Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 11

Phoenix Rising

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 01, 1998 on

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  • Ding-dong, Byron's dead!

    Seriously, why bother calling him Byron? Just call him Jesus Koresh and get it over with. And woe is him, he used to be Bester's bestest buddy, he killed innocent people, boo frickin' hoo. I've seen characters who've killed a hell of a lot more people than him, felt bad about it later and turned out much cooler (*cough* Xena *cough*). But at least he turned himself into a crispy smear on the deck and I don't have to listen to him TALK any more. Bester tells Garibaldi he pulled an Asimov and stuck the first law of robotics in his head as a safety measure. Sucks for Garibaldi that Bester's still messing with him, and I can't really blame him for wanting to crawl back inside a bottle.
  • Phoenix Rising

    Phoenix Rising was a superb episode of Babylon 5 and I really enjoyed watching this episode as the telepaths continued their violence against Byron's wishes. Bester has reinforcements arrive and trys to push his agenda to capture them. I thought it was awesome how Garibaldi confronted him and learns about a surprise Bester had left in his mind. I thought it was cool how Lyta and Byron learned more about each other in this episode. I thought Sheridan and Lochley handled the situation well and it was sad to see the end. I think Lyta will make a great leader for the free telepaths. I certainly look forward to watching more!!!!!!!
  • the final conclusion to the telepath war. and garibaldi confronts bester only to have bester plant a newrow block in his mind so he cant harm bester.

    more blood hounds arrive on babylon 5 to deal with the telepaths promblem. bester wants to take them back with him but a few telepaths who are on the run on the station cause major promblems for bryon and the others. they steal guns from the security station and then take garibaldi and dr franklin prisoners. bryon finally comes out with lyta and gives himself up to sherdian. but bester has other plans. when he arrivals there is a gun fight and some lethal toxic spills onto the floor. bryon tells lyta to walk away and not look back. he then fires his gun into the toxic and a explosion erups. killing the telepaths. meanwhile garibaldi starts to drink again.
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