Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 11

Lines of Communication

Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 01, 1997 on



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    • Delenn: Lennier, have you ever seen the warrior caste training flights?
      Lennier: Yes.
      Delenn: Have you ever seen them skin dancing?
      Lennier: I have.
      Delenn: Can you do the same thing?
      Lennier: Not without approximately... five years of additional training.
      Delenn: That would be no, then.
      Lennier: But I can program the parameters into the ship's artificial intelligence matrix.
      Delenn: And what do you do then?
      Lennier: Touch that button, and pray very, very fast.

    • Philllipe: And what if I said I sprout wings and fly to New York, eh?
      Franklin: In your case, I'd say you were crazy. But if Sheridan said it, I'd tell him to stop off on the West Side and pick me up some bagels.

    • Lenier: The Drakh mother ship is heading for the jump gate.
      Delenn: How fast?
      Lenier: Fast.
      Delenn: Be faster.

    • Delenn: Fighting a war is easy. Destroying is easy. Building a new world out of what's left of the old, that is what's hard. But that is your strength. So much is falling apart out there. You must help to put it back together.

    • Delenn: Before the war Dukhat wanted to know more about your people, so I began studying your history. I came to the conclusion that of all the races we had encountered humans were the most dangerous. Because humans form communities, and from that diversity comes a strength no single race can withstand. That is your strength and it is that which makes you dangerous.

    • Forell: The Drakh want peaceful relations. They want only a place to have for their own, because...
      Lennier: ...because they have just lost their home.
      Forell: Yes. There was an evacuation. Some kind of natural disaster, they said.

    • Marcus: Touch passion when it comes your way, Stephen. It's rare enough as it is. Don't walk away when it calls you by name.

    • Forell: Dukhat says: 'When there is good news we always ask if it's true, because it is so difficult to believe. But when there is bad news we rarely inquire because it's so easy to believe.'

    • Sheridan: You have a face people trust.
      Ivanova: I'd rather have a face people fear.
      Sheridan: That too, but..

    • Sheridan: Look, if they want to play games, well fine. We can play games too, only we can play them better, because we have the truth on our side. You can't kill the truth. .. Actually, you can kill the truth, but it always comes back to haunt you later.

    • ISN Reporter: Our job, as always, is simply to state the facts and let the truth attend to itself.

    • Sheridan: Can't you send out Lennier? It might be dangerous.
      Delenn: John! It pleases me that you care for what I have become. But never forget who I was, what I am, and what I can do.

    • Forell: With the Grey Council no more, the three castes are mainly concerned with protecting their own interests.

    • (After Sheridan enters Ivanova's room, tries to get her to come with him)
      Ivanova: Wait a minute, what do you mean you didn't notice? I mean what am I, chopped flarn? I mean okay, granted I don't have any interest in you, you don't have any interest in me, but if you're going to come barging in here in the middle of the night, the least you could say is 'Nice outfit, Ivanova" and then go on a tear.
      Sheridan: Yeah. Uh... Nice outfit Ivanova.
      Ivanova: (walks away, disgruntled) You are such a...

    • Ship Captain: Engines hit... life support no longer functioning ... dark enemy.
      Delenn: This is Delenn of the Minbari, we are enroute. How many ships are attacking you?
      Ship Captain: Too many! Too many!

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