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  • The DVD's have made this show more accessible, and it's well worth watching. The drama of this show will compensate for those who are wary of sci-fi.

    Although this show is traditionally thought of as a sci-fi show, I believe that the writing is so good that people who normally find this sort of fiction to be over-the-top would be drawn into the intense drama that the writing of this show provides -- written mostly by Joe Michael Straczynski (jms), however there are some notable exceptions.

    Make no mistake, this is a character driven show, not a techno-babble driven show. Things don't happen merely because the ingenuity of the objects present demand it, but because the characters are making the events happen.

    Rarely have I seen a television show that can generate such a range of emotions in the viewer. I must say that the music is probably some of the best music made for a television show ever, in that the mood set is always just on the mark (music by Christopher Franke).

    Now to be fair, some people probably rate this show a bit lower than a 10 because of the last season. Although I admit that season 5 is not as good as the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons (which are the best), it is not really the fault of the writer. There was a good chance that the show was going to be cancelled at the end of season 4, and it was only renewed at the last minute. So season 5 was flung together, with most of the source material used up in season 4. For that reason, I do not detract from the rating of the core of the show (seasons 2-4).

    Likewise, season 1, is viewed by many to be a bit slower than seasons 2,3, & 4. But so many TV shows are finding their feet in season 1, I tend not to let that detract from my rating either.

    What can you expect sitting down to watch this show for the first time? An amazing story whose continuity is simply amazing, stories of characters who change deeply throughout the seasons, and visually stunning effects that hold up today, especially amazing given the budget and time when this show was made.

    The character acting in this show is simply unparalleled in television. I don't know how jms managed to get so many fine actors at one time in one show. But you will notice how good they are once they really get rolling in their parts.

    This show is simply a piece of artwork, and is well worth experiencing - especially given this age of "NetFlix".

    I would not be surprised if a resurfacing of this show happens some decade in the future, as I think it's popularity will continue to grow over time.
  • Art with a capital A

    Few US television shows have ever come close to the quality of "Babylon 5", and those that have were anthology shows, such as "The Twilight Zone". Brilliantly written and brilliantly acted, thrilling, sometimes broadly comic, and at the same time capable of impressing the eighty-something retired organist at my church as "the most moral show on television" -- this despite the fact that the creator, J. Michael Straczynski, who also wrote over 90% of the episodes, is a self-avowed atheist.

    The entire effect is completely unlike anything you have ever seen, except, perhaps, "Der Ring des Nibelungen" (and the score to "Babylon 5" often feels like Wagner reconceived for the 20th century), because the outline of the plot for the entire five years of the series was written before the pilot was shot -- which means that the entire series must be watched at least twice. You'll be amazed how often a clue is left out in plain sight, years before the payoff.

    The entire cast is good, but the three main aliens are stunning: Peter Jurasik as "Londo Mollari" and Andreas Katsulas as "G'Kar" execute a formal tragedy, a decades-long dance of death (not without comic moments); Mira Furlan as "Delenn" has one of the most spectacular roles ever written for an actress in any medium; we see her as a shy young political intern, a freshman politician, a vengeful warrior queen, a diplomat, a kingmaker, a flirt, a wife, a mother, and a crone.

    "Babylon 5" is a tale of war and diplomacy, love and hate, fate and personal responsibility, and the two sides of prejudice.

    And if you give me $1,000,000 and the cast of "Babylon 5", I'll give you a Shakespeare Festival.
  • Perhaps one of the single greatest spacefearing shows of all time. Superb graphics, perfect casting, great storyarc with a good plotlines each episode. A true must for all Sci-Fi fans.

    I originally watched this show as it came out, and loved it at the time. But I could never fully enjoy it having not seen all the episodes.

    Once the DVDs came out, I bought all 5 seasons, and the movies. I must say watching the whole series in order gives it a spectacular feel that is unparalleled in the world of non-Trek Sci-Fi. The whole of the show is worth watching, but I recommend watching the Prequel movie first: "In the Beginning" it really gives a great look into the workings of the characters, especially Delenn and Sinclair.

