ivacova's mother.
  • Babylon 5 runs into trouble when the body of a Minbari leader goes missing and Talia and Ivanova argue over the future of a newly found telepath.

    A Minbari war cruiser arrives at Babylon 5 to display the body of one of their recently dead warriors who lead their fighters at the battle of the line. However things get complicated when the body disappears, while Garibaldi launches a full investigation the Minbari commander Neroon threatens war unless the body is found. Ivanova and Talia fight over the future of a young girl with newly discovered telepathic powers, Talia wishes to send her to Psi-Corp while Ivanova wants to give her another option.

    Another strong episode focusing on the Minbari and the friction between the warrior and religious casts. We also continue to see more of Ivanova’s hatred for the Psi-Corp however she does seem to grow a bit closer to Talia. This is the first time we really see the Minbari warrior cast and Neroon who has more of a part to play in future episodes. Overall another good episode as we head towards the end of the first year.
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