Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 13

Rumors, Bargains and Lies

Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 15, 1997 on

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  • Naroon, Naroon, Naroon...

    That bit at the end, it's like "I thought we were getting somewhere"!

    This show is really good at pulling you into their own frustrations.

    Genius idea to spread FUD and use reverse psychology on such a grand scale to get the other worlds to accept the border patrols. Brilliant stuff.

    I love the line about how Delenn is a bit, shall we say, optimistic about her own caste and that if only a few more people could see things the way she does, there would be fewer mistakes in the world. As someone who tries to be optimistic about humanity (even if the face of the terrible things going on out there, that one day we'll be better, and that people on the whole are decent) I really liked how this was put.
  • Rumors, Bargains and Lies

    Rumors, Bargains and Lies was a perfect episode of Babylon 5 because it blended all the elements that make the show great. This episode was one of the better ones in this seasaon. I enjoyed the begining where Sheridan appeared to be laughing at something the chair said, causing the others to raise an eyebrow. I thought his idea was genious though. It was funny how the Drazi was running around like crazy, and gathering the others and spreading fear of an unknown adversary. I thought it was funny how it all worked out. Meanwhile Delenn went to Minbar to see if she could work out peace between the casts who have begun to engage in civil war. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!
  • delenn and neroon meet to dicuss peace.

    i have always liked neroon of the warrior caste, i enjoyed watching him and delenn the episode of rumours, bargains and lies, the ruthless drakh were the dark servants of the vanquished shadows,and without their former master have restorted to piracy,using their superior technology to devastating effects.captain sherdian hatches a plan that will not onlu secure alliance space from this threat but also rope in the uncommitted races.fear is the key.meanwhile the sitution on minbar worsens as the civil war between the warrior and religous castes takes its avert further slaughter, delenn meets nerron to discuss peace,but at what price?.
  • Great episode.. Loved minabris..

    I totally love that episode.. One of the best of some times but even better ones to come, I believe.

    The storyline with minbari civil war was stunning. The thought itself.. that minabris are fighting each other and that one of them lie.. to save others honour but still.. And the way Lennier interlining.. Saving them all and saying what he said the way he said it.. and things she said about Delenn or what Delenn said about him when they did not know if he will survive. Stunning moments there.

    And also the whole Babylon 5 storyline was amazing. Sheridan and his genial strategy how to get everyone doing what is needed.. and those people doing those random things.. Loved that.
  • Goofy Sheridan

    Sheridan was acting like a bit of a loon this episode, which was a nice change of pace from SeriousSheridan. Hearing Ivanova yelp when he thumped the table was hilarious. I had to watch that a couple times. And although the heavier stuff in the episode was Minbari-based, it wasn't too bad. Still not a huge fan of the Minbari culture. Not quite sure why. I know I have a hard time relating to characters whose whole personality is based on religion, so I don't ever click with Delenn and Lennier. And I have a hard time reconciling the radically different castes and how the society works. I dig the Rangers though. Anyhoo, it's kinda cute to see how loyal Lennier is to Delenn. And I was really liking Neroon until he snuck off the ship at the end. Grr.
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