Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 8

Messages from Earth (1)

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 22, 1996 on

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  • Messages from Earth (1)

    Messages from Earth (1) was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we got to see both the White Star and a Shadow ship in action as Sheridan and the 7R group learn that a Shadow ship has been discovered in Earth Space. I also enjoyed the continued development between Marcus and Ivanova with a few touching and fun scenes. Sheridan and Delenn shared a touching moment when the Captain was trying to sleep on a Minbari bed. It was interesting to see that Zack was the only one who was concerned with the path Night Watch is taking. I really like his story line. The ending of this episode has a shocking surprise that will turn Babylon 5 upside down and inside out!!!!!!!