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Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 14

Moments of Transition

Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 22, 1997 on
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Episode Summary

The warrior caste has surrounded the religious caste's stand in the capital city on Minbar, and demand they surrender or be destroyed. Meanwhile Bester makes Lyta an offer for her body.

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  • Transitions abound

    What an episode.

    So wotsisname from Mars (always reminds me of President Eden from Fallout 3 - I was expecting him to be a computer) is actually Bester? Damn, the plot twists in this show! It's one of those things where afterwards it seems kind of obvious. Unless I've misunderstood what's going on, of course. That guy is such a slimeball... I'm getting the feeling he's behind a lot more than is let on, as the telepaths are really the main ones that still haven't had much of a "point".

    Great way to resolve the Minbari conflict - once again it's a case where we could learn something from fiction ourselves when it comes to having the religion and war work for the people instead of the other way around. Have to admit, I'd kind of forgotten about the worker caste myself. Well played.

    And then, to war! Too right.moreless
  • Moments of Transition

    Moments of Transition was a really great episode of Bablyon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a good mix of stories, characters, and intrigue. It was interesting to see what Bester wanted from Lyta and her reaction. I also thought it was interesting to see Zack ask Lyta to scan Garibaldi. It was interesting to see how Delenn handled the warrior caste and I was surprised at what she accomplished. Delenn definitely changed Minbari culture forever by creating a new council with new members. I was shocked by the ending of this episode and look forward to watching the next one!!!!!moreless
  • Lyta gets hosed and Minbari culture changes forever.

    Aha, so it was a trick! Neroon and Delenn planned the whole thing. I have to say, having seen so much of the religious caste through Delenn and Lennier, the idea of warrior Minbari seems strange. And I wasn't digging the leader of the warrior caste. His philosophy seemed kinda dumb; fighting just because it was "what you do", saying that life and death aren't valued or feared, and that death is a release from obligation. I mean, he does turn out to be the "bad guy", but I've heard much more plausible belief systems based on fighting. Hell, the Shadows had better reasons for fighting. Whatever. Delenn's smackdown of him in the temple was cool, and Neroon turned out to be a cool guy. I'm getting really sick of Garibaldi's story. I was hoping he'd do the right thing by Lyta and tell MarsGuy to stick his paycheck where the sun don't shine, but he disappoints yet again. And Bester, the sneaky bastard, is behind the scene pulling the strings. Apparently he has something to do with this, which means Psi Corps was probably involved with what happened to Garibaldi. I feel bad for Lyta though. She did so much to help in the war, and now she has no support system, no cash, and has been forced to rejoin Psi Corps and give Bester the right to her corpse when she dies. Grr. One funny bit of trivia, the guy that asks Garibaldi to find his dog and cat is Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoons. They offered him a guest spot when he wrote in the strip that B5 was Dilbert's favorite show. ;)moreless
  • neroon saving delenn.

    this one is great for two reasons. first neroon, finds that he is no longer a warrior but has found religious.and bester asking for lyta's body after she dies.the civil stife on minbar reaches its climax when delenn stakes her life by challenging the leader of the warrior caste to participate in an ancient,deadly ritual to prove who os worthier to lead their people.the fatal twist to this chanllenge?.the winner dies screaming in the starfire wheel.on babylon 5 commander ivanova reports that a detachment of earth cruisers have destroyed vessels carring 10.000 wounded civilans who were fleeing earth's killing zone.outrage, sherdian calls an emergency meeting of the league of non aligned worlds-its time to fight back.moreless
Bart McCarthy

Bart McCarthy


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Christy Noonan


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Scott Adams

Scott Adams

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Factual Error: Bester's quote from A Christmas Carol is not quite right. Marley's Ghost says "Mankind was my business" not "Humanity is my business."

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Bester: I mean, being a freedom fighter, a force for good, it's a wonderful thing. You get to make your own hours, looks good on a resume, but the pay ... sucks.