    The whole of the cast seems absolutely perfect. There is not a single casting choice I would question. In particular, Captain Sheridan is possibly the best Captain of all the Sci-Fi serieses I have seen. He has the personality and presence that really mark the show. Marcus Cole, Londo Molari, Vir Cotto, G’kar, Garibaldi, Commander Susan Ivanova, are all unforgettable, and I defy you to forget the Vorlons. Morden makes a fantastic evil character, working for the Shadows, his performance is unbelievable. All the alien races fit beautifully into the world of Bab 5. The Minbari, Centauri, Narn, Vorlon... and all the others. They are probably the most recognizable SciFi species outside of Trek, and for good reason, they are all memorable and unique, probably more so than all the Trek Races.

    I don't really want to spoil any storyline for those who haven't seen the series, but the whole of the story, especially the season-long story arcs are great. The first few seasons most notably are fantastic in regards to their story line, with Season 5 being somewhat less spectacular. The Shadows in particular, are a favorite of mine, and that war has some stunning graphics, way ahead of the 1995 baseline. The ships are all beautiful and I would love to pilot a Whitestar. Given the weaponry and the space battles, Bab 5 probably has more pound for pound beauty than other shows in the genre.

    Of course once again, the fate of the universe lies in the ability of humanity to pull together the races of the galaxy.

    This was J. Michael Straczynski's biggest and best work. The writing in this show, mostly due to JMS was a true literary work.

    I think given the chance, Babylon 5 will fit firmly in your heart as a staple of the genre.
  • Best SciFi series EVER!

    I grew up a trekie, and I can't believe how well written this story is. I love the way they tie in things from previous episodes. The special effects were great. The characters were well written. The whole 5 season story had a beginning and an end. The only series I own on DVD.
  • Babylon 5 is beyond cutting edge!!!

    Face the facts: Babylon 5 has set a level that other shows are struggling to meet.

    a lot of the c.g.i. now common in a lot of shows was first done one Babylon 5. what is commonplace now was invented and master by the crew on Babylon 5. look at the special effects of ST: Next Generation vs. the effects of Babylon 5. Next Generation was still using models. Babylon 5 was the first show to seamlessly blend live action with computer animation.

    but the special effects is just a minor point of Babylon 5. the true strength of this show was the writing. to truely enjoy and feel the magnitude of Babylon, you have to start to watch it from the beginning. elements introduced in the first episode is carried on and developed through out the entire series. Babylon 5 blew away the episodic story-telling of Star Trek and modernized story-arc story-telling. with collected boxed sets, it is now easy to watch Babylon 5 in it's true glory.

    it may have been years since Babylon 5 has been on the air but it's still cutting edge and way ahead of the time.
  • Babylon 5 a great science fiction show that had great storylines, interesting characters and was hardly ever boring. I enjoyed watching it.

    What can I say about Babylon 5?

    After watching the first season I was hooked, each season seemed to get better and better. Although Commander Sinclair, a great character left after season one Captain Sheridan, who came in at the beginning of season 2 was good too.

    The relationship between Ambassador G'Kar (Narn Ambassador) and Ambassador Londo Mollari (Centauri Republic Ambassador) waa great to watch over the five years of the show.

    The Shadow War was one of the best story arcs in the show, it was exciting and once the actual fighting was over with; the only thing left to do was clean up the mess afterwards. This included going to Earth and put President Clark under arrest, as he had collaborated with the Shadows and had turned earth literally into a police state. Also the shadows allies the Drakh had to be dealt with, we slowly learn of their plans and what they involve as we go beyond the shadow war.

    Also another great point in the series is where Sheridan has to declare independence from Earth; due to the orders of President Clark and his regime back on Earth. We see the difficulties of this move and having to find funding to keep the station running, from other legitimate sources.

    The Telepath war was also another interesting point in the series, and the relationship Lyta Alexander with Byron and his group of rogue telepaths. The Psi Corps and espcecially Psi Cop Bester are always interesting villains to see; their conflict with Lyta, Byron and the rogue telepaths was also another good point in the series.

    The characters were all interesting including Captain Sheridan, Michael Garibaldi, Susan Ivanova, Delenn, G'Kar, Londo, Lennier and Vir Cotto. I enjoyed learning more about the Mimbari, Narn and Centauri as the series continued.

