Babylon 5 - Season 2

(ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • The Fall of Night
    Episode 22
    Two officials from the Ministry of Peace come to Babylon 5; one to deal with the Centauri's continued expansion, and the other to check on the local Nightwatch. Meanwhile a Narn heavy cruiser seeks sanctuary while they make repairs, and Keffer continues his search for proof that Shadow ships exist.
  • 10/26/95

    Kosh summons an Inquisitor to test Delenn's motives, and G'Kar tries to maintain his position as leader of Babylon 5's Narn population while organizing an underground resistance.

  • 10/19/95
    Draal reveals himself to Sheridan, while Refa and Londo set a plan in motion that will lead to the final defeat of the Narns.
  • Divided Loyalties
    Episode 19
    Lyta Alexander returns to Babylon 5 with a message from the telepath resistance - one of the command staff is a mole for PSI Corps.
  • 5/25/95
    A 100% fatal and 100% contagious plague is killing the Markabs. Dr. Franklin tries to find a cure, but is being opposed by the Markabs themselves, who believe the plague only affect the immoral.
  • Knives
    Episode 17
    Londo gets a visit from an old friend who seeks his help after being called a traitor by the Centarum. Sheridan starts hallucinating after being attacked by a dead alien.
  • 5/11/95

    Sheridan is shocked to learn that one of the crew of the Icarus, a science ship that exploded with his wife aboard, is alive - namely Mr. Morden. A representative of the Ministry of Peace comes to the station to recruit personnel to the Nightwatch.

  • And Now for a Word
    Episode 15
    We see life on Babylon 5 through the eyes of ISN, supplemented by interviews, statistics and even a few commercials.
  • 4/27/95
    Sheridan is assaulted by the Minbari Lavell, and is forced to kill him in self-defense. But a Minbari who witnessed the incident claims Sheridan assaulted Lavell - and everybody knows Minbari do not lie.
  • Hunter, Prey
    Episode 13
    The president's physician comes to Babylon 5 on the run from Earthforce special intelligence. They say he has classified information he plans to sell to alien governments, though Sheridan soon learns otherwise.
  • Acts of Sacrifice
    Episode 12
    G'Kar struggles to control the Narns on Babylon 5 as he asks the different ambassadors for help in the war against the Centauri. Ivanova shows a representative from a new species around the station, so he may decide if humans are worthy of their presence.
  • 2/16/95
    While leading a Starfury squadron to investigate the disappearance of several ships, Sheridan is captured by an alien vessel. Meanwhile Delenn is summoned to appear before the Grey Council to discuss her recent change in appearance.
    Episode 10
    Babylon 5 gets considerable space problems when 25,000 Earthforce soldiers arrive. Led by General Richard Franklin, Dr. Stephen Franklin's father, they are to use Babylon 5 as a staging point for a risky military operation.
  • 2/2/95

    The aging Centauri emperor travels to Babylon 5 despite his failing health. Lord Refa sees this as an opportunity to have Ambassador Londo publicly embarrass the emperor, while Ambassador G'Kar prepares to assassinate him.

  • 1/26/95
    Bester returns to Babylon 5 to shut down an underground organization that smuggles rogue telepaths out of the reach of PSI Corps. Meanwhile, Sheridan has some disagreements with Earthforce over the rent of his quarters.
  • Soul Mates
    Episode 7
    Londo summons his three wives to Babylon 5 so he can divorce two of them, Talia gets a visit from her obnoxious ex-husband - the only man ever to leave PsiCorps...and Delenn has her first bad hair day.
  • Spider in the Web
    Episode 6
    A friend of Talia comes to Babylon 5 to negotiate a deal to help Mars become more self-sufficient, when a man calling out "Free Mars!" electrocutes him.
  • The Long Dark
    Episode 5
    A 100-year-old space exploration ship appears near Babylon 5 with two passengers - a woman in cryogenic sleep, the corpse of her husband ... and something sinister that has unfinished business with a half mad lurker.
  • A Distant Star
    Episode 4
    A giant explorer class ship comes to Babylon 5 for re-supply, and the captain is an old friend of Sheridan's. Dr. Franklin gets on the command staff's nerves when he starts handing out "food plans".
  • 11/16/94

    A mysterious group known as "techno-mages" take up temporary residence at Babylon 5 and Londo is very eager to get an audience with them. Meanwhile, the Drazi cause problems for the newly promoted Commander Ivanova with their rather unusual election process.

  • Revelations
    Episode 2
    Sheridan's sister comes to visit him at his new command, G'Kar returns with grave tidings from the rim of known space, Dr. Franklin tries to wake Garibaldi from the coma with the alien healing device obtained from Dr. Rosen, and something is happening in Delenn's living quarters.
  • 11/2/94
    Sheridan arrives at Babylon 5 to replace Sinclair and deal with a renegade Minbari Cruiser.