Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 10

Severed Dreams (3)

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 04, 1996 on

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  • Sheridan finally takes a stand against clarke but will it be his last?

    The earth alliance civil war comes to babylon 5 s doorstep
    The alexander seeks repairs at the station knowing that soon earth will discover this they cut all communications on board and issue a statement declaring independance.
    Another destroyer ,The Churchill,arrives and joins the rebels .
    The tension builds until the earth fleet arrive.
    Two destroyers and two heavy cruisers jump in
    and launch fighters ,sheridan tries to reason with the commander but he opens fire.
    the battle is intense and ivanova has her fighter destroyed.
    the station takes heavy damage and is boarded by several squads of marines.Sheridan destroys one of the enemy ships
    and the churchill`s captain ,with her ship badley damaged ,does a kamakaze against the enemy.
    The narns and the human soldiers engage the boarding marines
    and many are shot or stabbed in brutal close quaters fighting in down below.Even mister garibaldi is injured.

    As it looks like a bloody victory until more earth ships arrive and order their surrender.As 3 more jump points form sheridan closes his eyes and thinks hes a dead man walking.
    Minbari ship spill througth the jump points and the earth ships retreat ,deelen has broken the grey council and convienced some to follow her lead.
    sheridan and deelen walk through the station as a crowd gathers and claps thier efforts.

    A fantastic episode
    one viewers have been waiting for a long time
    earth has long been a place of coruption
    and the evidence of president clarkes assasination of his predessesor only pushed them over the edge.
    A fantastic effects laiden master piece.
    But not because of the effects
    it is a spectatular pay off for fans of the show an the eart/clark plot line