Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 11

Lines of Communication

Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 01, 1997 on

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  • Gathering intelligence

    You won't find much of that on ISN ;)

    One thing I found odd, surely Earth have records of the personnel aboard B5 and so would recognise our super secrit "lost lamb" and thus figure out who the message is for, instantly?

    Neat idea with turning the war room into a sort of truth room, and Delenn's comment about the human tendency to redecorate every few days rings true (it sure does at work!)

    You can tell this was before 2001, as I don't think you'd see so much sympathising with terrorists coming from US TV shows nowadays (which is pretty much what these Mars people are, from what I understand).

    Scary to see the vengeful Delenn in action again - I wonder if that'll have repercussions later.

    Nice comments on diversity being humanity's strength. That can be very true. It can also be very self-destructive at times, but we just need to learn to use it as a strength more often.

    So begins the next excuse to separate the two lovers for.. oh, usually about half an episode :P
  • Lines of Communication

    Lines of Communication was a perfect episode in this season of Babylon 5 because it had more of what I as a viewer want, aliens and space battles while also developing the story lines and characters. I thought this episode did a perfect job of doing this and blending every thing together. This episode introduces us to an unknown race who had been attacking small worlds on the far outskirts of Minbari space, and they are really cool looking and I want to know more! I wonder if it is extra-dimensional or some thing, by the way it walked and seemed to vibrate. Meanwhile Dr. Franklin and Marcus continue their mission on Mars and send a message to Sheridan. I thought this was a fun and enjoyable episode!!!!!!!
  • The new masters..

    So.. after the episode with Captain Jack on Mars, it was just a question of time Drakhs would come into focus again and this time.. quite alarming way.

    Even thought the episode concentrated strongly on Delenn.. that was not bad as the storyline was.. quite surprising. First of all the signs about troubles on minbar. They should have thought about that early and by the way things went this time, I say it is probably little bit late to save the problems.

    And the drakhs.. the way that minbari did not think they would hurt us.. and how Delenn and Lennier got who they really are and the ending.. the way they just gave themselves away with a word + some great space battle scenes.
  • Oh yeah, Drakh don't look creepy at all.

    More stuff on Mars, and some of the Shadow allies show up. Not that they were hard to spot. I mean, seriously, I've yet to see anything that creepy and skeletal looking turn out to be one of the good guys. Some good stuff between Sheridan and Ivanova, and Marcus and Franklin work pretty well together. I think I remember reading that Jason Carter and Richard Biggs were pretty good friends in real life. But that Mars Resistance chick is pretty hardcore. And good on the doc for getting some. Plus, ISN was really starting to piss me off, so I'm glad they're starting up their own news broadcasting system. It was nice to see that Delenn can kick ass when required. Not liking Garibaldi's new friends though.
  • the new race drakh are trying to take off where the shadow left.

    the evil shadows have fled the rim but there dark servants are still around causeing trouble. they also have a contention with centauri prime. there is no a new races out there they call them selfs the drakh. ambassador delenn must now deal with them when she is put face to face with them. delenn is tasked with eradicating them after they staged a series of attacks on unprotected alien ships. but a race armed with shadow technology is a tough race to beat in a combat. meanwhile on mars franklin and marcus continue to fight against the earth forces and persuade the resistance to stop civilian bombings.