    The series had an exciting final year that did not disappoint, in the final episode it was great to see an appearance of one of my favourite characters Ivanova. It was great to see the story of sheridan and his crew told to completion. I look back on the five years of babylon 5 and it will remain one of my favourite science fiction series.

  • top-drawer storytelling

    In olden days, storytellers were the great entertainers. The telling of a story -- giving enough detail to make the audience feel they were *there* when the events told were happening; spinning the tale out over time, seeing characters come and go, great deeds done, good triumphant, evil overcome -- these were "sagas". Joe S. came up with such a tale, where characters transform, good and evil are overcome; a story that took years to tell, and was told in years. (The wonder of it, really, is that the various powers that be in TV let him tell it.)

    Anyway, this is storytelling at its best, alternatively tragic, comedic, and heroic. Every major character (and some minor ones too) evolves, in measured, believable ways (even the changing of the central character after season one is handled and used to excellent effect.) The actors are thoroughly believable, the music grand, the special effects groundbreaking.

    This is not just a great science-fiction show, it is a great story well told. It may take some time to grab you, but give it a try -- you'll be well rewarded.
  • Great writing, believable characters, humor...all the ingredients for a classic tv show

    Babylon 5 is the best written, most believable, most wonderful, brightest, most perfect science fiction show ever. The fact that J. Michael Straczynski wrote a majority of the episodes himself, just makes it all the more perfect. This is a prime example of what can happen when a creator has the freedom to show his vision without interference. I've heard all the arguments of the detractors, and none of them are convincing. If Babylon 5 isn't the best sci-fi series ever, I don't know what is....just please don't say it's Star Trek.....which pales in comparison to the classy, edgier universe of Babylon 5!
  • I liked the show in fact i have all series and movies in DVD, the scripts were very good The carathers were awsome and played by te cast but it lacked coenrecy in special efects specially in the space battles to much digital and less real.

    I liked the show in fact i have all series and movies in DVD, the scripts were very good The carathers were awsome and played by te cast but it lacked coenrecy in special efects specially in the space battles to much digital and less real.
    Everything went well until the shadow wars terminated after that it become a little bit boring it lost interested because it didn´t had the major purpose that before the shadow wars, the carathers suffered to many changes like Mollari becaming an emperor and so on. In the end it became a personal favorite
  • It was the dawn of a new age for television

    Babylon 5 introduced the novel idea for a televised novel. MJS’s radical idea of having a television show that had a defined start, middle, and end point was incredible, and it worked really well, despite some changes that always come with any sort of production, such as the leaving of Sinclair at the end of the first season.

    Either way, Babylon 5 remains one of my favourite science fiction shows. First I have to comment on the graphics, namely the computer graphics! Babylon 5 was one of the first shows to have such cutting edge special effects. These CG items were of course the ships. These, next to the Enterprise or Imperial Star Destroyers are some of the best ships in the sci-fi universe. From the lumbering Earth Force Omega class destroyers or the massive behemoths of Minbari Cruisers. And of course who can forget the x-wing clones of the starfurries or the image of pure evil the shadow attack ‘spiders.’

    Of course next to the ships was the music, it is one of the better television sound tracks out there, and some of more noticeable theme songs (next to Doctor Who of course). The music indeed was one of the more noticeable parts to the show. I have several episode sound tracks on my playlist at home, and can easily visualize the action going on as I listen, such episodes as ‘Messages from Earth’ or ‘Severed Dreams.’

    Now, the thing that tied everything together, the story telling! Babylon 5 is probably one of the most well written television series out there, probably because of the five year plan, the setup, the massive climax, and then the bringing it all back down. MJS did an excellent job here, well developed characters, twists, turns, actions.

    Now I came late to Babylon 5, and I watched it, and taped when I was going to miss an episode when Space: the Imagination Station showed it. However that ended very quickly, and I not having seen all the episodes (Something I’ve done with Star Trek, all five live action series). So needless to say I was excited when they started coming out on DVD. Babylon 5 remains one of my personal favourite television shows, and I troll the stations everyday looking for it to come back to Canada.
  • Completely original.

