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  • This is my highest rated sci fi shows

    .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................why was this made. Who invented this genre of shows. What the hell were they thinking when they made this. There are many unanswered questions to these types of shows, but one sticks out to me most : Why. Why did they dicide to make a type of show that would hypnotis nerds world wide to watch them.
  • Don't watch this, it's absolute *crap*

    I love sci-fi, so I bought the entire DVD box set unseen. What a mistake that was! Everyone raves about this show, but I can't see why. Juvenile plots, asinine dialog, terrible special effects (in fact the worst I've seen in modern science fiction, bad acting, and this big so-called story arc shot full of holes. There are SO many things left unanswered and the 5 movie set that does absolutely nothing to further the story or answer any of the several questions that are brought up and left to die during the regular season. I'll certainly be on the lookout for anything with J. Michael Straczynski's name attached... I'll avoid it like the plague :(

    My DVDs now for sale... anyone?
  • Not much of a plot and is very very confusing.

    Well I'm sorry I thought this show was stupid. Thats just my personal opinion Im just glad that some people like it. Again this is just my personal opinion I didn\'t think this show had much of a point, and lost my intrest and got me confuesed. Once again this is just my opinion
  • Like a Star Trek show from a Wal-Mart store.

    This show have a good premise, but it just doesn't have that same flare that can be found from a Star Trek show or any other space shows like Battlestar Galactica or Stargate SG-1. This show is a hit show, no doubt about it. I'm just not so interested in the show, because it's so weird. It could have been a good show, the effects are eye poppy, I feel the way the stories are told make this show like a DS9 clone. They could have made this show a lot better, this one just didn't cut it. I don't like it.
  • B5 ended after 3.5 seasons then limped to a second ending after another 1.5 seasons!

    B5 took a whole season to get to the point of the show. Then after another season and a half it ended. Well it should have. But for some reason it started up again and pointlessly limped along for another one and a half seasons to a pathetic conclusion. B5 had too many filler episodes and not enough meat on the arc episodes. It had poor scripts and wooden acting. I dont know why I bothered to watch every episode as it was very tedious. Star Trek was so much better.
  • never could get into it

    i do not want to bash this show. i could just never get into it. it had great special effects and i know it was very popular, but i always felt it was written for someone much more intelligent than me. i guess if i had a chance to catch it from the beginning i might think more of it.
  • Hmmmphhh... more space scifi, and this one doesn't even do anything great.

    This has to be one of the least liked shows on my favorites list. I don't exactly hate it, but I like it the least of them all, you follow me? I stopped watching this right after the first few episodes of the first season... some people have told me repeatedly that the show gets better after that, but to be honest I cant sit through Babylon 5 for that long just to enjoy something mediocre. The acting, right from the start, of the aliens and the humans was so "similar" and over the top that you'd thing the same hyperactive guy was playing them all. They could've done a whole lot better.
  • One of the greatest sci-fi TV series of all time

    The epic multi-layered story of Babylon 5 takes place over the 5 year run of the series. The cast is superb, the writing is generally excellent, and the sense of place is perfect. Sci-fi grew up with "Babylon 5" and it stands a giant above all that went before. There is much more to the whole alien aspect. Never before had I seen something like this. Each episode got more complicated and thrilling by the minute. Almost every episode ended with a twist for things getting worse. The acting on the series is also outstanding. Watching Andreas Katsulas as G'kar and Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari, work, is sheer joy.
  • Grand space opera.

    To me Babylon 5 is a multi-faceted series that leaves me with mixed emotions from the first time I've watched the pilot up to the final series denouement.

    Now first the redeeming qualities: The production value of this show is adequate which makes heavy use of CGI generated outer-space scenes with 3D modeled spacecraft versus traditional models and miniatures. With most of the effects work done on relatively low-cost workstations at Foundation Imaging and later inhouse by Netter Digital Imaging, run by Douglas Netter one of the show's producers, there is an obvious attention to detail. The 3D generated models take full advantage of breathtaking lighting effects, expertly done integration into space battles and exterior shots of the Babylon 5 station. The only weak point is the sometimes poor keying of live action with CGI during the first few seasons, but subsequently improved in latter seasons, probably thanks to the acquisition of Flint workstations by Netter. Otherwise their team of animators have obviously done well, earning the show an Emmy award for Special Visual Effects for the pilot movie "The Gathering". Another great accomplishment is the makeup by Optic Nerve Studios in Los Angeles which has a long list of well known shows and movies to its credit as makeup prosthetics, props, animatronics and effects designers which has helped the show win another Emmy award for Makeup for the episode "The Parliament of Dreams".

