Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 4

Passing Through Gethsemane

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 30, 1995 on
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One of the monks starts having disturbing visions and realizes that his past may not be how he remembers it. Meanwhile Lyta causes a bit of commotion when she returns from the Vorlon homeworld.

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  • Thought provoking

    Well, I've kind of found that I don't always have things to say about the episodes or the energy to do so, but I'll keep chipping in when they're really interesting.

    This being one of them. It's just a really thought provoking concept - what if instead of prison or execution you could have your mind wiped and start afresh as someone new, and kind. For someone with remorse this could be an alluring concept.

    But then we see how others are less willing to let go. This "new person" could then end up a victim. I can believe that very easily.

    Also on the morality side, we have Lyta Alexander being used to force information out of minds. At first you think "well, it's ok, he's a bad guy" but that's exactly the point and exactly the type of thinking that is scary to have and that we should be avoiding. I thought they used a dangerously dark tactic here and hope it is addressed in some way in later episodes.

    And then, full circle, we have the next murderer being sentenced to the same thing, and Sheridan catching himself feeling the same feelings.

    Just really makes you think this one. Great stuff.moreless
  • Passing Through Gethsemane

    Passing Through Gethsemane was a great episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode because Lyta Alexander returns to Babylon 5 from the Vorlon Homeworld to work as an aide for Kosh. It was really cool to see more of the Vorlon's ship. I thought the story line with the monks was a very interesting concept and provided circumstances for the main characters to grow from. I thought there were some touching moments as well as plenty of suspensful intrigue. This episode is a little slow at times but over all it was good. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!moreless
  • the mystery of where lyta alexander where has she been.

    this is an alright episode but it wasn't my favourite. in this one two things are happening. a group of monks arrive on babylon 5 and lyta alexander returns back to the station on a vorlon ship. what is the black rose and why is brother edward haunted by visions of ghastly murders and a smiling killer?. when theses disturbing visions reveal grotesques and unpleasant truths about his former occupation his very life and sanity are put in danger. suspicion also surronds lyta the stations first former telepath who reapears after 2 years claiming to have visited the vorlon home world.moreless
  • Amazingly moving episode

    I have to say.. This episode has been one of my favorite ones. There was just something in the story, what I loved so much, that moved me deeply. I am no way religious person but the story and tragic of brother Edward.. I mean, the way she talked to Delenn about his believes and what was most important to him in his believes and how he managed to get in that situation and find answer to his doubts: would he had the courage to stay. And the whole way this episode was built.. from start to the end.. and the scene in the end.. Sheridan meeting brother Malcolm, just as when they were talking about of forgiveness...moreless
Brad Dourif

Brad Dourif

Brother Edward

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Robert Keith

Robert Keith


Guest Star

Lynn Blades

Lynn Blades

News Anchor #2

Guest Star

Louis Turenne

Louis Turenne

Brother Theo

Recurring Role

Patricia Tallman

Patricia Tallman


Recurring Role

Ardwight Chamberlain

Ardwight Chamberlain


Recurring Role

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    • Edward: How can I confess my sins to God if I don't even know what they are? The mind forgets, but the stain remains with the soul. The blood of innocent people is still on my hands. My memories are the creation of somebody else, and my soul is the soul of a killer, and everything that I have done has been a lie.
      Theo: That's not true, Edward! You've helped people, cared for people.
      Edward: It's not enough. Who knows what other crimes I may have committed that they never found out about? That I don't remember. I am a murderer, Theo. The sins of my former life must be atoned for. There must be justice. I know that now.
      Theo: Edward, Edward! If you ask God to forgive your sins, he knows what they are, even if you've forgotten. Leave it in His hands.

    • Sheridan: (playing a game of chess with Theo) Concentrate all you want, there's nowhere you can go.
      Brother Theo: I'd expect a comment like that from someone with no clearly defined pattern of faith.
      Sheridan: I believe in a little of everything. I'm an eclectic. Open minded.
      Brother Theo: Rudderless, directionless, cast adrift without compass, on an ocean of ecclesiastical possibilities. Tossed by the winds this way, that way...
      Sheridan: Oh, I'm hearing a lot of talk and you still haven't made a move!
      Brother Theo: Your Ambassador Delenn has a wonderful phrase: Faith manages. Check. And I do believe, mate.

