Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 10

Racing Mars

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 24, 1997 on

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  • Fun and interesting

    Another of the B5 mix of deadly seriousness and humour, starting out with Ivanova delivering Sheridan's backside to him on a plate.. she's one heck of a character :p

    Captain Jack has let himself go since the last time he was with the Doctor!

    Very satisfying to see some of the verbal beating that Garibaldi got, one part of me wishes the punch was the other way around, the other part of me is glad Sheridan is the better man here.

    I guess this is one of those points where people have said homosexuality is dealt with 100% naturally in B5, and to be fair any sort of "laughing about the situation" could easily be have been with a straight fake-couple. It is still just a fake ID though. But very progressive for its time compared to Star Trek (ironically).

    These friends of Garibaldi's - who knew the Tunnel Snakes would turn up! (sorry.. obscure gaming reference)

    Sheridan is "just about ritualed out" - hahaha too true. I think we all are. These Minbari and their rituals. They make Bajorans look sane.

    "Woo hoo"? +Fluttershy points if he managed a "you rock!" too.

    I wonder if anyone else finds it a bit odd in these things when someone is shown a picture of a guy's daughter and is basically obliged to compliment her physical aesthetics. That's not creepy at all.

    Some part of me wonders if there's any truth to the criticism of Sheridan, I don't think so but I think you're meant to at least think about it.
  • New players

    Ok.. episode I did not liked so much. The best part for me was the whole Mars resistance storyline and Captain Jack. Those mysterious bugs we saw on Centauri and now on Mars. They are intriguing and they have many questions.. where they come.. who uses them. Why are they in same time interested about power on Centauri and man on Mars resistance. Those unknown factors make that storyline fascinating. Even the whole Marcus vs Franklin nagging was great.

    The storylines on Babylon 5.. I did not liked none of them. The whole Sheridan vs Garibaldi thing. It was just annoying and we all know it has something to do with that screen and nothing about who he is. And the ending.. for sure, there is storyline coming.. but I just feel.. they could have done it little bit better. Betraying someone like that.. It does not feel logical. Or maybe it is.. I cannot forget that screen.. what was probably used to program Garibaldi to do just that.
  • Racing Mars

    Racing Mars was a really great episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because now that the Shadows, Vorlons and all other First Ones have left leaving those on Babylon 5 to worry about other problems like Earth President Clark. I thought it was funny how all channels were being jammed except for ISN. It was enjoyable to see Marcus and Franklin working together again, and there were quite a few humorous scenes with them! I thought it was cool how they met the resistance leader, a blonde bombshell who is pretty tough. I thought it was interesting how Garibaldi's character is taking another direction, and after his ISN interview aired, his scenes with Sheridan were great. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!
  • garibaldi betrayal.

    heres a another good episodes of babylon 5. marcus annoying steven.and garibadi betraying his freinds. when sheridan confronts garibalds about his negative comments regarding babylon 5, a furious garibaldi takes up with earth force spies and agrees to betray sheridan to them.meanwhile marcus and franklin have arrived on mars to join the mars resistance, but must contront suspicion and an enemy within before they can win the trust of the hard nosed rebels. back on babylon 5 sherdian and delenn must undergo 50 minbari rituals before they can be considered an "item" one of them involves pleasure.quite amusing when there are a group of minbari in delenns quarters to over see sherdian and delenn making love.
  • I never, ever, want to hear about Sheridan having sex again.

    Wow, talk about up and down. I was right about Marcus + Franklin = hilarious, but counterbalancing with Garibaldi losing his friggin' mind was just depressing. Reminds me of something Joss Whedon would do, although I don't know if the through process is 'this story line is hilarious, but I need to find something to counterbalance', or 'man, this storyline is depressing, where's something cheery to help balance it out?' I seriously hope Garibaldi's got some sort of brainwashing thing going on, because I find it very hard to believe that this radical a personality shift came naturally. He's completely irrational. But back to Marcus and Frankl- I mean, the happy couple on their honeymoon. BWA-hahahahaha!!! I had a mouth full of crackers when Captain Jack said that the only fake IDs he could get them were a pair of newlyweds and I almost lost it. But hey, it gives me hope. Even on an embargoed planet under a dictator's martial law, gay marriage is still legal in the future ;) And speaking of marriage, the Minbari ritual of "discovering each others pleasure centers" sounding like a great idea at the time, that is until Sheridan found out he was going to have an audience in the other room. Hehehe. His little exchange with Lennier in the elevator afterwards was awkward. I really didn't need to know that Sheridan says "woo-hoo" during sex.