Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 17

Movements of Fire and Shadow (1)

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jun 17, 1998 on
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Sheridan finally authorizes the White Star fleet to participate in the war. Delenn travels to Minbar to start a Minbari/Earth joint project to build a prototype White Star destroyer class ship. And Vir hires Franklin and Lyta to investigate why the Drazi do not return the bodies from destroyed Centauri ships.moreless

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  • Lyta is a b*tch

    Wow, Lyta turned into a b*tch! I realize she's trying to raise money to be a terrorist, and I know that Vir has grown a lot since the first season, but still, bullying Vir is like kicking a puppy. Things are going to crap on Centauri Prime. Londo has weird experiments done on him, the Regent reveals what the hell has been going on, with the weird Shadow tech in charge of their fleet, provoking everyone into war and then leaving the defenses down. And Delenn and Lennier are attacked in hyperspace. Lovely. The one bright point of the episode was the conversation between Sheirdan and Delenn where it comes up that he bought her some lingerie and she thinks it's silly. Honestly, the thought of Delenn in lingerie is just... really weird.moreless
  • Movements of Fire and Shadow (1)

    Movements of Fire and Shadow (1) was a perfect episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character and plot development as well as action, drama, and mystery. Lochley was recording in personal log when she learned that the White Star Fleet had been given orders to engage in the war. It was interesting to see Vir escape from his quarters, and the mission Vir sent Dr. Franklin and Lyta on was interesting and vital. Delenn and Lennier run into trouble and their fate is uncertain. The Narn secretly align with the Drazi and Londo finally gets out of the prison cell to find that the Royal Palace is not what it seems. Upon finally seeing the Regeant, who was crazy and prophetic, Londo learned the truth though he has not grasped the whole picture. Centaur Prime falls under attack. Londo's future is happening before our eyes. I can't wait to watch the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • steven and lyta travel to the drazi home world and find out that the centuri are using shadow technolgy.

    vir ask lyta and steven for help. they need to go to the drazi home world to find out whats happen with the centuria bodys. when they arrive they find out what has happen to them. the centuri are still at war with the other races. g'kar is still on there world being londos body guard. mean while delenn and lenner are on there way back to minbar. steven and lyta find out that there are not any bodys on the drazi home world. they find that each ship is carring shadow tech on each ship. londo finds out what has happen to the regent.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the Season 4 episode "Endgame" it is mentioned that fighting in Hyper-space always ends badly for both sides, due to the high energy. But in this episode we see Starfuries and Centauri ship firing in Hyper-space with no ill effects.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Sheridan: Any hope of neutrality that Babylon 5 had until now just went up in smoke.

    • Regent: It's going to be a pretty night, the last one I will ever see.
      Londo: You shouldn't talk that way, Regent. You still have many years ahead of you. That's why it's important to recall the ships. We can still make peace.
      Regent: Oh, there will be peace, for a while. It never lasts, really. They said so. They said two things, actually. That there will be peace and that it won't last. They also said I would be dead by morning and that tomorrow... you will be emperor. They said many, many things. Things I didn't want to hear. Things I didn't understand. And things I didn't want to understand.
      Londo: They? Who are they, Regent?
      Regent: Oh, you will find out for yourself soon enough, Londo. You shouldn't rush your last free hours. And there were something else they told me ... to do. And I did it just a few moments before I came to see you. The last thing I will ever have to do for them. And in a way ... I'm glad it's over.
      Londo: What did they ask you to do?
      Regent: To send away all the ships ... guarding Centauri Prime on a false emergency and turn off the planetary defense network.
      Londo: No!
      Regent: I think I'll stay... and watch from here. The sky should be lighting up any time now. I imagine ... it will be ... quite beautiful.
      Londo: No!

    • Lyta: This is leftover Shadow technology, Mr. President. Vorlons gave me information on them in case I ever ran across one of them. And I understand a few years ago one was found by the Psi Corps. It's an organic device used to control a ship from a long distance. You put two or three of these on board a starship and ... you don't even need a crew.

    • Sheridan: What do you mean there weren't any crew aboard?
      Franklin: Garibaldi said that there were two seperate Centauri fleets engaged in the war: one defensive, one offensive, that no one in the Centauri military knew anything about the attacks, only that they were defending themselves against us. Now we know why.

