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  • Babylon 5 will never be forgotten......

    Babylon 5 in some ways is better than the Star Treks....
    It had a set amount of time/series, they knew it would only go on for 5 years and they stook to that.
    It is also more realistic, rather than everybody having various types of shields and cloaking devices, if you get one direct hit on babylon 5 you have basically had, which is what would happen in reality, if humans got into space
    Also no warp engines, simply a few jump gates that link different sections of space together, like motorways, although depending on your view, that could me more unrealistic that warp engines

    I have the complete Babylon 5 box set, with all the films and every single episode.

    All of the characters were great, the costumes their attitudes towards each other and their difference in superiority!!
    Actually having some species that have also not long ventured into space like the humans was a good idea and a breath of fresh air, as usually we seem to be the only noob species in the galaxy.
    Every character apperas to have it's enemies and my personal favourite was embassador Kosh, the way he always speaks in riddles due to his species being so old and wise

    Then in the later episodes where the two old giants meet, when the shadows appear is just amazing some of the battles there with the shadows nearly always winning.....

    On the whole what a great show!!!!
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