Babylon 5

(ended 1999)





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  • Babylon 5 is one of the Best Sci-Fi series ever. One of few series to have a full run from start to finish plus some movies, Babylon 5 is also one of the most successful in its own right. I love this show and view it every year.

    Babylon 5 is one of the most original Sci-Fi shows to air on television, it had creative writing, great stories, it had a perfect cast, great characters, it had a complex and engaging mythology, and easily connected with viewers. I thought the characters were portrayed brilliantly, the plot lines flowed smoothly and revealed answers in a timely fashion. There was so much depth to this series. I enjoyed all the different types of aliens, especially the Vorlons and Shadows, two ancient races. I thought it was interesting how the Vorlons portrayed themselves to others. I think this show touched upon many human curiousities, questions of the soul, and moral matters relevant through out time and space. I will enjoy this show for all time and hope others will come to find the value of this show in the future as well. By far a unique and legendary series. It has entertained me and given insight into our own nature.