Babylon 5

(ended 1999)





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  • The best Science-Fiction tv show ever made. Chuck Norris is not God, Jack Bauer is not God. J. Michael Straczynski IS GOD.

    The first time i saw only until the end of third season. I didn't saw all the episodes becouse i was at school. I was really disappointed with the end of that chapter and the tv channel left it there.

    Years later i watched all the first season in dvd. It was fantastic. I was looking for Deep Space 9 but couldn't find it so i got Babylon 5. I saw the second and the third learning all about that extraordinary characters ( i love G'Kar and Londo characters ). And then , with all that, i had the oportunity to see the 2 episodes called "War without end" and that was GREAT. After that i went to internet to search for webs about Babylon 5 and i red all about it.

    Stgraczynski wrote almost all the episodes. He was some kind of god for me until the end of the 5th season.

    When i recomend this show (and i do always to every one) i say: all chapters are important, you have to see it from episode 1 season 1 to last episode of season 5 (all them are one big season), all is like open a history book and read about the Space Station Babylon 5 (the history is not good or bad, is what it was).
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