    • Ivanova (referring to the game of chess between Sheridan and brother Theo): I think he's doomed.
      Brother Edward: Not a chance.
      Ivanova: Care to put money on that?
      Brother Edward: Gambling is one of the lesser sins. I've always thought that if you're gonna sin you may as well go for one of the really big ones.

    • Garibaldi: (about Lyta) Nobody has ever been to the Vorlon homeworld and back again. But she goes and comes back, just like a trip to the corner store and now she is working for Kosh. Is anybody as creeped out about this as I am?

    • Brother Edward: I always wanted to know, if I would have the courage to stay at the garden at Gethesemane. Now I know.

    • Londo: Lyta Alexander, as I live and breathe!
      Lyta: I suggest you remove your hand, Ambassador, or you won't be doing either for much longer!

    • Sheridan: Where does revenge end, and justice begin?

    • Brother Edward: Why would an uneasy conscience show up in a lab report?

    • Lennier: Valen was the greatest of us. A thousand years ago he came from nowhere, formed the Grey Council, and brought peace to our people. They say he was a Minbari, not born of Minbari.

    • Delenn: We are the universe, trying to understand itself.

    • Delenn: We believe that the universe itself is conscious in a way we can never truly understand. It is engaged in a search for meaning. So it .. breaks itself apart, investing its own consciousness in every form of life.

    • Lennier: Well, if I project a beam of light at the wall, you see the light on the wall, but the wall is not the source of the light. It comes in from somewhere else. The soul is also a projection. It does not exist inside us any more than the light exists inside the wall. But this ... shell is the only way we can perceive it.

    • Delenn: It is a.. it is very hard to explain. We do not believe in any individual god or gods. But rather, we believe that the soul is a -- what is a good term -- a non-localized phenomenon.

    • Delenn: Among my people it is considered an honor to aid any true seeker in his quest.

    • Londo: Lyta! I understand the Psi Corps is looking for you. I would hate very much for them to find you.
      Lyta: So would I. Because I'm not with the Corps anymore. That means I'm not bound by their rules. So if someone were to turn me in, I'd find him. And before they took me, I'd plant a nightmare deep in his mind where no one else could find or remove it. And that person would spend every night of the rest of his life screaming!
      Londo: Fine! And keep your threats to yourself! Nightmares... the way my life has been going lately, who'd notice?

    • Londo: I was just surprised to see you, that's all. Do you know, that I was thinking about you just the other day. My extremely overpaid sources told me that you have been seen arriving here in a Vorlon transport. Now, they are profoundly unreliable pool of information on the best of days, so I said: 'No, it can not be her. The Vorlons do not pick up hitch-hikers. Not even one as attractive as you. Besides, if it were you, surely you would come by and say hello to your old friend, Londo.'

    • Brother Edward: It said: 'Death walks among you.' I know what I saw.

    • Lyta: The next thing I remember I was on the Vorlon Homeworld.
      Franklin: Well, come on. Tell us about it.
      Lyta: I can't. I wish I could, but I'm not allowed to talk about most of what I saw. The rest, ... you wouldn't believe anyway.

    • Ivanova: Ambassador, you wanted to see me?
      Kosh: Yes. Formality. Ritual. You should be informed.
      Ivanova: Informed of what?
      Kosh: Returning.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode won the 1997 E Pluribus Unum Award for "Television Series - Drama".

    • This episode was originally to appear in the second season, but had to be abandoned when the writer accidentally read a similar premise on a newsgroup. Fortunately he was able to come to an agreement with the person who posted the message, and the episode could be made.


    • The name of the serial killer -- Charles Dexter -- may be a reference to the H.P. Lovecraft story "The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward" which concerns a man who is obsessed with his ancestors' memories.

    • Delenn notes that in an "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" world everyone would be toothless and blind. This mirrors a comment by Gandhi: "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."

    • Episode Title: Passing Through Gethsemane
      The title of this episode is a reference to Matthew 26:30-50. Jesus goes to the garden of Gethsemane to pray and contemplate his betrayal. At Gethsemane Judas leads the Romans to Jesus. The Gethsemane is often invoked a a symbol of one's confrontation with a great personal life-or-death trial.