    The only thing it copied from any previous show was that it was set in outer space. After that it was all original. The sets and special effects set the bar for all sci-fi and other shows with special effects that came after. And, to know that the story was "going somewhere" was also unique. To know that there was a beginning and an end to the show and that the creator already knew what the end was and was just leading us to it was, I think, one of the things that kept us coming back. The cast was as unique as the characters they were playing.
  • Of all the sci-fi shows that have ever been created this would be the second most believable next to Stargate SG-1. The show has excellent stories, characters, and special effects that come together to make one great television show.

    The pilot episode of Babylon 5 and the entire first season struggled to find its place and its style. But by the time the second season rolled around the show was more confident and that payed off by the stories being better and an overall improvement in show quality. What made this show so much better than many other sci-fi shows was the realism in the show. It benefited from these being things that didn't seem far fetched. The galaxy was just as happy as can be that we often saw in Star Trek. Each race generally acted in their self interest and would attempt to screw over the others for personal gain. By the time the Shadow War rolled around the show was at its peak. The special effects and acting made the show nearly impossible to turn off. And the show capitalized on the energy of the Shadow War plot and ran with it and created the Earth Civil War which tried all the characters and served to develop them in new and interesting ways. By the time the show entered its fifth season the show was on the decline and it showed it, the infusion of the "federation" like organization killed all interesting stories. But the show did end on a high note and tied all the stories together very well.
  • One of the most imaginative sci fi shows around

    Babylon 5 was a ground breaker of a sci fi show. And you knew exactly where you stood with it. From the start you knew it would only be on for 5 seasons. So you knew there would be a beginning a middle and an end. It was always going to be fresh because of this. It didn't outlast it's welcome on tv and you knew it was never going to be one of those shows that after so many seasons on tv, would be desperately searching for new ideas. If only more tv shows would be bold enough to have a plan like this!

  • Quite possibly the best SCI-FI to come out of any production house in recent history.

    Quite possibly the best SCI-FI to come out of any production house in recent history. A single creative mind developed a single, nearly continuous story to span several years, and thus created TV SCI-FI history. From it is ground breaking CGI to it is focus on characters and their inter-relationships - it is truly cutting edge TV. I’ve been a SCI-FI fan dating back to the original Star Trek of 1960s, and Babylon 5 stands out, there have been many imitators and duplicators, but none stand up. This show will go down in TV history and stand the test of time.
  • A Ground Breaking Series in The World of Sci-Fi.

    This Series shows from the start showed us a world that has the highest chance of happening in the future.

    The Idea of a United Nastions of Different worlds is spell binding in on its own.

    The action, graphics, charaters, and story lines are just outstanding.

    This show was by far one of the bests Sci-Fi shows I have never even seen!
  • best sf show to ever grace tv

    Words can't describe the excellence that was B5. The creators have made in my opinion the first novel for tv. As a sf reader myself I can attest to the quality of this show. B5 was show that had the themes of war, political intrigues that crosses the galaxies, romance between two characters of different species, prophecies that were hinted at the beginning of the show's run that came to past as the show ended and some subtle and ironic humor to sometimes lighten up the show's often dark storylines. The alien civilizations that were created in this series were also unforgettable:
    wise Minbari slow to anger but terrible in their rage.
    Centauri with their memories of a faded empire and
    corrupt government. Narn-proud warrior race obsessed with vengeance against the centauri for their centuries long oppression.
  • Great SciFi Series

    Yeah, I have to agree that this may have been one of the greatest scifi serious around. I really enjoyed the charactors, and the story line. Having the DVDs is a added plus to watch anytime. I can remember watching the series 3 times in a row, all of them. Like reading the same book over again and never getting tired. One of those shows you wish could continue for ever. Great story line, great actors, great filming. Bravo!
  • It is best not only among the tv shows! It never deviates from the stright line of its story and one actually feels the Babylon 5 world.

    We've seen many movies and TV series, but this one is unique. I personally like many others as well, but in all of them (take SG-1, Star Trek for instance) there are deviations from the straight line of their own reality. In many of them you can find episodes in which characters, ciovilizations appear that ruin the very idea of the rest of the story. Well, the writters have a good idea and want to implement it - that's all right, but the entire story suffers from that. No such thing in Babylon 5. Everything is in its place, you find sense in every event - sometimes not immediatelly, but it is there.

