Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 1

Points of Departure

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 02, 1994 on

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  • one of the Greatest sci-fi shows ever

    i just finished watching season 1 and was amazed at how great the story and acting was. usually it takes a few seasons for a sci-fi show to it its stride .but babylon 5 was great from the begining. i watched episode after episode to see if it was just a fluke but i was so rivited to my tv set i could not believe it from lando to garabaldi to ivanova it was just one great episode after another. i just dont understand why after 5 seasons it ended. even star trek Enterprise lasted 4 seasons and that was just GARBAGE. i wish it could have lasted a few more seasons season 5 ended and ther was so much to wrap up. they could have made atleast 3 more seasons OH WELL