    • Delenn: You had forgotten the worker caste, hadn't you? When our two sides fight, they're the ones caught in the middle, forgotten that it's their time to serve, to build, and to die. They built the temples we pray in, the ships you fight in. They look to us to guide their hands. But prayers are fleeting and wars forgotten. What is built endures. They do not wish to conquer or convert, only to build the future. And now, they will have that chance. The religious caste and the warrior caste will advise and counsel. We will serve, as is proper. Religion and war must act in the service of the people, not the other way around. This place.. this place is reserved in memory of Neroon, until the day it is taken by the One who is to come. You are the heart, the hands, and the voice of our people. Judge wisely and well.

    • Delenn: In the past it has been our tradition to seek balance. We have called three from each caste: worker, warrior, religious. But now that changes.

    • Delenn: Today we rebuild what was broken. Today we restore the Grey Council. I summon the nine as Valen called them together long ago.

    • Neroon: I was born ... warrior caste, but I see now ... the calling of my heart ... is religious. War is over. Listen to her. Listen!

    • Neroon: You said that a warrior does not fear death, Shakiri. You said that death is only one of the consequences, neither valued nor feared above the other. Death is merely a release from our obligations. Why then are you afraid, Shakiri? Have you put your importance above our own people?
      Shakiri: Don't take their side!
      Neroon: I speak for my people. Who do you speak for? And what are you willing to do? They are waiting for your answer.

    • Delenn: Valen said: 'Will you follow me to fire?' Will you?

    • Delenn: I said we surrender. I did not say that we gave up our sovereign rights to form a new government. Dukhat said that in every battle one side or the other must surrender eventually. It's the natural order of things, there's no dishonor in that, no shame. We recognize the superior forces of the warrior caste. We have, after all, spent several centuries arming you, helping you learn the art of combat. What threat are we against that?
      Shakiri: Then you acknowledge we are stronger.
      Delenn: Stronger, yes. But wiser? For a thousand years we guided our people through wisdom, not arms. Will we set that aside so quick?

    • Garibaldi: What is your empathic range?
      Lyta: Well, officially, 20-25 meters.
      Garibaldi: Unofficially?
      Lyta: Further .. much.

    • Bester: And.. Well, there's just no delicate way to say this. I want your body.
      Lyta: What! Are you out of your mind?
      Bester: Heh, that's a very funny question to ask a telepath, .. since we spend so much of our time in other peoples' minds. I don't want it now, Lyta, just when you are not .. using it anymore, after .. your passing.

    • Shakiri: Our people need leadership, not dogma, action, not meditation. We assumed they were our equal in all things. They've now learned otherwise.

    • Businesswoman: Perhaps in the future when you rejoin the Psi Corps, we can discuss this again.

    • Garibaldi: You want to hire me to find your dog?
      Adams: That's right. And my cat too.
      Garibaldi: Uh Huh. I see. Hey uh, Mr Adams, this isn't the kind of thing that I usually-
      Adams: I'll pay time and a half.
      Garibaldi: -turn down. Doggies, kitties, they all kinda make the world go round... don't they? Anything else I should know about them?
      Adams: They're planning to take over the galaxy.

    • Sheridan: Any crew that executes an order like that is guilty of WAR CRIMES and they deserve whatever they get! NO, we're riding in Susan! Anybody who wants to defect and join us fine! If they get in our way, we'll knock'em down. If they kill one of our ships, we'll kill three of theirs and we keep going. We'll never slow down, and we won't STOP! No we're going after the colonies then Mars... then Earth... And God help anyone who gets in our way.

  • NOTES (3)

    • In the original broadcast, the ship that attacked the civilian transports at the end was the Agamemnon - Sheridan's old ship. This was accidental (the CGI department reused the model of the Agamemnon instead of creating a new one) and in conflict with planned story developments. Later broadcasts (and the DVD) were changed to show the Pollux carrying out the attack. Interestingly, in the original script for the episode, the name for the ship was neither Agamemnon nor Pollux but Orpheus.

    • On the new Grey Council there are Dalidi and Burli from the religious caste, Mazik and Shaka from the warrior caste, and Dulann, Katz, Zaca, Nur, and Barenn from the worker caste.

    • The appearance by cartoonist Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic, was arranged when Dilbert listed Babylon 5 as his favorite TV series. His lost dog and cat are probably references to the characters Dogbert and Catbert from his comic strip. Dogbert schemes to take over the world.