    Set production is mixed, with adequate construction of station backdrops and props. Budget constraints are obvious in other sets. For example the excessive use of drapes to cover up the walls of the Centauri imperial chamber denotes scenes whose preparation seemed rushed into production. You just don't get a sense of the elaborate flourish and gawdy detail you would expect from the seat of the Centauri Empire and the white drape-covered walls has persisted in being the standard look for the throne room throughout the series. However there is never too much of a sense of cheapness in the sets and shouldn't really detract from the experience. It is overall quite acceptable.

    Costume designs achieve their task of conveying the individual styles of the races and for the most part are rather well done.

    The music score is to say the least, interesting. Much as the special effects, the music is almost completely synthesized and despite this it does well to convey the symphonic grandeur of the themes and the incidental emotions of the moment. I wasn't expecting John Willliams, but I was far from disappointed from the result of Chris Franke's efforts, even if I do think he has sort of a thumb cymbal fetish.

    I have some problems with sound editing. Very often you find scenes on the station where there would be a crowd, and all you hear are the actors talking and the shuffling of feet from people walking on set. Background noises of people talking and arguing, rattling of equipment and goods being carried, public vidcoms and music, the humming of power generators or other machinery, all of that is completely forgotten. You would expect at least the Zocalo to be noisy, but it's not.

    The other thing that bugs me is lighting in the first two seasons: everything was generally too bright and spotlights were used too often for effect.

    As one would expect, the episodic stories range from mildly entertaining to exceptional. Where Babylon 5 shines is the longer story arc of an epic tale of interstellar wars, political scheming and grandiose revelations of ancient races whose battles millenias past still have dramatic repercussions on the newer races who have to unite in order to fight for their survival. This story arc which starts as soon as the first few hints of one of these ancient races, the Shadows, appear well into the first season is what helps get the viewer hooked into the series and continue on until the end of the fifth season, as I did.

    The premise for the show is a bit weak in my opinion. The idea of the human race expending a huge amount of resources in building up to five space stations whose goal is "to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully", after the first four were lost or destroyed, seems way up there on the contrivance scale. Without getting too technical into why it would be more feasable to create a planetary base versus two-million five-hundred-thousand tons of metal spinning in space in the middle of nowhere (multiplied by five) and the staggering logistics involved, I am still willing to believe in it since this is after all, science-fiction. And there no doubt would be plenty of nerdy technical justifications discussed on internet forums as to why a space station would be more worthwhile an endeavour than finding some moon or planet to build a base on. It seems that, in this future, building ships incapable of atmospheric flight is all the rage.

    And then... there's the acting. Some of it is great and some of it is absolutely atrocious. Quite often I had to wince at some of the pathetic performances of the regular cast and some guest appearances. I admit to having been surprised when I heard that Martin Sheen would make an appearance as a Soul Hunter in the made for TV Babylon 5 movie "The River of Souls" but wasn't all that impressed with the role he was given which I consider a horrible waste of the man's talent. What really gets to me is the uneven performances of Jerry Doyle (Michael Garibaldi) and Claudia Christian (Susan Ivanova) which varied from appalling line delivery which seemed like artificial recitations, to some rare and almost believable poignant and emotional scenes. In all fairness, it took a bit of time for them to grow into their roles and put a bit more emotion and believability into their lines. I have to say that I was never particularly fond of the performance by Michael O'Hare (Jeffrey Sinclair) and had some serious doubts at first about a show that has Bruce Boxleitner (John Sheridan) as its main character even though he didn't turn out as bad as I had expected. On this front, what really saves the day are the stellar performances of Peter Jurasik (Londo Mollari) and the late Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar). Those two really made the series go up a few notches in my esteem and I always enjoyed watching them.

    To summarize, Babylon 5 is an enjoyable science-fiction series with good writing, decent character development and special effects with fair acting overall. I will always enjoy re-watching this show and let myself slip into some otherworldly escapism when time permits.
  • I wanted it - wished it - to be monumental. But mostly it was wishful thinking and hot air.