    So, not just the effects, not just the story, but also the discipline are important for a Sci-Fi show to make the watcher believe in it. Babylon 5 presents a realistic world with some popular Sci-Fi ideas which make it easy to understand for those who like the genre. Still, on top of this there is something more - something about our nature and our future (if we ever grow ready to embrace it) that is above all the technology. The movie is not in hurry (like Star Wars) to show too much in one day, it leaves you uncertain for long time and even if some things are imperfect (as in any Sci-Fi of course)you forget them while the story continues.

    The best about Babylon 5 is that the inevitable mistakes in the story, the effects and the ideas are easilly forgotten and are well put out of the main line so that noone would complain (remember the news papers - on paper for example). I can point quite many SF movies in which the special effects are used in wrong direction and make you think there is something misplaced in this world. In B5 they are not so many but they are exactly where they should be.

    The only downside of Babylon 5 is that when you start watching it you cannot stop. But, is this a downside after all?
  • Set a new standard for televison

    Babylon 5. I knew of Joe Straczynski though local radio in Los Angeles and when he came to San Diego Comic con to discuss it, I was in the audience…listening. I anxiously waited for the pilot of Babylon 5 to premiere and after I saw it, I thought it had potential, but didn't quite hit the mark. It seemed like a year had passed with no word on it returning and I thought to myself, oh well too bad. But then at last, it came back as a series. The first season had moments of greatness, along with a few clunkers. It was only later that I noticed one person had directed all of the weakest stories, including the pilot. Perhaps it wasn't a coincidence. Then season 2 premiered with a new lead, Bruce Boxleitner. I watched it with growing interest. Then somewhere, perhaps midway in the 2nd season B5 began to hit its stride. By the Long, Twilight Struggle it had surpassed the best of Star Trek and for the rest of the season as well as all the third and fourth year, it couldn't be topped. If Joe Straczynski appeared at a convention it was guaranteed to be a filled room. For a time it looked like four seasons was all we would get, but thankfully TNT picked it up for the fifth and final year. There were some cast changes, and not all of them a favorite of mine, but it was hard to complain. After all, we were getting the end to our saga. The pilot was even reedited by Joe, and this time it turned out much better. But then it was over. The end of all songs had been sung, and last light had shined. Though it sounds cliché TV would never be the same. B5 had introduced a new way of using computer technology and more importantly his use of the story arc was virtually unprecedented. Gone yes, but never forgotten. Thanks Joe.
  • One of the Best Sci-Fi Shows Ever!

    An excellent series, Babylon 5 introduced excellent characters, effects, and stories that wove together in a wonderful story arc. The various races were unique, their technology was varied and quite "alien", and the intrigue and politicking was very engaging.

    If I had a complaint about the show, it's the very poor 5th season. After the exodus of the major opponent at the end of Season 4, the show returned suddenly adrift (as well as without one of the show's most beloved characters, replacing her with another character that was 2-dimensional and bland). Season 1 was them getting their feet wet. Seasons 2-4 were wondrous and amazing. Season 5 was drek.
  • Unbelievable story, great characters, generally fantastic!

    From the pilot Babylon 5 showed a lot of promise; although the first season was generally weaker than the rest the series it had an intriguing back story and the characters were outstandng form the outset. I think the show really kicked off when Captain Sheridan arrived and the story about the "Shadows" took a firm hold of the series; with the addition of Marcus, the Rangers, Nightwatch and the Whitestar this became probably one of the best Sci-Fi shows of all time.
    I loved the character relationships (especially Londo and G'Kar) and the fact that for the first time in Sci-Fi history - at least of what I know about - Earth was the enemy. The five year story arc is without a doubt what made this show so great; if the network hadnt told the producers it was cancelled after season 4 the story would have been completed properly instead of being compressed, and then (when the network changed its mind and renewed it for season 5) season 5 wouldnt have been "tacked" on the end as what felt like and afterthought. What I also liked about this show, the thing that set it apart from Star Trek, was the "rough and ragged" feel; the doors were hydraulic, the station had to spin to achieve gravity, the crew wore proper uniforms, the guns were practical, etc, etc.. I think this was a trendsetter, the new "Battlestar Galactica" and "Space Above And Beyond" both came after and seem to have embraced this approach which makes all of the shows more believable and easier to relate to. Basically, this is an awesome series and certainly one that you have to see every episode of to fully understand; everyone should own it on DVD.
  • A show with a story, a real story, about people.

