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Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 20

Objects in Motion

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 11, 1998 on
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Episode Summary

Tessa Holloran, former number one of the Mars resistance, arrives with a warning for Lise and Michael - an assassin has been hired to kill them. Meanwhile, G'Kar gets ready to leave, though not everybody is happy about it.

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  • Wrapping things up

    The Mars rebellion chick shows up again, an assassin is sent to kill Garibaldi and Lise, and G'Kar's little cult of personality starts to get out of hand. I figured it was only a matter of time before some zealot showed up. I don't like the way Lyta is treating Garibaldi, but I'm glad things seem to be working out for him. He's married, protected via blackmail from the corporation who wanted him dead, and off to live happily ever after. G'Kar and Lyta also take off. Seems like they're wrapping things up in a bow for the end of the series. Sheridan and Delenn and leaving soon as well, and Dr. Franklin has that new job waiting for him. I don't think anyone else from the original group will be around except Zack. I did like G'Kar's speech, and how it sort of doubled as a speech about the show as well, how the characters and stories will always be here as long as people watch.moreless
  • Objects in Motion

    Objects in Motion was a superb episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode though it was sad to say good bye to so many characters as they began new endeavors elsewhere. I thought it was interesting how G'Kar had so many more worshippers and one who tried to kill him for leaving. Garibaldi and Lise had plans of their own that seemed side tracked after Lise got hurt. It was interesting to see Tessa and her interactions with Dr. Franklin. I also enjoyed her words to the Board of Edgers Industries as well as Garibaldi's. Lyta was very interesting and I think a spin off starring Lyta and G'Kar on their adventures across the universe could have been fun! It was sad she didn't see Zac saying good bye to her. I thought G'Kar and Garibaldi had great last words. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • g'kar and lyta and garbaldi and lisa leave babylon 5.

    number 1 arrives on babylon 5 to inform michael and lisa that there is a contract been put out on there lives. the people on the board of edger industries have sent some one to kill them both. later that day while there is a fare well for g'kar and the others the hit man takes a shoot at them and hits lisa in the arm. they find out who is responsible and then they get eve. meanwhile g'kar and lyta say good bye to babyon 5 as they go to there ship and leave for good. before she goes lyta looks around hoping that her one friend was going to say goodbye. zac is standing behind the door as she leaves and says his goodbye too her.moreless
James Hornbeck

James Hornbeck


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Jeffrey James Castillo

Jeffrey James Castillo


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Walter Williamson

Walter Williamson


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Neil Bradley

Neil Bradley


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Denise Gentile

Denise Gentile

Lise Hampton

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Marjorie Monaghan

Marjorie Monaghan

Number One

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    • G'Kar: I believe when we leave a place, part of it goes with us and part of us remains. Go anywhere in the station, when it is quiet, and just listen. After a while, you will hear the echoes of all our conversations, every thoughts and words we've exchanged. Long after we have gone our voices will linger in these walls, for as long as this place remains. But I will admit that the part of me that is going, very much will miss the part of you that is staying.

    • Delenn: It occurs to me, I have never walked the length of this place end to end.
      Sheridan: Well, Delenn, it's five miles long.
      Delenn: I know. Coming?
      Sheridan: Now?
      Delenn: "Now" is all we have.

    • Franklin: Life is full of surprises.
      Halloran: Tell me about it. I figured I'd come up here for a few days, exchange some information for an offer of support from Sheridan. Who knew I'd end up with a new job? The ironic part is that I'm in a better position now to help Mars than when I was there.
      Franklin: Yeah, well, when this place was built, I think irony was one of the primary materials used in construction, like the ... irony of you coming here just when most of us, me included, are getting ready to leave.

    • Garibaldi: Let me introduce you to the new head of intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance.
      Halloran: Hi.

    • G'Kar: I find I'm actually looking forward to seeing the universe with you alongside, Lyta. Perhaps we'll find something extraordinary. Perhaps something extraordinary will find us. Either way, it's going to be quite an adventure.
      Lyta: I smell another book coming.
      G'Kar: What a wonderful idea.

    • G'Kar: But if you could have removed them at any time..
      Lyta: It made everybody feel safer. Besides, I think I kind of liked it after a while.

    • Narn: We put you in this position, G'Kar. Our reverence is our gift to you, and you are responsible to us. You owe us. Without us ... you are nothing.
      G'Kar: Then I am nothing. Good day.

    • Sheridan: I'd rather not say yet. I need some more time to think it over, but I've had an idea, and you know how dangerous that can be.

    • Sheridan: How are things on Mars?
      Halloran: We've had nothing but trouble with Earth since we became independent. They're treating us as if we were still a colony. Everything has to go through Earth: supplies, money transfers, documents. They couldn't kill us with bullets, so they're drowning us in red tape. Frankly, I preferred the bullets. At least there I could shoot back.
      Sheridan: Well, that's the problem when you go from being a soldier to a politician. You have to sit and listen to people you would've shot six months earlier.

    • Zack: I don't believe in random attacks. Maybe there's not an obvious reason, but there's always a reason.

    • G'Kar: Meanwhile, consider the walls around you. In a little while, we will leave these behind. Now you have to decide how many others you will bring with you when we leave.

    • Lyta: It's ironic. Heh. You have to leave because everybody wants you. They're fighting over you. And I have to leave because nobody wants me.
      G'Kar: And yet we are the same in many ways. We are all the sum of our tears. Too little and the ground is not fertile, and nothing can grow there. Too much, the best of us is washed away. My rains have come and gone .. for now. Yours are just beginning.

    • G'Kar: Hello, Lyta.
      Lyta: G'Kar.
      G'Kar: Do you mind if I talk to you?
      Lyta: You'll forgive the accommodations.
      G'Kar: It's a cell. I've gotten used to them. Frankly, I've done some of my best writing in places like this. In here, you cannot run from yourself.

    • Halloran: Thanks.
      Franklin: Hey, no problem. Just .. just a good thing I happened to be passing by. I would have kept my eye out for your name on the incoming transport, but, .. you never told me what it was.

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    • The title "Objects in Motion" refers to Newton's first law of motion: An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by another force. An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by another force.