    Despite my fanboy wish for Straczinsky to deliver a monumental masterpiece, Babylon 5 will in my mind mostly be remembered for some bad choices in casting, some worse choices in dialogue and scenes which make you wail.
    First, the good: Straczinsky was one of the few people (ever?) on television to envision 5 seasons and execute no more and no less. That means the script could remain tight and stories unblemished. The basic premise was monumental indeed - galactic wars, the change of the galactic guard, the alliance... All this is truly deserving of a very high place in the pantheon of SF. And filler episodes, most often despised, were right on the money, sometimes even excellent; and when the main story kicked in the high gear - I got goosebumps. It was a satisfying 5-season movie which logically ran to its conclusion. So what was the problem, you ask? To begin with, the main cast. I thought O'Hare (Sinclair) was bland until Boxleitner's (Sheridan) 'spunk' came along - then I wished O'Hare was back. Doyle (Garibaldi) didn't really get into his character until he shaved his head (strangely enough), while Christian (Ivanova) was simply miscast as a tough Russian. Yeah, right. And then there was Furlan (Delenn). Oh my. Let me say first that I'm Croatian (former Yugoslavia) and have watched this incredible actress kick the hell out of difficult character roles like very few actresses in the world could. In Babylon 5, and I say this with no exaggeration, there was hardly a scene where my inner voice wasn't shreaking "STOP OVERACTING"!!! It was uncanny how she managed to do that for 5 complete seasons. This was overshadowed only by worse acting when Sheridan and Delenn had joint happy scenes. My God. The first couple of seasons supporting actors shone and for me, it saved the show: first Katsulas (G'Kar) and Jurasik (Londo), then Furst (Koto), Mumy (Lenier), Conaway (Allan) and Carter (Marcus). In fact, character-wise, the greatest stories on B5 werte those of Lando's rise and fall and G'Kar's transformation from a warrior to a space Homer/Buddha-like character.
    I will admit it must have been difficult to get the tension/emotion in SF settings, but BSG does it with ease in so many ways, while B5 resorted to few cliches which kept on repeating. For example, try counting the number of times anyone leaving the room would ever leave it cleanly. Not a chance. There was always a turn before leaving, right on cue. In fact, the best name for it would be "SF emotions for dummies". As all TV shows, this one too suffers from "overhumanizing" the galaxy, like no matter how bad we are, we still end up being far superior to just about every darn race that ever existed - from the first being in the universe to the present day. Hogwash, but I guess we'll always have to live with it.
    The thing it does well is juggle alien races and goals. For example, the Vorlons and the Shadows both bring to the table valid points of expanding and weeding out the universe - even though they start out as plain "good and evil". The same can be said for Centari-Narn and, in the end, humans-Membari. Still, I would REALLY like someone envisioning that some races might just have an edge over the human spirit. This ego trip must end some day -I hope.
    So, in the end, a good, valiant try of a well-rounded, capital story with wobbly execution. Rest in peace, you deserved it B5!
  • Some stunning CGI in this SciFi space opera - set the pace for graphics in other shows which came after.

    Complicated plots and long-running threads - classic TV SciFi! Villains who turn out to have some heart, heroes who are not always heroic, exotic clothes, hairstyles and accents. The UN (united planets?) in outer space but with more power, physical and psychic. Grand themes of time and space travelling, galactic betrayal and redemption, mass destruction and rebuilding. These themes were wrapped around numerous sub-plots reflecting hopes and fears of diverse human and alien individuals. Mostly humanoid types up against some non-human and often hostile intelligences. The Babylon space station was the focus of much of the action and dialogue, but with episodes often set elsewhere. Very imaginative and habit-forming like all the best TV programmes.
  • great scifi show

    "Babylon 5" is a tale of war and diplomacy, love and hate, fate and personal responsibility, and the two sides of prejudice.
    my favourite characters were Captain Sheridan, Michael Garibaldi, Susan Ivanova, Delenn, G'Kar, Londo, Lennier and Vir Cotto.
    I watched a babylon 5 made for tv movie and i wanted to find out more about the characters ans i was hooked.
    The whole of the cast is absolutely perfect. Captain Sheridan is possibly the best Captain of all the Sci-Fi series I have seen. He has the personality and presence that really mark the show. Marcus Cole, Londo Molari, Vir Cotto, G’kar, Garibaldi, Commander Susan Ivanova, are all unforgettable.
  • Yes.. it's geeky as hell.. get past that and you will find gold!

    Great series with a rich plot full of twist and turns, with interesting, bizarre and wonderful characters!
  • A good show in the post-Star Trek era.