    Throughout its five seasons Babylon 5 offered a great story, in matter of fact, it gave us multiple stories. Some were flawed, some were superb, but they had one thing in common, they mattered. The telepaths, the Shadows, the conspiracies, wars, but most important: the people.
    What this show did best was showing how much pain and struggling it took for the people involved to see their lives staying on the right track. Take Londo, his hunger for power made him one of the most hated people in the universe, he was clearly unhappy, but never showing it to the people around him. G'Kar, his homeworld being bombarbed once again, his title and rank stripped from him by his enemies, still proud, never letting go his honour and sense for justice.

    JMS thank you for this marvellous piece of television.
  • great scifi show

    "Babylon 5" is a tale of war and diplomacy, love and hate, fate and personal responsibility, and the two sides of prejudice.
    my favourite characters were Captain Sheridan, Michael Garibaldi, Susan Ivanova, Delenn, G'Kar, Londo, Lennier and Vir Cotto.
    I watched a babylon 5 made for tv movie and i wanted to find out more about the characters ans i was hooked.
    The whole of the cast is absolutely perfect. Captain Sheridan is possibly the best Captain of all the Sci-Fi series I have seen. He has the personality and presence that really mark the show. Marcus Cole, Londo Molari, Vir Cotto, G’kar, Garibaldi, Commander Susan Ivanova, are all unforgettable.
  • Babylon 5 is the best TV series ever created. The intensity, atmosphere, plot, characters, music, action, drama, humor, actors and everything about it is top notch. B5 is not merely incredible or magnificent, it's divine.

    The first time I watched this series I was young and even then a huge SciFi-fan. I loved B5. Recently I watched the whole thing on DVD. I still love it, this time even more, since I understood the series better.

    The series starts out with a slow first season. It does a good job of introducing the characters, gives them a solid base from which they can evolve later on. The characters are one of the main assets of B5, you know what I mean if you have seen the series. The chemistry between Londo and G'Kar, Delenn and Sheridan, Ivanova and Marcus Cole etc. There are so many great characters in B5.

    With season 2 the series really starts to build the huge epic tale that started with the first season. The atmosphere and intensity of the series starts to build up, Londo and G'Kar have their first seriously dramatic moments. What is magnificent is the acting on those parts.. Londo and G'Kar are both delivered so well that I can't describe it as anything else than perfection.

    Season 3 and Season 4 are perhaps the climax seasons for many, including me. There's a lot of action and we see the Shadow conflict resolve. There are a lot of very dramatic episodes which really give you shudders.

    Season 5 has always been controversial.. some think it's not so good but that's not true at all. The reason people believe season 5 is bad is because the climax seasons were before it. In season 5 we have a completely different storyline, which works quite well. There's one very dramatic episode that resolves that storyline.

    Then we come to the 2 final episodes, which were both incredible. I remember crying a bit when I was younger, but when I watched B5 on DVD recently I didn't expect to cry like a baby when I saw the episode before last and especially in the last episode. The last one was incredibly sad and dramatic, one of the best episodes of Babylon 5.

    One thing B5 excells in is humor. In B5 there are moments when you really laugh your butt off the couch. There are very tragic, dramatic episodes and in those episodes there can be very funny moments, or the other way around. The lines of Susan Ivanova and the chemistry between Londo and G'Kar will make anyone with a decent sense of humor laugh like there's no tomorrow.

    Also if you like movie music and appreciate good music in a series.. you'll definitely love the music that B5 includes. Christopher Franke is truly a genious. The music is beyond excellent.

    As a final note to conclude my review, I'd like to say that this is really the kind of series you need to watch from beginning to the end. It's true that there are a couple of lousy episodes on the way but even those are worth watching just for the few good words the magnificent characters might have to say.

    You just can't get everything out of the major episodes if you don't watch this all the way. Especially the last episodes of the series are dramatic beyond anything I could've believed possible, but that's what B5 is. Dramatic in a way you never expected. Beautiful beyond description. Intense. With an atmosphere that no other series has managed to produce.