    • Regent: Hello, Mollari.
      Londo: Regent?
      Regent: I told you we would speak again before the end. I always try to keep my promises, especially to those who have been kind to me... as you have been.
      Londo: It is no burden. Regent, I have been trying to see you for some time. Our ships...
      Regent: Yes... I know.
      Londo: Then you gave the order.
      Regent: After a fashion. I have always tried to do the right thing, you know, when circumstances allowed.
      Londo: We all do, Regent.
      Regent: Yes. And now it is your time. Mine is almost over. I have to say, I'll be glad of it. I'm so tired of it all, Londo. I'm glad... I won't live to see what follows.
      Londo: Why? What is going to follow?

    • Lyta: ... the other way, maybe you could ...
      Franklin: Yeah, you're right.
      Lyta: Why don't you just ask somebody?
      Franklin: No, no. I've got a map. Don't worry about that.
      Lyta: What is it with you men?
      Franklin: Here we go.
      Lyta: Are you sure you know where we're going?
      Franklin: Yes, it's the .. same hotel that .. Michael stayed at. Said the room service is good and bed is cheap and staff is friendly.
      Lyta: Meaning the food stinks, the rooms are small and the staff will knife you in the back when you're not looking.
      Franklin: Exactly. All right, I think it's ... it's that way.

    • Sheridan: Anyway, those are their tactics. What is the overall strategy? They can't just fight a war to fight a war and honk off your neighbors. There have to be definite and to their minds achievable goals. Now what are they? What does it look like they might be? Are they moving toward anything.
      Kulomani: Their strategy has not yet become clear.
      Sheridan: And this doesn't seem strange to you?

    • Londo: Who knew they could make such a... stench... Great Maker, I don't even want to think about it. I couldn't stay there a moment longer. And the smell's not the worst of it, it was the burning in my eyes. I think my buttons are melting.

    • G'kar: You were having a nightmare.
      Londo: Yes, terrible

    • Londo: Who ... who are you? What do they want from me?
      Drakh: Yes. He will be sufficient.

    • G'Kar: I still think you should leave, Mollari.
      Londo: No. I said where you go, I go. It's become a matter of principle.
      G'Kar: You picked a terrible moment in your social evolution to develop principles. Perhaps you can start with something simpler, the moral equivalent of the opposable thumb, for instance.

    • Vir: Has she changed or is it me?
      Franklin: Oh, she's changed. Have you talked to Londo about this? Maybe he could ... pull some strings.
      Vir: The Prime Minister is otherwise engaged just now.

    • Lyta: I'm willing to go along and help out Stephen, we've worked well together in the past, but... considering the risk involved I'm gonna have to ask for a slightly higher fee than usual.
      Vir: Well, all right, I can...
      Lyta: Five hundred thousand credits.

    • Vir: As you know, our ships have been in combat with ... well, just about everyone, really. Our biggest losses have been on the Drazi space. They are real good fighters. Not terrific conversationalists, and their table manners can make you go blind in one eye, but ... really tough behind the weapons consoles. But ... on the occasion that we've destroyed one of their ships, we have always returned their bodies to them. They have not made the same for us in return.

    • Delenn: But don't take any unnecessary risks.
      Sheridan: People always say that. They want to find lives in which risk is unnecessary. There's only one problem with that: It's impossible.

    • Sheridan: The Centauri have begun targeting enemy jumpgates.
      Lochley: But ... It's a violation of every rule of civilized warfare. Wars come and go, but the jumpgates have to go on. Otherwise the entire hyperspace beacon system falls apart. If that happens, it'll hurt them as much as anyone else.

    • Lochley: If this continues, we may have no choice but to quarantine the Centauri. We'll have to try and limit them to parts of the station where they won't run into anyone they are currently at war with. Unfortunately, that seems to be just about everyone right now. So, my options seem to be somewhat limited.

    • Delenn: If it's about my wearing those little a...
      Sheridan: No.
      Delenn: I appreciate the gift and I didn't say I wouldn't wear them, I just said that... for me from a Minbari perspective, I thought it looked silly.
      Sheridan: No. It's... it doesn't have anything to do with that.
      Delenn: Business then.

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