    While 'Babylon 5' had a lot in common with some of its science fiction predecessors, it also struck out in a new way into the realm of 'human' characterizations. I say that because the writing was so good, you felt as if you knew these people--even when they were aliens, not people-- and you might act the same way, given the circumstances. The show wasn't as dense as 'Stargate' and not as smarmy as 'Red Dwarf.' It was down the middle, just right. If you had missed an episode or two, you weren't necessarily lost at sea, as you might have been with some other ensemble cast dramas.

    This show is widely available in reruns and on DVD. Give it a try-- you'll find it has the pull of a good novel.
  • Very decent Sci-fi series with good special effects.

    Babylon 5 was a very interesting concept that ended up being a decent Sci-fi shows that introduces very interesting computer generated effects.
    Babylon 5 was planned to be developed during five seasons. For surprise in today’s television, it did make it to season 5, although in the last two/three season there were problems with decaying audience levels. Nevertheless, the authors of the show had an opportunity to tell the show in much the way they originally planned.
    This show was a very interesting sci-fi show, with a storyline that actually had start, middle and end point to it. They were able to deliver the show this story with reasonable acting (although I would call it exceptional), but most of all great sets and very interesting computer generated graphics all the Babylon space scenes and several of the indoors as well.
    All and all, Babylon 5 was a good sci-fi show, which is/was worth seeing.
  • One of the Best Sci-Fi Shows Ever!

    An excellent series, Babylon 5 introduced excellent characters, effects, and stories that wove together in a wonderful story arc. The various races were unique, their technology was varied and quite "alien", and the intrigue and politicking was very engaging.

    If I had a complaint about the show, it's the very poor 5th season. After the exodus of the major opponent at the end of Season 4, the show returned suddenly adrift (as well as without one of the show's most beloved characters, replacing her with another character that was 2-dimensional and bland). Season 1 was them getting their feet wet. Seasons 2-4 were wondrous and amazing. Season 5 was drek.
  • I liked the show in fact i have all series and movies in DVD, the scripts were very good The carathers were awsome and played by te cast but it lacked coenrecy in special efects specially in the space battles to much digital and less real.

    I liked the show in fact i have all series and movies in DVD, the scripts were very good The carathers were awsome and played by te cast but it lacked coenrecy in special efects specially in the space battles to much digital and less real.
    Everything went well until the shadow wars terminated after that it become a little bit boring it lost interested because it didn´t had the major purpose that before the shadow wars, the carathers suffered to many changes like Mollari becaming an emperor and so on. In the end it became a personal favorite
  • Babylon 5 is a space station - a hub of activity for politics, diplomacy and intrigue. And of course, there are lots of aliens... always makes for a good show

    There are so few sci-fi shows that have the guts to stand by an epic principle. This show was an arc, with several sub-stories and strands, but ultimatly a one arc show - and proud of it.

    The first four years of this show were on a well laid and well thought out plan. Battles of good and evil were fought out, there was romance, transformation, betrayal, desperation and hope!

    The first four seasons were wonderful - tied up in a detaiiled arc that encompassed all manner of good and evil. There were all the classic elements of sci fi, time travel, dimension hopping, and of course, politics. More than that, the finale of season four remains one of the most moving tv hours I've ever seen...

    The fifth was a bit weaker - tied up loose ends, but without it's leads, it felt like the lone gunmen...
  • i enjoyed this show...

    the first i don't know few seasons i loved i couldn't get enough of it...great writing, storyline had me hooked, but the network in my area kept moving it around so after the first few seasons i got lost, i couldn't catch up but before that i thought it was a really great and awesome show, we talked about it at work, it was really a great show, im not even sure how it ended but tracey scroggins? really? well, i just don't see her in this type of show, but that's just my humble opinion, thanks for the memories babylon 5 the first seasons anyway....
  • A show that even appeals to the not so die hard sci-fi fan.

    The overall story is one that could be told in any time and in any style. An ultamite struggle between good and evil, with the influential people caught inbetween. A show more about people, society, and ideals than about science, mindless violence, or special effects. A show that could have been made thirty years ago, or even ten or fifteen years from now.
  • A must see! Seriously! It is!

    To be quite honest - this is a must see show.

    It has everything and I do mean everything.

    - The characters changes from good to bad and vice versa.

    - The plot never rests and keeps you going - cause you want to see the end.

    - Nothing seems to be what you are lured into believe.

    - Wide variety of stories, aliens, worlds.

    - It's exciting, thrilling, cliffhanging all in one.

    Minus is some of the effects and some of the aliens - they are not that great created and seems to be created on an Amiga 500.