    And believe me, I have seen a lot of series.
  • this series is one of the best I have ever seen, and I personally think the only mistake they ever made was not keeping it on one chanel for all 5 Seasons

    The series had order and they planed things out far enoght ahead to allow for 2 episodes from 2 different Seasons to interact with eachother. Inaddition, the TV movies they had added to the depth of the story, and how veried this world really was. Personally I\\\'d Like to see a Sequal that has the aliance in the middle stages of its existance when it starts to have access to the vorlon homeworld.
  • A classic space-opera that had romance, adventure, and morals. Aliens, space ships, and war...what more could you ask for? Follow the lives of humans and aliens as they try to live in peace together on a space station.

    B5 was ahead of its' time. A definite story-line that stayed true to itself. The characters were multi-layered and you became engrossed in their lives as they played out week-to-week. Watching as the Mimbari proved to be the humans best allies and the Centauri prove to be traitors, the human government become corrupt and then purge itself, and the Narn become a model for endurance--there was a race or character that everyone could see a part of themselves. For all the political and social overtones, the show was basically a love for mankind, space, and between Delen and Sheridan.
  • One of the finest sci-fi stories ever crafted, in my opinion (and I can't stand any of the 'Star Trek's). Here is the recommended order in which to watch the episodes.....

    One of the finest sci-fi stories ever crafted, in my opinion (and I can't stand any of the 'Star Trek's). Here is the recommended order in which to watch the episodes, as the original airdate order on the dvds is not the ideal order.


    'The Gathering'

    Season One ("Signs and Portents")
    1.01 Midnight on the Firing Line
    1.02 Soul Hunter
    1.03 Born to the Purple
    1.04 Infection
    1.05 The Parliament of Dreams
    1.06 Mind War
    1.07 The War Prayer
    1.08 And The Sky Full Of Stars
    1.09 Deathwalker
    1.10 Believers
    1.11 Survivors
    1.12 By Any Means Necessary
    1.13 Signs and Portents
    1.15 Grail
    1.16 Eyes
    1.18 A Voice in the Wilderness part 1
    1.19 A Voice in the Wilderness part 2
    1.20 Babylon Squared
    1.21 The Quality of Mercy
    1.14 TKO
    1.17 Legacies
    1.22 Chrysalis

    Season Two ("The Coming Of Shadows")
    2.01 Points of Departure
    2.02 Revelations
    2.03 The Geometry of Shadows
    2.04 A Distant Star
    2.05 The Long Dark
    2.06 A Spider in the Web
    2.08 A Race Through Dark Places
    2.07 Soul Mates
    2.09 The Coming of Shadows
    2.10 GROPOS
    2.11 All Alone in the Night
    2.12 Acts of Sacrifice
    2.13 Hunter, Prey
    2.14 There All the Honor Lies
    2.15 And Now For a Word
    2.17 Knives
    2.16 In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
    2.18 Confessions and Lamentations
    2.19 Divided Loyalties
    2.20 The Long, Twilight Struggle
    2.21 Comes the Inquisitor
    2.22 The Fall of Night

    Season Three ("Point of No Return")
    3.01 Matters of Honor
    3.02 Convictions
    3.03 A Day in the Strife
    3.04 Passing Through Gethsemane
    3.05 Voices of Authority
    3.06 Dust to Dust
    3.07 Exogenesis
    3.08 Messages from Earth
    3.09 Point of No Return
    3.10 Severed Dreams
    3.11 Ceremonies of Light and Dark
    3.13 A Late Delivery From Avalon
    3.12 Sic Transit Vir
    3.14 Ship of Tears
    3.15 Interludes and Examinations
    3.18 Walkabout
    3.16 War Without End, Part One
    3.17 War Without End, Part Two
    3.19 Grey 17 Is Missing
    3.20 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
    3.21 Shadow Dancing
    3.22 Z'ha'dum

    Season Four ("No Surrender, No Retreat")
    4.01 The Hour of the Wolf
    4.02 Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
    4.03 The Summoning
    4.04 Falling Toward Apotheosis
    4.05 The Long Night
    4.06 Into the Fire
    4.07 Epiphanies
    4.08 The Illusion of Truth


