Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 7

Secrets of the Soul

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Mar 04, 1998 on
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As more telepaths arrive at the station, the denizens of Downbelow start taking notice. Tensions build until one of the telepaths is assaulted, and the others decide to take revenge - against Byron's wishes. Meanwhile, Franklin tries to find out why the Hyach are hiding part of their medical history.moreless

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    Cant write are view because this site lies. It says it has 20 places to watch episode for free but produces none.
  • More damn telepath nonsense

    Jeez, more friggin' telepath stuff. This is getting aggravating. This whole martyr/messiah thing Byron has going on is really irritating, and the switch from smug non-violence to force doesn't bode well for anyone. I'd forgotten that the Vorlons had engineered telepaths, and after seeing Byron and Lyta having sex (blech) I don't even want to to think about the weird things that would happen to a "normal" who was next door to two telepaths getting it on. *shudder* Dr. Franklin's little side story was neat, an alien race slowly dying because they'd gone genocidal on the other sentient race on their planet. Oh, irony and poetic justice...moreless
  • Secrets of the Soul

    Secrets of the Soul was a really great episode of Babylon 5. This season has been heavy with the telepath story lines, and this episode showcases that fact. I enjoyed watching this episode as we learned a little more about the telepaths gathering on Babylon 5, learned more about the Hyach as they have given Dr. Franklin their medical history. This episode was full of drama, intrigue and character development. I thought this episode was going to be slow and boring, however it was full of interesting information. I thought it was cool to see more of the Vorlons, and their plans for telepaths, if not a little disturbing. It was also cool to see Dr. Franklin confront the Hyach about their secretive past. I certainly look forward to the next episode of Babylon 5!!!!!moreless
  • they telepaths want justices

    the truth must be known! for dr franklin { richard biggs} that means reveling the long hidden genocide carried out centuries ago by the secretive hyachs. meanwhile bryon {robin atkin downes} leader of the telepaths means coming to terms with the truth about how they were created. while lyta and bryon start to become close lyta lets down her guards and lets bryon and the others in. they then realised what happen to her on the vorlon home world and what the vorlons had done to her and all the other telpathes, they had been created by the vorlons for there war.moreless

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    • Byron: We would be normal. We would have lives. We would be able to walk and live and work among normals without fear of persecution if the Vorlons had not interfered with our normal development. We were made for their benefit, to save them. We were told that our abilities were our gift and our curse, and that we were somehow responsible for it. But we're not. We're not.

    • Lyta: Byron, the Vorlons changed me. More than you could possibly know. I don't know what it'll do once you get past my barriers and I get past yours. It could burn you.
      Byron: Then let it burn.

    • Byron: No tyranny has ever really lasted. No government based on violence has endured. Sooner or later, they all fall. We're here to build a new life for ourselves, a home among the stars. Would you build a home on a foundation you knew would not last?

    • Lyta: Byron is putting his life on the line to create something for his people. And I'm one of them. He's given us back a sense of dignity and community. I'm proud of that, and I'm proud of him.

    • Zack: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's the right place, but this is getting out of hand. How many more of you people are coming here?
      Byron: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? That question baffled religious thinkers for centuries, until someone finally hit upon the answer: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? As many as want to. How many of my brother and sister telepaths are coming? As many as want to.

    • Franklin: That's why we're all here: to better understand one another and treat each other with sympathy and compassion, commodities which are all too often in short supply.

    • Pak'ma'ra: Pak'ma'ra are chosen of God, very special. We can eat of all the creatures who walk, and fly, and crawl, but not of the fish in the sea.
      Franklin: So you can handle mammals of all kinds, even reptiles, but no fish. Interesting. Your system may be set up to destroy harmful bacteria on a selective basis. I'd like to do an analysis of your upper intestinal system. This .. is a barium compound, perfectly harmless. It'll help me track how your system handles outside material.
      Pak'ma'ra: Not on approved list.
      Franklin: Well, everything you eat doesn't have to be dead for 5 days. This is a non-organic compound, and it does not fall in the same category, so don't worry, now. You'll be fine. We do this all the time.

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    • Many main cast including Peter Jurasik, Andreas Katsulas, Bill Mumy, Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan, & Tracy Scoggins did not appear in this episode.