    But if you can see past that, I guarantee you a travel through space and time, you only see in very few shows.
  • Not like anything you've seen before.. or since for that matter.

    This series was unique.. and still is. The ONLY television series written like a novel with a beginning a middle and an END. Planned with a 5 year story arc right from the beginning. I watched every episode live when it came out and haven't watched it for almost 15 years now, but I STILL remember it. You won't be disappointed. It is NOT one of those series that ropes you in.. and never they seem to like doing these days...leaving story lines unresolved.. until the show gets canceled. If you watch Babylon 5, when you're done you will have that same feeling you get when you turn the last page of the last chapter of a fantastically written novel.. that feeling you get when you close the book and think.. aahh.. now THAT's how things should be done! That's B5.
  • Babylon 5 (Series 1 to 4) is a fantastic story with really good space combat. If you can just get past the terrible sets (especially in first season) you will find a deep plot thats really good

    Series 1 to 4 of Babylon 5 were fantastic, It was obvious that he had writen the base story for these series before he created it. Series 5 and the spin off shows were bad but this was becuase J. Michael Straczynski didnt take the time to write it like he did with the first 4 series and IMO rushed it.

    But the first 4 series were great one of the things that attracted me to this over Star Trek was the fact The Human race was one of the worse races and not the all wonderful, self righteous federation. Also their space combat was way better than anything in Star Trek till 1/2 way through DS-9.

    Even when babylon 5 did those BS episodes every sci-fi does that doesn\'t involve the main plot they would still find time to have something plot related in the episode even if you don\'t realise its related until series later.

    Plus they have ships called Planet Killers! Kick ass!

  • It Had A Slow Start

    When this series started, it debuted with the start of Star Trek Deep Space Nine; same time frame and same Mid-Season Replacement. But that wasn’t all. As both shows progressed I started to see similarities that made me think that there were going to be issues, especially about stories and plotlines. I was pleasantly mistaken.

    As Babylon 5 progressed, I saw the series starting to drag down. It became much like DS9, a Sci-Fi version of the series Hotel. It dragged, it was tedious and the stories had little to do with their “future-space environment”. But half way into season two, after what I believe to be the longest introduction of a series character I have ever seen, things began to pickup and never stopped.

    Babylon 5 is great sci-fi, no question. The series itself was good and entertaining. The sequels were a bit more…well…they weren’t well done. Even Jerry Doyle states that the series was better left where it was at series end. But most fans tend to disagree. I for one, remain mixed. It’s still a good watch.

    This series is available on DVD, but is very high priced.
  • A show with a fantastic story that suffers from occasionally below-average writing and acting.

    I didn't give Babylon 5 (B5) a chance when it first came out. I watched the pilot, thought it was goofy-looking, and didn't watch it again for years. Honestly, though, the real problem was that it wasn't Star Trek. And the first episode was the worst one. When TNT started showing it a few years back, I was able to watch all of them in order in just a few months. Man, what a show.

    Here's the beauty of B5: the story. If you've heard anything about this show, then you've heard that the creator, J. Michael Stracynzski (JMS), had a five-year story arc. What's interesting about that is that he planned it out before he ever wrote one epsiode. What this enables you to do as a writer is set things up way in advance, insert comments, and do boatloads of foreshadowing, which makes for great repeat viewings.

    Comparing B5 to, say, Star Trek isn't even fair. Star Trek is episodic and (like most TV) unplanned. They started with a concept and riffed on that to make shows. Sometimes Star Trek couldn't even make a convincing two-part story arc (Picard as Borg, anyone?). B5 had a 110-episode story arc. If I were to give B5 a 9, Star Trek would get about a 4. [As a sidebar, this is also the problem with at least the first three seasons of 24 (I didn't watch the fourth one). Nobody was home at the controls. It was obvious that they only wrote a few episodes in advance, which really hamstrung the plot.]

    This isn't to say that there are no problems with B5. In fact, if it weren't for the incredibly strong story, I would probably only give this show a 6 or 7. The acting, especially early on, can be pretty bad. The writing can be stiff and corny at times. The production suffered from a vastly smaller budget than that lavished on other shows. The threat of cancellation at the end of season four forced JMS to fast-forward his arc a little bit, which left season five with not enough to do.

    But in the end, none of that matters. The story grabs you and propels you forward. There are so many moments of awe and excitement as the various threads that JMS weaves come together. In essence, it's like somebody onstage juggling ten balls for five years (he wrote almost all of the episodes for seasons three through five). Yeah, he drops a couple every once in awhile, but when it's clicking, it's great.
  • This is a great show that I would have given a 10 if it wasn't for the last season. The show went down hill after the Shadow War was over.