    4.09 Atonement
    4.10 Racing Mars
    4.11 Lines of Communication
    4.12 Conflicts of Interest
    4.13 Rumors, Bargains and Lies
    4.14 Moments of Transition
    4.15 No Surrender, No Retreat
    4.16 The Exercise of Vital Powers
    4.17 The Face of the Enemy
    4.18 Intersections in Real Time
    4.19 Between the Darkness and the Light
    4.20 Endgame
    4.21 Rising Star
    4.22 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

    'In the Beginning'

    Season Five (“The Wheel of Fire”)
    5.01 No Compromises
    5.02 The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
    5.03 The Paragon of Animals
    5.04 A View from the Gallery
    5.05 Learning Curve
    5.06 Strange Relations
    5.07 Secrets of the Soul
    5.09 In the Kingdom of the Blind
    5.10 A Tragedy of Telepaths
    5.11 Phoenix Rising
    5.12 The Ragged Edge
    5.08 Day of the Dead
    5.13 The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father
    5.14 Meditations on the Abyss
    5.15 Darkness Ascending
    5.16 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
    5.17 Movements of Fire and Shadow
    5.18 The Fall of Centauri Prime
    5.19 The Wheel of Fire
    5.20 Objects in Motion
    5.21 Objects at Rest
    5.22 Sleeping in Light

    'River of Souls'

    'A Call to Arms'

    (This ordering, which JMS specified, ignores the uniform change in favor of maintaining continuity of storyline.)

    1.09 Racing the Night
    1.11 The Needs of Earth
    1.10 The Memory of War
    1.02 The Long Road
    1.12 Visitors from Down the Street
    1.03 The Well of Forever
    1.13 Each Night I Dream of Home
    1.05 Patterns of the Soul
    1.04 The Path of Sorrows
    1.06 Ruling from the Tomb
    1.07 The Rules of the Game
    1.01 War Zone
    1.08 Appearances and Other Deceits

    'The Legend of the Rangers'
  • The Babylon stations finally shopped disappering nd became a place fo peace

    I think Babylon 5 was the first sci fi show, that I watched that wasn't a show all about fluff. It wasn't a dark show, not as dark as it could be, but for the times it was a revolutionary thing. I didn't start wathing until the second season, got hooked and patiently waited to see them all.
  • scifi can't get more scifi then this. or can it?

    Babylon 5 is one of the TV shows we all wish we had come across sooner. as a massive star trek fan i saw the first few episodes of b5 in its initial run and immediately thought it was below par. at the urging of a friend i came back to it a few years later.... wow! to say i was impressed was an understatement, i immediately began to re-watch the whole series and saw he genius of the story arc and character development. in addition to this the use of aliens that looks alien, use different gasses to breath, are more advanced technologically and (shock) actually speak a language other than English was a joy! the battle scenes were wonderful, well beyond anything i had seen before and as for londo and g'kar, if there are 2 finer characters in all of television then that TV show is doing well. funny, awe inspiring, intelligent and emotional b5 has it all, the only drawback being that sometimes the walls are a little flimsy, sometimes the effects are a little below par, but willing suspension of disbelief is necessary in sci-fi, and b5 is no exception. is b5 a work of genius? definitely, without question yes, but could parts of it be better? those niggly little things that gnaw at us i'm afraid would have brought b5 up a notch, but it remains , without question, one of the finest shows, not just sci-fi, but shows that i have ever seen!
  • A fight for the ballance.

    Maybe the greatest sci-fi show ever made. Though the first season is at best mediocre they make the best of it on the next seasons. The big story arch unfolds on a good rate. New elements are added and the same time old ones are used to deepen the story. When you watch those earlier episodes the second time they have a whole new meaning.

    The basic plot isn't about the good and the evil like it first seems to be. There aren't evil and good sides. It's about chaos and order. And the fight is for the ballance between these two. This one great aspect of the show.

    There are many great characters who all play a big role. Many of them seem at first only as a comic relief but they have their parts. Many of them evolve much over the years.

    Maybe the first show with a long story and not only episodes after the others. This show has set a stardard for modern sci-fi television and still rules as the godfather.
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