Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 21

Shadow Dancing

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 24, 1996 on

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  • Engaging the Shadows with a coalition of star ships.

    I'm writing this in 2006...and I'll say the show holds up pretty well but it is starting to become dated.
    About Shadow Dancing...since this program is very serialized you wouldn't want to start here that's for sure.
    The best thing about Babylon 5 was the acting of Mira Furlan, Andreas Katsulas, and Peter Jurasik. These three played the main ambassadors that dealt with Earth Force representatives Jeffrey Sinclair (Michael O'Hare, 1st Season) and John Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner). Delenn of the Minbari (Furlan) grew closer to Sheridan as the seasons progressed and their attraction to one another is becoming even more clear in this episode. They are the key ingredients to the Alliance fighting against the "Shadows". In this episode the lead a fleet in battle against the Shadows and score of narrow victory.
    The episode ends on a minor cliff hanger as a character from Sheridan's past resurfaces.
    It's a good episode. But definitely not one to start with.
  • Their victory..

    So, even if they had victory with vorlon fleet attacking, this time, it was their job. They managed to get the fleet together, engage shadows on battlefield and win them. And as Sheridan thought, it was a major turn for them and now they are target.. I loved how the went over all those details and all those clues, trying to figure out what is going to happen. That was stunning. And what the scene we saw in "War Without End" now coming trough.. that was.. amazing idea.. there will be a lot of explaining to do but it all looks like.. only one way..

    Amazing episode, major developments.. and ofcourse Franklin is back too but that seems to be faded by all the other things.
  • Some thought provoking moments

    For example with Dr Franklin realising that he needs to stop defining himself by who he's not, and instead by who he is. This seems to hit a nail on a head somewhere in that I see a lot of people defining themselves by who they're not, and whilst it can certainly help with ambitions, sometimes it can be self destructive.

    I too had forgotten Sheridan was married. Ooh, er! On the negative side, the cliffhanger felt very much like a soap opera. *shudder*

    Indeed, the countdowns are very creepy. It's sort of a good idea I suppose, to keep us on edge.

    Now for the episode I've been told will knock my socks off....
  • Shadow Dancing

    Shadow Dancing was a perfect, entertaining, awesome, character driven, action packed episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watchiing this episode because Sheridan and Delenn unite the non-aligned worlds to fight the Shadows at a place and time they discovered a surprise attack from the Shadows. I really enjoyed watching Marcus and Ivanova working together. Dr. Franklin got into some real trouble and finds himself after almost dying. I thought the ending of this episode was verys shocking, as the Shadows pull an Ace out of their sleaves to play against Sheridan. I look forward to the Season Three Finale of Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • as delenn and sherdian become close a person from his past puts there fate as risk.

    its sept 10 2007 and i still cant get enought of babylon 5 i watching reruns on videos. and never get tired of it. in this on the shadows are driving refugees into one area as a prelude to annihaliting them. and only a show down between the two largest battle fields in the galaxy can save the day. as ivanova white star scouts ahead of the main alliance forces it is crippled by an encounter with the shadow frigate. and drifts helpless as a colossal shadow armada descends upon it intent on the alliance fleet thunders into the sector prepare for a titanic space battle and carnage on a galactic scale.
  • Z Event Imminent

    I forgot to mention how creepy the countdown from the last episode was. It started off "Z minus 14 days" or something like that, and then it was a very busy episode, and it left off with the ominous "Z minus 10 days". Greeeeat. Just what this show needs, more dread. So the constant countdown through this episode only heightens the tension, because even after everything that happens, this "Z event" is still 4 days away. As to the episode, great space battle against the Shadows. Very cool stuff. More nonsense with Dr. Franklin. I'll admit his whole problem raises some great philosophical questions that I'd love to be able to just lose myself in, but I don't have the time. Hell, the whole series raises a lot of questions I'd love to dig into, but for right now I'm too busy just enjoying it on the surface. But I'm pretty sure that it stands up to repeated viewings, so I'll have to rewatch it later. The romantic tension that had been building up between Sheridan and Delenn got a stomach punch when Sheridan's dead wife showed up at the very end. Although it's nice to see that that's what Delenn's futurejump scene from WWE pt 2 was.