    If you watch the episodes a couple of times you will notice more and more things. The first couple of times I was too captivated to notice the characters nuonces.

    I remember that I had to tape the show since I had to work. Later that night watching Delen come out of the warphole to defend B5 was one of the greatest moments of the show.

    Many of the emotions that you feel when watching B5 is exactly what the creators wanted you to feel as you watched.

    This show to me ranks right up their with Star Trek. It may not have as many episodes, but in the ones that it did have were outstanding(Not counting the last season).
  • A classic space-opera that had romance, adventure, and morals. Aliens, space ships, and war...what more could you ask for? Follow the lives of humans and aliens as they try to live in peace together on a space station.

    B5 was ahead of its' time. A definite story-line that stayed true to itself. The characters were multi-layered and you became engrossed in their lives as they played out week-to-week. Watching as the Mimbari proved to be the humans best allies and the Centauri prove to be traitors, the human government become corrupt and then purge itself, and the Narn become a model for endurance--there was a race or character that everyone could see a part of themselves. For all the political and social overtones, the show was basically a love for mankind, space, and between Delen and Sheridan.
  • One of the most imaginative sci fi shows around

    Babylon 5 was a ground breaker of a sci fi show. And you knew exactly where you stood with it. From the start you knew it would only be on for 5 seasons. So you knew there would be a beginning a middle and an end. It was always going to be fresh because of this. It didn't outlast it's welcome on tv and you knew it was never going to be one of those shows that after so many seasons on tv, would be desperately searching for new ideas. If only more tv shows would be bold enough to have a plan like this!

  • One of the greats!

    It seems that every so often a show comes along that can change everything about it and still remain a hugely popular show; Babylon 5 is the contender for all time most perfect example of this. Not only did we watch as Capt Sherridian left after one season, but new faces kept springing up and sometimes taking quite a detour to explain their presence. Meanwhile, the Plot although generally straight forward must take time to develop 5 major Races of alien, which each has their own culture and history to convey. What turns out in the finished product is a masterpiece of Television history.
    Babylon 5 is one of the all time greats and makes for an excellent escape into an alternate universe.
  • One of the best sci-fi/fantasy experiences I have ever had.

    When you look at Babylon 5 you might not be impressed at first. First season starts very shaky , characters are not over charismatic , sets and CGI are very low quality at first. But.... Even with these first mediocre episodes you can recognize a few facts if you look past beyond these negative points. First this is a series which was throught over about its universe , characters and stories with various details. The characters are not over heroic , undeveloped or always same type personalities. The acting performance is worth praise. In middle of of Season 1 you realize some clues that points out Babylon 5 is different from other most sci-fi series. Its strongest point ( pre-planned storyline arc ) began to give itself away with in some aspects. Most of the episodes have a meaning and contribution to greater storyline althrough some of them are stand alones so you don't realize that at first. There are results of the decisions or acts which were taken...And they have to live with that. I loved this approach. Towards to ending of Season 1 you realize it is worth watching to the end despite some of its weak aspects. Season 2 is a vast improvement and something else entirely. You realize that Season 1 was just an introduction ( a very necessary one I might add , it should be watched to understand whole concept ). In Season 2 at various ways , from CGI effects to leading actor , lots of things change and in a good ways. From ending of Season 1 to finale of series main storyline ( which was written by Joe Michael Straczysky magnificently long time ago ) picks you up and never let you go. Season 3 and Season 4 are just amazing. I don't think I can describe them. They should be watched. Both seasons bring a whole new dimension to sci-fi concepts. Season 5 itself , whole season is a huge finale. While first 10-12 episodes are a huge letdown ( except maybe first two ) the rest of season brings the magnificent Babylon 5 story back. After that I should mention about Babylon 5 TV movies. Althrough some of them are quite good ( like "In the Beginning" , "Thirdspace" , "A Call to Arms"-that one is pilot of short lived "Crusade" spin off series ) and tied to whole Babylon 5 storyline excellently unfortunetly there are also some quite mediocre or meaningless movies also ( "Gathering" , "River of Souls" , "Legend of Rangers" ) To summrize of all if you like creative , throught provoking sci-fi which has a huge five year storyline ( a novel concept indeed ) you should watch Babylon 5 immediately. I have all of it proudly at top of my sci-fi list with "Farscape"
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