Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 21

Rising Star

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 23, 1997 on

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  • Ambassadors, with zis alliance you are spoiling us!

    What an ending. What more could anyone ask for?

    Well, another episode(?!) and then a whole other season, I guess. Part of me wonders if I should call it a day in my headcanon as I heard S5 isn't that good, and this was the perfect place to end it. Still, I suppose at this point I'd be doing it a disservice. I am guessing the S4 finale is basically a case of setting up S5, as everything sounded like an ending here.

    The loss of Marcus at the beginning, and Ivanova's grief... poignant in the extreme :'(

    Bester throwing his weight around. I suppose if there's one example of a loose end, there's him and the telepaths somewhat. And I always thought there'd be more to the Vorlons and Shadows at some point. Whether these things are addressed in S5, I'll have to wait and see!

    Also this new Earth president.. well she's much better than Clarke obviously but shall we say far from perfect.

    Sheridan becoming president of the Alliance... wow. Getting his dad back.... AWW <3... getting happily married to Delenn... AWW <3.. G'Kar and Londo actually finally looking slightly like friends... AWW.. G'Kar being a massive privacy-invading pervert... EWW. Really? Couldn't get everything right I guess.

    For a great, optimistic "ending number 1" you can't get much better than this. So long B5... see you in episode 22.
  • Rising Star

    Rising Star was a perfect episode of Babylon 5 because it weaves multiple story lines together, has great character driven scenes, and plenty of intrigue. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Garibaldi searched for Lise, Sheridan stood to answer for his actions, and Delenn began a new project enlisting the help of Londo and G'Kar. It was cool to find out exciting news for Londo from Centauri Prime. Ivanova is lost now that Marcus is gone, and she doesn't know what her heart wants and where it belongs anymore. I really felt for her in this episode. I thought it was cool how Bester tried to find out the fate of his true love by threatening Sheridan and we find out what may have happened to the anti-telepath virus if the Psi Corps were to come into possession of it. Sheridan gets Amnesty for himself and all who followed orders under him. Sheridan definitely knows how to play the game, as he surprised the new Earth President with the news that he is the President of the New Interstellar Alliance. This episode had a great ending, though G'Kar's eye was a little creepy. I think this could have easily been the series finale though I'm glad it was not. I look forward to the next episode of Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • Poor Ivanova

    Geez, poor Ivanova. I think getting involved with a romantic relationship with her, even a one-sided one, is a death sentence in the B5 universe. I'm ticked that Marcus is dead too, although as deaths go there are a lot worse ways and reasons, and although I liked him a lot, I'd rather have Ivanova than Marcus. OK, so Sheridan gets immunity for his crew, resigns EarthForce, and gets made president of the InterStellar Alliance. Shiny. I knew he became President Sheridan, but I was wondering how they were going to wrangle him into EarthForce President if he was resigning. Tricky tricky, wrong assumption on my part. I'm liking the new relationship between G'Kar and Londo, some more good scenes with them, including G'Kar's little Peeping Narn act at the end, leaving his eyeball in the honeymoon suite. Although Londo's going to be Emperor, which doesn't bode well for him based on the futureflash. But all in all, this would have been a perfectly satisfactory series finale. Except they went ahead and mentioned the Telepath War and the Drakh War. Hello season 5, neh?
  • the new earth alliance is built.

    steven races back to babylon 5 to try to stop marcus from doing something stupit. but its to late. susan is in med lab and steven is the only one who can console her in her grief over losing marcus. this is a very sad scene where she breaks down. meanwhile clark has killed himself. captain sherdian saves earth just in time before clark sets off a devices that was to blow earth up. captain sherdain is now no longer captain of b5. he is now president of the new earth alliance. and delenn and john get married. while g'kar and londo talk about how lovely the wedding was.